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2024 Pluralsight Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

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Ease of use: 9/10
Variety of courses: 9/10
Available platforms: 10/10
Content quality: 9/10
Value for money: 8/10

Price: £24/month

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • 7.000+ courses
  • User-friendly desktop and mobile app
  • Great choice of plans
  • Self-paced quizzes
  • Customised learning paths
  • In-browser coding challenges
  • Cons

  • Products for teams are more varied than those for individuals
  • Certificates are not accredited
  • No lifetime access
  • Pluralsight, with its library of 7,000+ courses, is one of the best platforms to upskill your tech workforce.

    Affordable pricing plans, interactive training and accessibility across all devices are just some of the features this revolutionary online course provider offers.


    Take a look at this extensive Pluralsight review to find out more. 

    What Is Pluralsight Good For?

    Pluralsight provides professionally-produced video classes to help your organisation build a digitally-fluent workforce, ready to face today’s job challenges and demands. Currently, the site has over 17 thousand business accounts, making it one of the most reliable partners for companies of all sizes. 

    Who Is Pluralsight For?

    Although primarily focused on enterprises, Pluralsight has plans and courses for individuals as well, in particular, catering to those trying to expand their current IT skillset or start a new career in the tech industry

    This means that those interested in classes on making wooden spoons or improving their singing voice might want to look elsewhere

    Also note that Pluralsight courses delve deeper into certain IT skills than other learning platforms, so if you are looking for a casual weekend project, this is not the site for you. 

    Is Pluralsight suitable for beginners?

    Although you don’t have to be a tech whizz to take Pluralsight online training courses, having some previous knowledge helps. So, complete novices to coding and development might get more out of platforms designed specifically for beginners

    Content Quality

    Pluralsight courses are centred around on-demand video classes. To help you perfect a skill, courses incorporate self-paced tests and downloadable resources, such as instructor notes and course slides. 

    Some even include hands-on practice by walking you through coding challenges in your own developer workspace.  

    Courses take from 25 minutes to 5 hours to complete, giving you a wide range of choices when it comes to time commitment. 

    What topics does Pluralsight cover?

    The Pluralsight course list includes the following topics: 

    Unlike Udemy and Skillshare where anyone can create courses, Pluralsight only collaborates with industry experts who utilise their experience and enthusiasm to create engaging content. 

    What’s more, the provider adds more than 80 new courses every month to keep up to date with the latest and most sought-after IT skills. 

    The most popular courses on Pluralsight 

    Some of the highest-rated courses on the platform include: 

    In addition to these, you can find plenty of other Pluralsight tutorials on cloud technology, web design, business analysis and data security. 

    Pluralsight recently introduced live, instructor-led classes that focus on specific tech topics.

    Pluralsight Features

    From tracking your progress with badges to vibrant discussion forums, Pluralsight has plenty of features that set it apart from the competition.  

    Ease of use

    Getting around Pluralsight is relatively straightforward.

    Tutorials can be filtered by subject, level of difficulty, type and rating, and there are course previews making it even easier to find the right training for you. 

    If you are unsure on how to get started, you can use Plusralight’s skill assessment algorithm to gauge your proficiency in a certain area. It takes about 10 minutes to complete and consists of 20 questions chosen to identify your strengths and weaknesses and set you on the right learning path. 

    You can also assign a role for yourself from the 50+ Role IQ available and get personalised recommendations on what you need to focus on to move up the career ladder. 

    Pluralsight learning paths and channels 

    Similar to Linkedin Learning and Coursera’s learning programs, Pluralsight offers curated content. It also allows users to create channels by combining paths, courses and even content outside of the platform to customise their learning experience.


    One area where Pluralsight shines is device compatibility.

    While most providers have Android and iOS apps, you can download the Pluralsight app on mobile, desktop, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV

    Visual Studio Code and Google Chrome extensions are available, as well,  to help you find code-specific content recommendations faster (without having to Google the answer). 

    Mobile users can also enjoy the site’s first in-app game, where you compete against other users and validate your skills.


    Certificates are available for download once you complete a video course. 

    The certificates are not accredited, but Pluralsight can help you get ready to take industry certifications, including CompTIA, PMI, ISACA and (ISC)2. If you are already certified, you can continue using the platform for more education credits. 

    Note: If you are interested in obtaining a full degree online or getting academic credit to use towards earning a Bachelor’s or Master’s, you should look to other course providers. 

    Pluralsight Community

    Pluralsight has dedicated communities for each course. These discussion forums are a place where users can communicate with peers and instructors about lessons, course highlights, and issues. That said, if you want more interaction with instructors, Udacity is known for its strong mentor support

    How Much Does Pluralsight Cost

    How do Plurasight’s prices stack up to the competition?

    Pluralsight free trial

    When you first sign up for Pluralsight, you have a 10-day free trial to get a taste of the courses they offer and their quality. 

    Pluralsight pricing plans

    There are two Pluralsight plans for individual learners available:

    ​​The Standard Plan includes:  

    • Unlimited access to the site’s Core library, i.e. 2,500+ in-demand courses
    • Certification practice exams   
    • Course discussions & exercise files  
    • Skill IQ & Role IQ
    • Offline viewing

    The Pluralsight Premium Plan includes everything from the Standard plan plus: 

    • Access to the site’s Extended library of 7,000+ courses on more advanced topics
    • Interactive courses & Projects  

    You can be billed monthly or annually, depending on which option you are more comfortable with. 

    When compared to other video streaming platforms, Pluralsight is a bit expensive. For example,  Linkedin Learning costs £19.99/month and has a more generous free trial of one month. Datacamp’s monthly plan is also priced lower at £18.67/month and it offers free courses, while Codeacdemy’s Pro Plan is even cheaper at £15.99. 

    Pluralsight business pricing

    For teams, Plusrasight has three pricing plans in place, each with its own set of features. 


    These Pluralsight business pricing models are great for any company looking for flexibility and advanced analytics. 

    Is Pluralsight Worth It?

    Pluralsight is the perfect learning solution to close skills gaps in areas like cloud technology, machine learning, programming, game design, and computer graphics.

    It provides in-depth courses led by industry experts as well as a flexible and accessible learning model suited to anyone looking to upskill or get a foothold in the tech sector. 

    What are the drawbacks?

    Pluralsight is not the most beginner-friendly eLearning platform, so if you are an absolute novice consider other sites like Codecademy or Coursera. The price is a bit steep as well, although upgrading to the Premium plan comes with a nice discount and more features, so not a bad bargain overall. 


    What is Pluralsight?

    Pluralsight is an e-learning platform that offers on-demand training on IT-related topics.

    How much does Pluralsight cost?

    The standard pricing plan starts at £24/month, while the Premium plan starts at £36/month. A 10-day trial is included. If the price seems a bit high, you can always try Khan Academy which is completely free of charge.

    Does Pluralsight offer certificates?

    Yes. If you have 100% completion for a video course, you can get a certificate of completion (not accredited) in PDF form.

    Is Pluralsight good?

    Yes, even though it primarily caters to teams, more than one Pluralsight review has chosen this platform as the best for anyone who wants to advance their career or try to gain a position in the fast-growing IT & tech industry. 

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