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Pixlr Review [2022]

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Value for money: 9/10
Features: 8/10
Ease of use: 9/10
Customer support: 10/10

Price: Free plan

Updated: November, 3, 2022


  • Many pre-built, customisable templates and sophisticated layouts
  • Perfect for beginners and more experienced users alike
  • Highly available and easily accessible on all devices and operating systems
  • Available for free or with a subscription that’s inexpensive compared to other competing image editing platforms
  • The intuitive user interface makes editing quick and simple
  • Doesn’t require any sort of installation or even creating an account
  • Cons

  • The free version is supported by ads
  • Some tools are exclusive to premium members
  • Doesn’t have Cloud storage
  • There are plenty of free online photo editors available, and Pixlr is one definitely worth investigating.

    In this Pixlr review, we’ll go over the features this editing software has to offer, explore its advantages and potential disadvantages, and answer any questions you might have.

    Let’s dive in!

    What Is Pixlr?

    Pixlr is a free, cloud-based photo editing software that comes in two versions, Pixlr E and Pixlr X, both of which are AI-powered, as well as Pixlr Desktop, a desktop app version that allows you to access the editor offline.

    Pixlr X is easy to use and offers tools for quick fixes, which makes it beginner-friendly, whereas Pixlr E offers many advanced features for more experienced users. Furthermore, your interaction with Pixlr over the web is secure, which means that the app won’t store any copies of your photos in their systems. 

    Pixlr Features

    Though Pixlr’s availability for free makes it attractive enough, let’s also take a look at some of the specific features that it has to offer. 


    Even though Pixlr is packed with so many advanced features, it’s quite easy to use thanks to its simple, icon-based interface so that you won’t be overwhelmed with too many options. The interface is based around a toolbar of icons on the left with tools for cropping, resizing, and cutting, as well as a system of sliders for fine-tuning contrast, brightness, saturation, vibrance, highlights, and shadows. The layers panel is on the right side, while the menu bar is at the top.


    Pixlr offers many high-quality multi-purpose templates. Each template is pre-built but customisable down to every layer, so you can easily edit and personalise them to build your brand, just like with Visme . There are 15 categories of templates to choose from for all your graphic design needs, including social media templates, PowerPoint templates, brochure templates, newsletters, business card templates, and more.

    Removing background

    Pixlr background remover is an automatic image background removal feature. It’s AI-powered, similar to Snappa, so it can automatically erase the background on several images at the same time, taking only one tap and a few seconds to create cutouts. This feature is especially suitable for social media posts, product photography, and e-commerce.


    In the 2022 edition, Pixlr added this cool feature that enables you to add different animation effects to your photo, such as fade, rise, tumble, etc. Moreover, you can use it on different layers simultaneously, as well as on a single picture, with options for modifying the frame rate and the size of your video, adjusting animation speed, changing the animation style and the duration for each layer of animation.

    Picture collage maker 

    Pixlr offers a free feature for making photo collages, allowing users to combine multiple photos into one. In addition, there are many built-in collage templates you can choose from, so all you need to do is select a layout, upload photos, and you’re ready to edit.

    Filters and effects

    Pixlr has a wide array of filters to enhance the mood of your photos and send your message across. They are easily accessible, and you can find them in a menu bar at the top of the page, in categories including Colors, Retro, a set of pop-art effects, and a selection of Instagram-style options. In addition, each of the effects has a slider that you can adjust for a more subtle or dramatic effect.

    Layers and masks

    One of the best features that Pixlr photo editing offers are individually modifiable layers that allow you to add text or a photo on top of another image and to build depth by adding more layers to your photo. Layers are a powerful graphic design tool used in more complex editing processes, but they are easy to play around with once you get the hang of them.

    Pixlr Pricing

    Although both Pixlr X and Pixlr E are available in free versions, there are subscription plans for ad-free versions of either editor, with bonus features. 

    With a Pixar Premium subscription, you can get full access to either editor without ads and get an extra 3000 overlays, 7000 icons/stickers, 5000 decorative texts, and exclusive video tutorials for a monthly payment of $4.90, with the possibility of a free 30-day trial. 

    With a Pixar Creative Pack subscription, you can get all the features included in the Pixar Premium plan, plus unlimited access to stock content that comes with 10 million graphics, templates, fonts, photos, and video & 3D files for a monthly payment of $14.99.

    Pixlr Customer Support

    Pixlr’s customer support service is available 24/7 for any general queries at [email protected] You can also join the online Pixlr community on Facebook or Reddit, where you can learn some new tricks and get inspiration from the works of other creators worldwide.

    Bottom Line

    Overall, we would recommend Pixlr to anyone who wants a powerful web-based app that is free. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Pixlr offers a wide array of features for everyone. 

    We hope that this Pixlr review helped you decide if trying out this editor is well worth your time.


    How to use Pixlr?

    All you need to use Pixlr online editor is a stable Internet connection. Then, this photo editing platform can easily be accessed from any device or operating system without requiring installation or creating an account.

    Is Pixlr good for editing?

    Pixlr is an efficient Adobe Photoshop alternative that offers a catalogue of editing tools both for beginners and more experienced users.

    Is Pixlr for free?

    Yes, as seen from our Pixlr review, it is free for all users, with no hidden charges.

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