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The Complete WizIQ Review for 2022

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Ease of use : 9.5/10
Variety of features: 9.5/10
Available platforms: 10/10
Customer support: 9/10
Value for money: 9/10
WizIQ Review

Price: $25/monthly

Updated: November, 3, 2022


  • Cheaper than competitors
  • Lets you sell content on its very own proprietary e-commerce platform
  • Variety of options for customisation
  • Encrypted streaming links for maximum protection
  • Good support options
  • Cons

  • Humble storage capacities
  • Extra storage costs more
  • Virtual classrooms require additional costs
  • WizIQ is one of the most famous cloud-based learning management tools. It’s specially designed for educational enterprises and organisations. It offers a complete suite for creating and delivering classroom-suitable content and self-paced online teaching classes.

    But is it any good?

    Let’s find out as we go over this WizIQ review and discuss key aspects, such as:

    • Features
    • Pricing
    • Ease of use
    • Support and more.

    Keep reading!

    What’s the Deal with WizIQ?

    Launched way back in 2007, WizIQ is an eLearning management tool aimed at helping tutors, educational organisations and institutions, public or private administrations, as well as businesses of any size, organise, schedule and supply online courses webinars or other types of presentation content.

    What makes an average WizIQ course stand out is the application program interface (API), which allows quick integration to existing websites, learning management systems (LMS) or even customer relationship (CRM) tools.

    The list of WizIQ clients includes colleges and universities, such as the Des Moines Area Community Colleges, Chatham University, ECPI University, Australia City College, the Applerouth Tutoring Services in the US and many more.


    WizIQ brings all of the tools an organisation would need to produce and distribute learning materials in an intuitive interface. In contrast to Docebo, for instance, which makes the business/e-learning feel fun, WizIQ focuses on the quality of the knowledge you receive and makes the whole process feel more serious.

    Let’s take a quick look at some of the key features.

    Virtual Classroom

    The WizIQ virtual classroom acts as a virtual lecturing venue and offers all of the collaborative features you would get in an actual classroom. Both educators and students can interact, ask questions and make suggestions completely hassle-free. However, if you want a more approachable platform, especially if you are working with little kids, you should try out Google Classroom.

    Tests and Assessments

    WizIQ also allows users to create exams. Testators can create different types of questions, including multiple-choice, short answers, essays, true/false questions, or simply allow the student to provide an oral answer. 

    The testator can also set time limits to questions and invite-only permissions to prevent cheaters.

    Reports and Analytics

    The analytics section allows users to review reports regarding key aspects of their courses, including most popular courses, least popular courses, which courses were skipped, progress reports of the learners etc. 

    More importantly, all information is disclosed within user-friendly dashboards and is extremely easy to access.

    Mobile Learning

    WizIQ mobile app comes on all available platforms. If you download the WizIQ app, you’ll see that all the features available on the desktop app can also be accessed via the mobile app, benefiting from convenient course creation anytime and anywhere. 

    The Learning platform is available for both iOS and Android devices. Another great option for mobile-friendly courses is Teachable, which also offers an app. 

    Cloud Storage

    The tool comes with its very own cloud storage, letting you quickly upload and store any type of files in a safe and secure cloud-based hub. Depending on their budget, users can pick the amount of space they need, but the cloud-storage options start at 1GB.

    Video Streaming

    The WizIQ online teaching tool also lets you securely stream and share all kinds of videos. Should you be concerned about privacy, note that the WizIQ video access is based on personalised permissions. 

    The person streaming the video can give learners special access keys called Tokens. What is more, the videos are encrypted, and once the URL expires, the video can no longer be accessed, which helps protect information.

    Content Authoring

    This tool helps users create various multimedia presentations. Every course can contain up to 100 minutes of audio and visual content, including PowerPoint presentations. 

    You can insert photos, videos, music and create your design or use an existing template to save time.

    Permanent Classes

    Think of these virtual classes as infinite web conferences that start recording automatically as soon as at least two users have found their way within the conference room. It’s basically an ongoing chat room recorded when any two students enter it. 

    This is a unique feature and cannot be found on other similar products.

    Ease of Use

    WizIQ comes with an intuitive interface with left-hand navigation and centre-aligned widgets, letting you keep track of connections, activities, updates, courses passed and more. To illustrate, we’d say that the UI is much like Facebook or Twitter. As soon as you download WizIQ, you can continue to login and start exploring its features.

    The content library is the heart of the software. It lets you store all of your content, such as PDF files, YouTube videos. Exams, quizzes etc. Given how the platform is designed to serve as a knowledge base for your company or organisation, the administrator’s job is to continuously fill the library with useful data that will catch users’ attention even when educators or employees do not order them.

    One of WizIQ’s most significant assets is the functionality it provides when it comes to live sessions. It lets you create video sessions, upload documents on the fly (to be able to use them within the presentations) and invite learners. It also helps you organise by scheduling live and recurring classes in advance. What is more, you can co-brand your virtual classroom with a partner and do the presentation together. 

    WizIQ also offers a free e-commerce platform of its own where you can sell your courses, helping you avoid third-party software and additional transaction fees.

    As far as downsides go, the only major issue associated with WizIQ is the insufficient storage space. The maximum storage capacity you receive with WizIQ is 50 GB and only at the Enterprise plan, which is not ideal, given how Ruzuku, for instance, offers unlimited space. WizIQ carries about half of the storage that an iPhone offers. The problem is solvable, but it does require additional costs and the maximum storage you can add to your system is 1.3 GB, which is less than most larger video files.

    When it comes to assistance, the WizIQ support system consists of a comprehensive support hub containing FAQs as well as community forums. Just like Kajabi, If you find yourself experiencing severe issues that require further assistance, you can contact the support team via phone, online chat or through the contact form on the official website.


    WizIQ doesn’t offer a free account, but it can be acquired at three different plans. However, the platform offers a few features that can be found in all plans, such as:

    • Logo on academy
    • Favicon
    • Banner on academy
    • WizIQ mobile app
    • The option to change the theme colour
    • Knowledge base and forum
    • Instructor training
    • 24/7 live support
    • Onboarding and success manager

    Now let’s take a quick look at the pricing tiers offered by WizIQ.


    Best for individual teachers


    Best for colleges & universities, corporate trainers, test prep institutes


    Per-minute pricing

    Dedicated classroom for each teacher Dedicated classroom for each teacher Use as you want
    10, 25, or 50 participants 10, 25, 50, 100 participants Up to 300 participants
    Audio/video communication API access for seamless integration with your website or APP API access for seamless integration with your website
    Chat Audio/video communication Audio/video communication
    Whiteboard Chat Chat
    Content library Whiteboard Whiteboard
    Share anything: PPT, Video, Doc, PDF etc Content library Content library
    Screen sharing Share anything: PPT, Video, Doc, PDF etc. Share anything: PPT, Video, Doc, PDF etc.
    Polling Screen sharing Screen sharing
    MP4 recording on the cloud Polling Polling
    Up to 120 minutes class duration MP4 recording on the cloud MP4 recording on the cloud
    Works on any device Up to 300 minutes class duration Up to 300 minutes class duration
    Works on any device Works on any device

    The WizIQ pricing starts at $25/month (billed annually), significantly less expensive than WizIQ competitors such as Ruzuku, which charges a minimum of $99 per month at the Bootstrapper plan, or Docebo, which costs even more. If you want a similar platform that offers course creation at a close price like WizIQ, check out LearnWorlds.

    If you’re interested in buying the platform, make sure to contact the sales team to get the exact pricing for your needs. You can ask WizIQ for a 14-day demo version to test out the program and make an informed decision on whether or not to subscribe to one of the suggested plans. 

    Note that WizIQ also has a 30-day refund policy, meaning that you will be fully reimbursed should you change your mind about the software within 30 days.

    WizIQ User Reviews

    Last but not least, let’s look at some WizIQ user reviews to see what its customers think of it.

    When it comes to customer reviews, WizIQ has mixed views. The WizIQ desktop app has a 3.9/10 rating on Trustradius, based on 20 reviews. The vast majority of users are apparently frustrated with the interface as well as the ability of the program to solve problems frequently. However, more than half of the users seem to be satisfied with the wide range of features and would recommend the program.

    When we headed over to Google Play to check how the WizIQ Android app is doing, we found a more positive outlook with a 3.1 rating out of 5, based on a total of 3,387 user reviews. Most confessions praise the variety of options, while some believe that a darker theme would be more suitable.

    Finally, the WizIQ app for iPhone holds a 3.8/5 rating on the App Store, out of a total of 12 reviews. The situation is quite similar here, with the majority praising the wide range of options, whereas a few users seem to be dissatisfied with the slow bug repairs.

    Wrapping It All Up

    Assuming that your main goal is live learning, then WizIQ will serve you pretty well. It’s an excellent remote learning tool, and it makes the whole process easier and more affordable.

    However, if you’re planning to work with large video files, the program definitely won’t be a good fit for you due to the humble storage capacity. Yet, on the condition that you’re content with all other features and this is the only problem for you, you can easily solve it by simply storing the videos elsewhere and using WizIQ’s link streaming option.


    What is WizIQ?

    WizIQ is an eLearning software that helps you create, organise and stream courses in a virtual classroom.

    How to use WizIQ?

    WizIQ has a pretty intuitive interface, allowing you to get a better grip of the software in no time. What is more, all of the pricing tiers offer instructor training and a WizIQ tutorial to help you navigate the program.

    How much does WizIQ cost?

    During our research for this WizIQ review, we found that the WizIQ pricing starts at $25/month, billed annually. To get an exact price, please contact the WizIQ sales team.

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