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2022’s Webroot Antivirus Review: Is It a Safe Bet?

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Malware Protection: 9.6/10
System Impact: 10/10
Pricing: 9.5/10
Ease of Use: 9.7/10
Reliability and Support: 9/10

Price: £29.99 per year

Updated: November, 3, 2022


  • Minimal system impact
  • Multiple platform support
  • Feature-packed dashboard
  • Lightweight app
  • Fast scans
  • Free trial
  • Cons

  • Lack of some premium features
  • Out-of-date results from independent testing labs
  • Some features are limited to the ultimate package
  • Webroot is a cloud-based antivirus (AV) software that seems to have it all: quick scans, great malware protection rate, user-friendly interface and a super lightweight app.

    But how realistic are these claims? Does the antivirus truly offer such protection, and how big of a bill will you have to foot to get on one of its plans?Continue reading our comprehensive Webroot antivirus review to find out!

    Security & Privacy Features

    Users get numerous features when buying Webroot: malware protection, firewall, online storage, and much more. We explore them all below.

    Malware Protection

    Webroot has been offering first-rate malware protection since 1997 and has pioneered machine learning and cloud-based security in 2007 and 2011, respectively.

    Relying on their valuable experience, Webroot makes a malware solution that keeps you safe from every type of existing and zero-day malicious programs, including:

    • Ransomware;
    • Viruses;
    • Trojans;
    • Adware;
    • Spyware;
    • Cryptojackers;
    • Phishing attacks;
    • Identity theft, etc.

    While the Webroot scanner identifies and promptly eliminates all of these digital threats, independent lab tests are yet to confirm its stellar performance. However, these difficulties result from the way Webroot’s algorithm works, which is unlike traditional AV software.

    In fact, Webroot reviews are filled with satisfied customers who praise the protection they get.

    Ransomware Protection

    As the number of frightening ransomware attacks increases daily, users need top-notch protection more than ever. This is where the Webroot ransomware protection shines as it helps users steer away from phishing websites and secures their data on the cloud.

    Note: Though Webroot’s protection is excellent, look into Kaspersky’s anti-ransomware tool if you’re looking for free software that you can use on up to 5 devices.

    Phishing Detection

    The Webroot website checker is invaluable in identifying suspicious domains whose directive is to steal your personal and financial information. Its real-time anti-phishing service immediately blocks these malicious URLs and marks them correspondingly.

    Firewall Capabilities

    In every Webroot security software bundle, you’ll also find a firewall service that monitors your network’s inbound and outbound traffic, thus shielding you from malicious connections.

    When working alongside your device’s default firewall, Webroot blocks malware, hacking attempts, and other intrusions aiming to steal your data and cause havoc to your machine.

    However, while Webroot’s firewall is adequate in filtering out harmful connections, some premium brands also offer firewall services with additional features.

    Extra Features

    In addition to the above security benefits, Webroot offers additional features in its more expensive plans for a total digital protection of your data and privacy:

    • Password manager—keeps your passwords and notes safe, syncs on all your devices, and lets you access your credentials with a single master password.
      • If you’re looking for an AV software that includes a password manager with its cheapest plan as well, check out McAfee’s.
    • Online storage—25GB of Webroot secure online storage that safeguards your most precious data as an added protection layer against ransomware.
    • System optimiser—handy tool that erases your online activity, including temporary files, cookies, and browsing history, thus protecting your online privacy.
      • Some AV companies, such as VIPRE, also include other device maintenance tools, such as third-party app patching.
    • Webcam protection—cameras are especially vulnerable to trojans, which Webroot immediately eliminates, thus preventing anyone from spying on you.
    • Mobile apps—Webroot also offers comprehensive protection for your iOS and Android devices that scans your apps for malware and blocks malicious sites.

    Note: You can also subscribe to a special ‘PC Gamers’ edition of Webroot’s AV software, which includes most of the above features and does not affect your PC performance.

    Scanning for Viruses

    Thanks to its fully cloud-based scanning algorithms, Webroot is one of the fastest antivirus solutions on the market. According to their site, a Webroot scan only takes about 20 seconds—up to 60 times faster than the competition on average.

    Currently, Webroot offers the same types of malware scans as most AV solutions:

    • Quick Scan—surface check up on files in active memory, which may miss some inactive malware threats due to its speed.
    • Full Scan—takes a tad longer but scans all hard drives on your device.
    • Deep Scan—the Webroot deep scan is the most thorough (and by extension, slowest) scan you can run to root out all kinds of trojans, rootkits, and even inactive malware. 
    • Custom Scan—lets you specify the files and folders to be scanned.

    Since Webroot is cloud-powered, the heavy-lifting is moved off your PC, enabling fast yet thorough scans that won’t interrupt your work or leisure activities.

    Setup & Ease of Use

    Installing Webroot is a breeze, and you can have it up and running in a matter of minutes by following these steps:

    1. Complete the Webroot download procedure via the official website;
    2. Run the Webroot installer and follow the on-screen prompts;
    3. Enter your license keycode, setup the software, and run your first scan.

    Note: When installing the AV software on other platforms, you will have to complete slightly different steps, such as getting the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

    User Interface

    The first impressions of Webroot’s interface is that it’s clean, compact, and accessible, and everything you might need can be found on the main dashboard.

    For example, the apps main window shows you the protection status on the left along with your subscription details and your last scan results. At the same time, the right-hand side is reserved for the advanced settings and various AV features you can access:

    • PC Security—where you can find Webroot’s protection layers 
    • Identity Protection—for various data security options
    • Backup Sync—for file backup and cross-device syncing
    • Password Manager—for the password manager features and settings
    • Utilities—where tools to manage files and processes are found
    • My Account—for your account information and additional related settings
    • Support/Community—takes you to the forums and support page

    Note: Depending on your Webroot edition, your main screen might look a bit different.

    Device & Platform Compatibility

    Regardless of which suite you choose, you can enjoy multi-platform compatibility as the AV works seamlessly on current and older PCs and Macs. Plus, some suites even allow you to install an app for your Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

    However, not every platform supports the full user experience or AV editions. For instance, macOS does not support Webroot’s “Gamer” version of its antivirus software.

    Mobile Apps

    The company’s mobile apps work rather well, though they miss some computer-exclusive features. For example, with the Webroot app for iPhone and Android, you access features like secure web browsing, tabbed browsing, app scanning, and more, all working together to keep your identity and personal data safe at all times.

    Note: If you are on the basic Webroot AntiVirus plan, you cannot install the mobile apps.

    Plans & Pricing

    Home users can purchase one of four basic AV plans. No matter which Webroot product you download, you can be sure you’re getting excellent protection! We explore them all below:

    AntiVirusInternet Security PlusInternet Security CompleteFamily Pack
    Current Price*£29.99 for 1 device/year£49.99 for 3 devices/year£64.99 for 5 devices/year£124.99 for 10 devices/year
    Lightning-fast malware protection for desktop
    Always-on data and identity protection 
    Webroot ransomware and phishing protection
    Firewall and network monitoring
    Smartphone and tablet protectionX
    Password managementX
    Clean up your online activityXX
    25 GB secure cloud storageXX

    Since the prices and discount offers vary regularly, visit the official Webroot UK website to get the most up-to-date price information. Also, you can add more devices to the basic AntiVirus and the Internet Security Plus plans at an added cost.

    However, since purchasing cybersecurity software is an important decision, Webroot allows you to test drive its products for 14 days without any strings attached. Even better, you can get the Webroot free trial without providing your debit or credit card information.

    Note: If you’d like a lengthier try-out version, check out ESET and its 30-days trial. Webroot is so certain you will fall in love with its AV solution that it offers a 70-day no-questions-asked refund policy. If you decide to go for a cheaper premium alternative, consider Avast as it provides a 10-device plan at £54.99/year and a free version.

    Customer Support

    The Support section of the company’s webpage is filled to the brim with valuable resources and a detailed FAQ section. Once you open it, you can choose one of the four main sections:

    • Redownload—to reinstall the AV software on a new device (provided you’re still subscribed);
    • Find Your Keycode—to get information about your private product key;
    • Manage Your Protection—to access management options for your devices;
    • Contact Support—to get help from a customer support representative.

    While the Webroot support team is one of the best out there, most of the time, you probably won’t even need to reach out to them as the FAQs, the Community Forum and the searchable knowledge base will give you all the answers you need.

    And There You Have It!

    Webroot is an excellent choice for individuals and families of any size. With its many features, streamlined dashboard, lightweight app and unique cloud-based approach, this AV stands out from the competition! 

    Despite the lack of parental controls and the mixed reviews of independent testing labs, Webroot helps you steer away from cyber threats at very competitive prices. Ultimately, it checks off most of our boxes, so we can say it’s definitely a safe bet!


    Is Webroot good?

    Webroot has over two decades of AV experience, and it offers excellent malware protection, alongside many useful features, packed in a lightweight and extremely fast app.

    Is Webroot malware?

    No. Webroot is the antivirus product meant to fight malware of any kind.

    Is Webroot safe?

    Yes! Webroot is a secure and legitimate software that you can safely download and install to ensure ultimate protection against various cyber threats.

    How to install Webroot on iPhone?

    To install the Webroot app for iPhone, visit Apple’s App Store and follow the install instructions. Moreover, you can install the Webroot antivirus version for Android in a similar manner.

    Does Webroot protect against ransomware?

    Yes! Webroot offers great ransomware protection in all of its plans, ensuring you don’t fall victim to cyber-attacks that encrypt your data and require a hefty ransom to provide access to it.

    Does Webroot slow down your computer?

    Not significantly. As we mentioned in our Webroot antivirus review, the AV’s app is very lightweight, and most of the heavy lifting off your device as the software is cloud-based.

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