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KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Review 2024 – Impressive NetFlix Unblocking Capabilities

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Number of servers: 6/10
Speed: 8/10
Pricing: 8/10
Ease of use: 9/10
Reliability and support: 10/10

Price: $9.99/month

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Top-grade encryption
  • High speed
  • WireGuard and Wise protocols
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • VPN Lifetime plan
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Cons

  • Low number of servers
  • Only five torrenting servers
  • Split tunnelling only for Android users
  • VPN Unlimited is a New York-based VPN provider developed by KeepSolid. Despite a relatively small network of 500+ servers across 80 countries around the world, it still manages to rank high among VPNs.

    It supports some of the strongest protocols like Wise and WireGuard and offers excellent speeds.

    So is VPN Unlimited worth a try? Keep reading our VPN Unlimited review to find out.


    There is a bit of a downside to using a VPN—it encrypts your internet traffic, but it also reduces your connection speed.

    We began testing on a 200Mbps connection and first picked the servers closest to us in the UK. The VPN Unlimited speed we got was around 175Mbps, a speed loss of 13%, which is an excellent performance even when compared to heavyweights like NordVPN.

    Even when connected to distant servers from the UK, KeepSolid VPN delivered excellent results.

    Servers in the US reduced our download speed to 145Mbps. Most of the servers in Europe averaged around 155Mbps, and servers in the African region clocked in at 110Mbps. Once again, this is an above-average performance for long-distance connections.

    The VPN Unlimited speed latency increased by a range of 90%–300%, which is in line with other popular providers on the market.

    Another good thing about this VPN is that it offers up to ten simultaneous connections from one account.

    Security and Privacy

    Below we explore the different privacy and security features of VPN Unlimited.


    KeepSolid VPN Unlimited offers a top-grade AES 256-bit encryption in addition to the 2048-bit RSA asymmetric cryptography key to protect your sensitive data.

    Security Protocols

    The term VPN protocol refers to the set of processes that VPN services employ to provide you with a fast and secure connection to VPN servers and back.

    KeepSolid VPN Unlimited has an extensive array of protocols for its users. There are the standard ones like IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec, but also the relatively new WireGuard— available for macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android clients.

    The company even has its own VPN Unlimited OpenVPN protocol called KeepSolid Wise. It provides stronger protection and is great for countries like Iran and China that restrict VPN usage.

    IP Address Security

    When it comes to IP addresses, our preference is to get a different one every time we connect to the internet. The good news is that KeepSolid VPN Unlimited offers dynamic IP addresses to its customers. In addition, there is an option to purchase a Personal Static IP as well. Personal addresses have many upsides, like controlling your browsing history and reputation; plus, you can never be blocked from your favourite online content. 

    Jurisdiction and Logging Policy

    KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is based in New York, which means that the company is under the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances jurisdiction. This is cause for concern, considering the US privacy laws and regulations—US authorities can ask for data collected from users from any ISP provider.

    The company claims to have a zero-log policy, which implies that the VPN Unlimited app doesn’t collect any sensitive personal data or its users’ online activity.

    Its privacy policy gives a more general description of what data it may collect. This includes:

    • IP addresses
    • Device details (manufacturer, name, code, and language)
    • Time zone and connection time
    • WiFi network name
    • Operating system type
    • Browser type
    • Total amount of traffic for each session
    • Session dates

    And while KeepSolid VPN Unlimited deletes the IP address, browser, and OS type after sessions end, it would be better if it didn’t log them at all.

    Be as it may, there is no sign that the company takes any logging liberties with its users’ data. Still, we would like more reassurance from them, like going through independent audits to verify their zero-logging claims.

    If you want a VPN based in a jurisdiction with no data retention requirements, check out a provider such as Surfshark, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands.


    Fortunately, data leak tests performed with the VPN Unlimited app turned on showed no sign of IP, DNS, or other data leaks.

    Kill Switch

    The company offers a VPN Unlimited kill switch for the following platforms—Android 8.0 Oreo and higher, macOS, Windows, and iOS.

    Private Server

    KeepSolid offers dedicated VPN Unlimited servers to its customers. A personal or private server has some advantages over shared VPN servers. For instance, you will get a much higher speed on a private VPN server because you don’t share your traffic, bandwidth, and other assets with thousands of other users. 

    DNS Firewall

    KeepSolid’s DNS Firewall feature is a filtering system that is DNS-based and ensures protection from malicious and phishing domains. Additionally, it has a blocklist option that includes categories such as adult and gambling websites.

    Split Tunnelling

    At the time of writing, only VPN Unlimited for Android has this feature. This provider’s version is called App Exceptions. With it, you get to choose the apps you don’t want to go through the VPN tunnel.

    If you need split tunnelling for Windows, we suggest opting for a solution such as ProtonVPN. Unfortunately, the newest versions of macOS and iOS don’t yet support this feature.

    Servers and Server Locations

    The number of VPN Unlimited servers is relatively low. The company has over 500 VPN servers and only five P2P ones. 

    But the good thing is that the network is spread widely around the world in over 80 locations. Plus, the provider offers fast servers, some of which are dedicated for individual use. 

    The largest number of servers are in the US, but there are VPN Unlimited servers in two locations in the UK too—UK-Centre and UK-South 1. Some of the other locations are Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, India, United Arab Emirates, and Thailand.

    KeepSolid VPN Unlimited falls behind its competitors in terms of its server network. For comparison, ExpressVPN has over 3,000, and NordVPN has more than 5,000.

    VPN’s Primary Uses

    Besides privacy and security, people often want to use a VPN for things such as streaming, torrenting, and gaming. So let’s explore whether you can use VPN Unlimited for these.


    As soon as you launch the VPN Unlimited app, it automatically chooses the fastest server to connect you to.

    However, the company makes your streaming easier by giving you a separate streaming servers tab and torrent-friendly servers tab. So you can just scroll through the lists and pick the server that fits you best in terms of speed and location.

    You can choose VPN Unlimited for Netflix streaming, HBO Now, Disney+, Hulu, Hotstar, Sony Crackle, Popcorn Fix, BBC iPlayer, and Rai.TV.

    Also, a separate tab called Streaming gives you access to websites like Switch, Spotify, Fox, NBC Sports, Nickelodeon, Pandora, and many more.

    When tested from both UK servers recommended for accessing BBC iPlayer, it worked great and granted us access to the site. In addition, most VPN Unlimited servers allowed access to Youtube US. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited even unblocked Netflix US on the first attempt.

    What about VPN Unlimited for Kodi streaming? Luckily, there is VPN Unlimited add-on for Kodi so that you can enjoy the media player on different devices.


    You can use VPN Unlimited for torrenting, but it’s not going to give you the best speeds. The company provides only five P2P-optimised servers for secure and fast torrenting.

    You can find the list of these servers in the VPN Unlimited Torrent tab on Windows, Android, and Linux devices. 

    Here are the current P2P locations:

    • Luxembourg
    • Romania
    • France (Paris)
    • US-California 1
    • Canada-Ontario

    Having them well positioned for European and North American customers, but not for customers in other parts of the globe, is a problem. Users that are elsewhere in the world may face disappointing download speeds.

    And even in the FAQ section on the provider’s official site, when asked about using VPN Unlimited for BitTorrent downloading, the company’s answer doesn’t sound enthusiastic. Reps respond that the service’s primary use is not for torrent downloading but rather online security.


    KeepSolid VPN Unlimited says it offers its customers fast connection speed, no throttling, unlimited bandwidth, and access to many blocked gaming websites and apps. 

    If you set VPN Unlimited on your WiFi router, it’s compatible with a wide range of gaming consoles like Playstation 3 and 4, Playstation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Wii U. This sounds great—you get to play your favourite games like PUBG, Minecraft, World of Warcraft and many more, plus keep your gaming and personal data safe!

    But based on results from speed tests, VPN Unlimited shows a significant increase in latency, and we all know what that means—increased game lags. If you want a VPN with minimal latency, we suggest giving CyberGhost a try.

    Supported Platforms

    VPN Unlimited for Windows offers support for all desktop and laptop devices that work on Windows Vista and above. But the company provides support even for devices operating on the old Windows XP sp3. 

    It’s also compatible with Windows Phone 8.1 and all Apple phones using at least iOS 11.0 and Android phones running on Android 4.1 or higher. In addition, VPN Unlimited for Mac supports all devices that run on macOS 10.11 and higher. Linux devices are also supported.

    What’s more, the company offers extensions for different browsers. There is a VPN Unlimited Chrome extension, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge extension.

    Streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, and Google Chromecast are also compatible with this service. Plus, there’s VPN Unlimited for Amazon Firestick.

    Additionally, KeepSolid VPN offers support for Synology network-attached storage (NAS).

    Last but not least, there’s VPN Unlimited router support for the following brands: 

    • Asus
    • DD-WRT
    • GLiNet Router
    • OpenWrt
    • Xiaomi Mi Router 3
    • pfSense
    • TP-Link
    • Padavan
    • MikroTik

    Overall, VPN Unlimited is compatible with a broad range of devices and beats popular providers such as TunnelBear in this respect.

    KeepSolid VPN Pricing

    At the moment, KeepSolid VPN offers three straightforward packages to its users, and those are:

    Monthly plan $9.99/month
    Annual plan $4.99/month; $59.99/year
    Lifetime plan $199.99/billed once

    According to VPN Unlimited’s pricing page, the one-year subscription is currently the “best choice.” For $59.99 per year, you get:

    • Unlimited traffic and connection speed
    • Military-grade encryption
    • DNS Firewall
    • Full access to all servers and many other features

    The downside is that you can connect only five devices to one account, but for an additional $3 per month, or $7.99 in total, you can add five more and get a total of ten.

    The company offers a VPN Unlimited Lifetime subscription. While it sounds good in theory, you have to use it no less than five years before it becomes cheaper than some rivals’ current long-term offers.

    The company supports payments by credit card, PayPal, and Bitcoin. At the moment, if you use PayPal to purchase whatever plan you choose, you get a 10% discount. 

    There’s also a VPN Unlimited free download—you can give the service a go with the seven-day free trial. In case you are not satisfied with the performance of KeepSolid VPN, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Overall, VPN Unlimited pricing is in line with top-tier providers, such as ExpressVPN.

    Customer Support

    Chances are, you are going to need good tech support when problems arise. So, is the VPN Unlimited customer service good?

    According to online customer reviews, the VPN Unlimited support team is fast, skilled, and polite. They offer 24/7 support by email and live chat. This is great news, as even some popular VPNs like Windscribe don’t have a live chat option.

    Additionally, the provider has a clearly written and extensive knowledge base on the official website, where you can find answers to both technical and more general questions. Troubleshooting problems like VPN Unlimited not connecting to Windows 10 are also resolved in the FAQ section of the website.

    Want to Consider Other Options?

    VPN Unlimited has an attractive offer, but how does it stack up against some other solutions on the market?

    VPNSecure vs VPN Unlimited

    In terms of price, both solutions offer almost the same monthly plan for around $10. On longer periods, VPN Unlimited’s current best deal is a one-year subscription for $4.99, while VPNSecure offers a three-year plan for $2.99. And if you don’t want to commit for three years, KeepSolid’s one-year plan is the better deal.

    Both apps offer top-grade data encryption and popular security protocols like OpenVPN. However, VPN Unlimited has its own protocol called KeepSolid Wise, which offers even better security. What’s more, both apps provide malware detection and protection.

    When it comes to streaming and torrenting, there are better VPNs on the market than these. But if we compare the two, the VPN Unlimited app is more reliable than VPNSecure, especially for unblocking streaming sites like Netflix.

    Another downside of VPNSecure is that it has a very limited number of servers—around 100 across 48 locations.

    KeepSolid VPN Unlimited also provides a kill switch feature for Android users, private servers and IP addresses, and a DNS FireWall feature, all of which are missing from VPNSecure’s offer.

    PureVPN vs VPN Unlimited

    VPN Unlimited is way behind on server number and locations compared to PureVPN—the latter has over 6,500 servers in 180+ sites.

    Both providers use the military-grade AES-256 encryption and the OpenVPN protocol, but KeepSolid VPN Unlimited prides itself on its own KeepSolid Wise protocol. The two have similar pricing plans.

    In addition, KeepSolid VPN has streaming servers and offers five to ten simultaneous connections on one account, while PureVPN allows only five devices at the same time. 

    Bottom Line: Is VPN Unlimited Worth It?

    KeepSolid VPN service offers decent performance at an affordable price. It has a relatively small number of servers but still succeeds in covering a large part of the world. 

    On top of that, it has impressive unblocking capabilities—it provides access to Netflix and other streaming services. Plus, it is compatible with Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux devices. 

    One of the downsides of this VPN is that it only has five torrenting servers, so if you are a torrenting enthusiast, maybe this provider isn’t the best for you. If that doesn’t concern you, we think that VPN Unlimited is definitely worth a try.


    How does VPN Unlimited work?

    The role of the VPN Unlimited app is to establish a secure connection between you and the open internet. This is done by routing all your data traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel. So this app hides your IP address and makes its location invisible to hackers and other prying third parties.

    Is VPN Unlimited safe?

    VPN Unlimited has an extensive array of security protocols like IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec, as well as its own KeepSolid Wise protocol, great for countries like Iran and China. It provides both dynamic and personal IP addresses, as well as private servers.

    Does VPN Unlimited keep logs?

    No. VPN Unlimited has a no-logging policy, which means that they do not collect any personal data.

    Is VPN Unlimited good?

    KeepSolid VPN prides itself on relatively fast speeds and excellent unblocking capabilities. It easily unblocks streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, and others. Check out our VPN Unlimited review above for more details on this provider.

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