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2022 Treehouse Review:Affordable & Accessible Coding Courses

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Ease of use : 9/10
Variety of courses: 7/10
Available platforms: 7.5/10
Content quality: 9/10
Value for money: 9/10

Price: $25/month

Updated: November, 3, 2022


  • 300+ courses and workshops
  • Self-paced learning
  • Career-focused skills
  • Constantly updated courses subjects
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • 7-day free trial
  • Cons

  • Limited number of courses
  • No mobile app
  • No Treehouse certificate
  • Treehouse is an online technology school specialising in coding, programming, and web design. 

    Can it help you advance in your career? Does it provide skills a beginner needs to get started with coding? 

    Yes, and much more. Stick around as we explore the platform in this Treehouse review and take a close look at its features, prices, and perks.

    What Is Treehouse Good For?

    Treehouse offers over 300 expert-led courses on coding, web design, and web development. 

    The platform places special emphasis on affordable, interactive and self-paced learning, ensuring that users gain the knowledge and skills to compete in today’s job market. 

    Treehouse works on a subscription model, which users can cancel at any time, and it provides a seven-day risk-free trial giving full access to the platform’s catalogue.

    Who is Treehouse for?

    Treehouse is open to everyone willing to learn

    So, whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced student looking to acquire more skills, Treehouse has the courses to meet your needs. 

    Unlike eLearning platforms that have set times for course enrolment, Treehouse encourages self-paced learning, allowing students to watch a course at any time, and even download for offline viewing. This makes the platform ideal for busy professionals who want to level up their design or coding game in their free time. 

    Treehouse caters to teams with customised programs created by your organisation and the platform’s learning experts. The program also analyses and monitors your team’s progress so you can ensure that everyone gets the most out of the courses. 

    Techdegree at Treehouse

    Treehouse also offers a bootcamp-style program where learners go through a series of projects centred around a specific skill. 

    Some of the perks that come with the Techdegree include:

    • Weekly office hours for consultation 
    • Live chat support & access to an exclusive Slack community 
    • Portfolio of projects you could present to potential employers 
    • Peer reviews 

    Even though there is no certification, this program will help you get ready for the job market as hundreds of graduates from Techdegree have been hired by renowned companies like Adobe, Nike, airbnb, Hubspot and mailchimp.

    Bear in mind that completion of the program may take up to 9 months, so if you are looking for a shorter time commitment, you might want to consider other options.

    Content Quality

    Some of the companies this eLearning platform has cooperated with include NASA, the San Francisco Public Library and Hubspot, which speaks volumes to the quality of courses delivered by Treehouse.

    Let’s see what Treehouse offers exactly.

    What topics does Treehouse cover?

    Users can choose from 23+ topics, ranging from Rails Development, Laravel and C# Basics to UX Design and wireframing and sketching. 

    This is a somewhat limited catalogue, although similar platforms offer the same coverage of topics. Plus, Treehouse course list is regularly updated to cover in-demand careers in tech, so all topics have practical applications in the real world. 

    How are classes organised?

    As with most online learning companies, the main component of Treehouse courses are on-demand video classes. However, this platform takes it one step further by focusing on interactive learning and includes quizzes and code challenges that will keep users engaged and provide hands-on experience and practice. All extra resources, as well as the video classes, are created and managed by in-house specialists

    What’s more, users can see their results and progress in real-time by watching the course video and coding along in the platforms’ browser-based code editor. The Workspace is available for use at all times, so you can get some extra practice outside of the coursework, as well. 

    Live classes

    Treehouse is one of the few platforms that offer live classes and interactive sessions where you can ask instructors questions and even get some useful career advice. Live classes are scheduled occasionally and you have the option to get notified for the next one. 


    The two main appeals of Treehouse are ease of use and flexibility. Still, the platform has plenty of other features, which we will look at below. 

    Ease of use

    Courses are easy to find and can be filtered alphabetically, or by level of difficulty. Also, there is a handy assessment quiz that helps you get started with the learning process. That said, Linkedin Learning’s search bar has more filters, making it much easier to navigate through the many courses available on the platform.   

    Available course platforms 

    You can access courses on a desktop or laptop, although Treehouse tutorials are not available on mobile. This is quite disappointing as almost all of its main competitors have dedicated apps for iOS and Android users. 

    Videos are available for offline viewing, although only subscribers to the Courses Plus paid plan can download courses. 

    Quizzes and assessments 

    Most tutorials come with interactive quizzes and code challenges. In addition to these, Treehouse offers almost 200 coding workshops and practice sessions on UX, Responsive Design, Object Interaction, Java Arrays and many more topics. 

    Members of the Courses Plus subscription can also take advantage of bonus series that cover all the new trends in design and illustration, as well as watch live conference talks from industry leaders. 

    Treehouse Tracks 

    Treehouse Tracks covers specific subjects by grouping relevant courses and workshops into a mini-program. Linkedin Learning and PluralSight offer similar products, but with Treehouse, users can test out the subjects they are already familiar with and customise the curriculum accordingly. 

    Treehouse community

    The Treehouse community is a place to interact and communicate with other users, but also to receive help if you get stuck with any issue, coding-related or otherwise. 

    The forum, however helpful, is nowhere near as extensive as the community on other platforms. Codecademy, for instance, offers live chats and meetups, while Udemy’s Q&A section provides interaction not just with other students, but with instructors as well. 

    Treehouse Pricing  

    Treehouse is accessible and affordable, offering three pricing plans:

    For comparison, Pluralsight, another tech-focused online learning platform, provides similar prices, but this site has a much bigger library of over 2,500 courses, access on mobile and TV apps and a ten-day free trial, so a better deal overall. 

    On the other side of the spectrum, Udacity monthly subscription comes out to $399, putting Treehouse somewhere in the low to mid-range tech-oriented learning platforms. 

    Treehouse free trial

    Treehouse includes a seven day free trial in all its price plans. If you are not satisfied with the services of the platform, you can cancel your Treehouse subscription at any time during and after the free trial. 

    Is Treehouse Worth It?

    Treehouse may not have the variety of courses or inspirational speakers that some of the other eLearning platforms offer.  However, if you have the drive to learn a tech skill, basic or advanced, you won’t find a better platform to accommodate your needs. 

    Treehouse is a firm believer in interactive and self-paced learning, giving you plenty of opportunities to apply what you learn from the courses. Plus, you won’t be learning from just anyone as all tutorials are created and managed by the platform’s dedicated in-house staff. 

    And although it may not offer any certificates of completion for all its courses, it will provide you with the skills you need to pursue a career in tech companies, which at the end of the day is more important than any accreditation. 


    What is Treehouse?

    Treehouse is an online technology school for coding and design. It has 300+ courses you can choose from, helping you level up your knowledge in web design, programming and development.

    How much is Treehouse?

    Prices vary depending on which Treehouse education plan you select as an individual learner. Treehouse pricing ranges from $25 per month for the basic plan to $199 a month for the Techdegree program.

    Is Treehouse free?

    No, but a monthly subscription costs only $25 and there is a seven-day free trial letting you check if the platform is a right fit.

    Does Treehouse work?

    Yes, it does. When it comes to paid online coding courses, Treehouse is second to none.

    Can Treehouse get you a job?

    Treehouse can give you the skills, and even advice on how to start your own business or land a job in the tech industry. However, some online learning platforms cooperate with industry leaders to help learners advance in their career, while others like Udacity even offer scholarships with Google or Microsoft. But, as this Treehouse review mentioned, the platform is one of the best when it comes to coding classes and if you want to learn or perfect a new skill in programming and design, this is the place to get started.

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