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2024 Teachable Reviews: Is Teachable Worth Your Time?

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Ease of use: 10/10
Variety of courses: 8/10
Available platforms: 10/10
Content quality: 10/10
Value for money: 8.5/10

Price: Free plan

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Easy to create online courses
  • Build an unlimited number of courses
  • Free plan available
  • Excels at course delivery
  • Handles sales taxes & affiliate commissions
  • Supports coaching sessions
  • Cons

  • Third-party integrations are somewhat limited
  • Teachable fees can be pricey
  • Customer support can be slow
  • Teachable reviews have this pegged as the easiest online course creation platform to use. 

    Utilised by more than 100,000+ course creators, it certainly is one of the most popular as well.

    But is it best? And is it worth your time and effort?

    Our Teachable review will give you the answer as we look over prices, features and pros and cons. 

    What Is Teachable Good For?

    Teachable is a cloud-based platform allowing people to monetize their knowledge. 

    Its customisable tools let creators build and personalise content, while the company handles all the payments and taxes, resulting in one of the most user-friendly course creation platforms

    Best of all, Teachable lets you build an unlimited number of courses for an unlimited number of students—a feature that’s included in the free plan. 

    Who Is Teachable For?

    Teachable is one of the best platforms for course creators who want to focus on delivering high-quality content and not worry about the technical aspects of course building and design. 

    It is also perfect for anyone who already has a business set up as Teachable allows you to integrate your website to the platform without any issues. 

    That said, this site caters mainly to entrepreneurs, creators, and small businesses. 

    Higher education institutions and colleges might find more to like in Teachable alternatives, whereas those interested in staff training should consider Docebo or choose from a variety of UK-based eLearning companies

    Key Teachable Features

    What makes Teachable unique?

    Ease of Use

    Teachable features a clean and intuitive interface allowing users to design and build a course with ease. From setting up your online course and adding content to publishing and selling your product, the entire process is enabled through a well-organised dashboard and drag-n-drop course builder. 

    In the meantime, Teachable takes care of the technical side of things, such as site performance, backups, maintenance and security. 

    In fact, the only platform that can come close to Teachable in terms of ease-of-use is Google Classroom, which many users report is faster to set up, although it doesn’t boast as many features.

    Learning Tools

    The platform provides access to unlimited video, unlimited hosting for your course content, and an unlimited number of students.

    Going far beyond the basic on-demand video classes, the Teachable platform enables you to:

    • Incorporate multiple content types, such as video, audio, images, PDFs, HTML code, and more 
    • Use multiple-choice quizzes 
    • Add compliance controls 
    • Add files directly from cloud drives
    • Issue a Teachable certification of completion 
    • Release sections or lectures at a specific date (drip content)
    • Add a livestream or webinar to your lecture via YouTube, Twitch or Vimeo 

    Although Teachable provides the most essential tools for high-quality content creation and student engagement, there are other platforms out there with more options, like incorporating gamification to further engage students. 

    Teachable courses are typically made of sections, subdivided into lectures that incorporate various learning tools to break down a theme. There is no limit to the number of sections and lectures you can add to your curriculum—Teachable allows you to teach the way you want to.  

    Course Design 

    When it comes to the actual look of your school, you can customise everything, from the course overview page (there are several templates to choose from) to personalising the default text on buttons and links. The actual page builder supports a drag-n-drop, live editor so you can see changes in real-time.

    There is also the option of advanced customisation with code snippets (letting you add a third-party chat widget or tracking pixels) or editing your school template files in the Power editor. 

    Teachable iOS App 

    The Teachable app enables school creators to manage the course from the app. Despite its impressive performance, it is only available for iOS users, so those on Android would benefit from other options


    According to the Teachable website, monetization is where they shine and that is not an understatement. 

    In addition to a wide range of banking tools (including PayPal), Teachable accepts payment in over 130 currencies so you can market your course or coaching sessions anywhere in the world. 

    Even better, the platform takes care of author and affiliate payouts, taxes and first and last touch attributions, leaving you free to focus on course content.

    Selling Your Course  

    Unlike Udemy, where the platform markets the course, Teachable gives you complete control of pricing, letting you add Teachable coupons, memberships, bundles, referral programs and payment plans—anything that will help you promote the product and attract new students. 

    While the idea of managing money can seem daunting, Teachable manages to take most of the stress away. Once your course structure is set, the Teachable software will automatically create a sales and checkout page and provide you with all the tools to track numbers. 


    The company can either collect payments through Teachable Payments paying you daily, weekly or monthly or through Teachable’s Monthly Gateway which pays out every 30 to 60 days. In addition, Teachable offers BackOffice, a suite of admin and financial services which pays out your affiliates and authors automatically for a 2% fee.

    Reporting and Analytics

    The platform has a total of five different reports giving you full insight into completion rates and sales, as well as a nifty filter in your admin dashboard to keep track of all your students and their activities. 


    Like most LMS on the market, you need to integrate with third-party apps for email marketing, analytics and other services. 

    The good news is that Teachable lets you integrate with analytics tools like Google Analytics and ConvertBox. On the downside, it lacks variety in the direct integration department, meaning you would have to rely on Zapier to use marketing solutions other than ConvertKit and MailChimp. 

    If you are looking for an LMS with more options in this area and add-ons, take a look at LearnDash or Thinkific.  

    Teachable Support

    Should you come across any issues, there are several ways to reach Teachable: 

    • email (support tickets) 
    • Teachable live chat
    • Extensive Knowledge Base where you can find the answers to all your questions
    • Teachable webinar workshops providing a live demo of the platform
    • TeachableU giving additional resources to course creators
    • The Teachable community—a support forum for users to exchange ideas, get feedback and take part in special workshops

    One area where Teachable could improve is communication between course creators and students. LearnWorlds, for instance, has a built-in social-networking feature that facilitates networking between students and interaction with instructors.

    Teachable Pricing

    Teachable has three pricing plans plus a free option

    Here’s a closer look at what each plan gets you:

    Free PlanTeachable Basic Plan (free plan plus)Teachable Pro Plan (basic plan plus)Teachable Business Plan (pro plan plus)
    Unlimited students, courses & coaching services5% per transactionNo transaction fees 20 admin-level users 
    $1 + 10% per transactionCourse creator training Priority product supportManual & bulk student imports
    Instant payouts Custom domain supportGraded quizzesAdvanced theme customization
    Product bundlesCoupon codesAdvanced reports  
    Course design templatesDrip course contentUnbranded website 
    Product supportIntegrated email marketingCourse completion certificates 
    Third-party integrations  Course compliance 
      Integrated affiliate marketing 
      Group coaching calls 

    That said, other LMS like Kajabi and Ruzuku, although priced slightly higher, have no transaction fees, so something to consider before you commit to a monthly Teachable subscription.
    Compared to
    other platforms on the market, Teachable is more than affordable. 

    Is Teachable Worth It?

    Teachable manages to integrate the core features of online course creation into a single hosted platform without being overwhelming or overcomplicated. In fact, it is one of the easiest platforms to use and thus the go-to choice for anyone who wants to focus on the learning material instead of struggling with the technical and financial aspects of course building. 

    It is not without faults, though. Third-party integrations could be better and fees are a bit on the higher-end; nevertheless, it is a great platform that ticks a lot of boxes in the world of eLearning


    What is Teachable?

    Teachable is an LMS for creating and selling online courses and coaching services.

    Is Teachable worth it?

    Yes, this is one of the most popular and easiest to use course creation platforms as per many online and customer Teachable reviews.

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