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Snappa Review [2022]

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Easy of Use: 10/10
Features: 9/10
Value for Money: 9/10
Customer Support: 9.5/10

Price: Free Plan

Updated: November, 3, 2022


  • Unlimited free trial
  • Free trial doesn’t leave watermark
  • Free plan has plenty templates and features
  • Creating ads with templates with the software is easy
  • The program is beginner-friendly
  • Allows team collaborations and project
  • Administrative console allow the team leader to regulate Snappa app access
  • Cons

  • Only JPG or PNG files available
  • No advanced features for customised tasks
  • Could add more templates
  • Snappa was created back in 2015 and got the attention of many graphic designers in the last few years.

    In this Snappa review, we’ll explain what it is, what it has to offer, look at its pros and cons, and answer FAQs.  

    What is Snappa

    Snappa is a cloud-based visual arts tool that helps individuals and small businesses create visuals for ads, blogs, social media, infographics, and emails.

    With the help of the software, you can add different text styles,  apply predefined templates, and even add stock photos. In addition, you can use Snappa to remove backgrounds from headshots and create transparent backgrounds for commercial images. It’s an easy way to produce creative graphics without having to undergo photoshop courses

    Snappa Features 

    Add text to photo

    With Snappa, you can add captions and notes to your pictures, experiment with 200 different Snappa fonts, and rotate the texts for a more personal touch. If the fonts Snappa has aren’t quite your style, you can add your own. Snappa accepts TTF, OTF, and WOFF files. This feature can help you learn how to make a logo too.

    If you don’t like any of the designs in Snappa for the project you’re working on, you can choose a colour from a colour palette and experiment with blurring and reflections. Alternatively, you can improve the visual quality by lowering the opacity of your content. Snappa saves you time and money from drawing from scratch on a tablet or on paper.

    Background remover

    One of the best things about Snappa is that it makes photo editing simple. The background remover feature is ideal for social media influencers who want to refresh their newsfeed with selfies and headshots. They can quickly transform everyday surroundings into those of the companies they represent and add messages and graphics with a single click, similar to other AI-powered background remover tools.

    Furthermore, Snappa photography tools enable you to build transparent backdrops for e-commerce and a more professional appearance.

    Image blur

    You can blur any picture on Snappa, regardless of whether you’ve uploaded from your computer or chosen an image from the app’s library. The software’s basic blur slider function can be used to obscure images.

    Other features available in the program include image darkening, saturation, hue, brightness, contrast, colour, overlays, and opacity, This means you can darken backgrounds for headshots and selfies in addition to blurring photographs.

    Image cropper

    Snappa allows anyone, regardless of their subscription status, to crop photos in the Snappa editor. You can either submit a photo or choose from over 4 million free high-resolution images

    Snappa’s photos are all free to download and use for commercial purposes. The only requirement is to create a Snappa account, which is free of charge. Once you sort out your Snappa login credential, you’ll be able to select a preset image size or enter custom proportions.

    Image flipper

    Snappa also allows users to flip images and backgrounds. You can turn icons upside down, change vector images for free, resize them, change their colour, and more.

    Image resizer

    Snappa is arguably the best option for people looking for good photos and tools for advertising on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Once you  upload a photo, choose a template, or create one from scratch, resize the image, adjust the graphics, and finally add the text to the photo.

    Image rotator

    Rotating an image with Snappa is a one-click job. You can rotate any photo you’d like, whether it’s an image you uploaded from your computer or a template in the Snappa media library.

    Photo editor

    Snappa’s photo editor is user-friendly. It allows users to resize photographs for any social media platform and adjust the size to fit the image’s purpose. In addition, you can choose from a variety of adjustable templates in the creative program similar to Visme

    Speech bubbles

    Snappa features a large selection of bubbles, and if you don’t like what the library has to offer, you can always create your own. The designs are rectangular or circular; some are cloudlike, while others have unusual shapes. You can also adjust the opacity to achieve the desired effect.

    Snappa Pricing Plans

    Snappa has a solid free plan but you will need to upgrade to a paid version to take advantage of some of the more advanced features. The good news is Snappa has flexible pricing tiers.

    The following are the current subscriptions:

    STARTER (free)

    Snappa Starter plan has more than 6000 templates, over 5.000.000 HD photos, and graphics. It allows users to download up to 3 files per month.

    PRO ($10 per month)

    The Pro plan costs $10 per month for one user and includes all the features in the Starter plan, with a few extra perks, including an unlimited number of downloads, Buffer, and social media integrations. The Pro plan also features font uploads and a background image remover.

    TEAM ($20 per month)

    The Team plan costs $20 monthly for 5 users and has the same tools as the Pro plan, plus allows users to work in teams and collaborate on a project.

    Snappa Customer Support

    Snappa provides a variety of options to receive help if you get stuck on the website. You may visit their Help and Support section, which you can find at the bottom of the website. It has plenty of videos and articles that might answer a question about Snappa features. You can also submit a query to their support team and wait for an answer. 

    Bottom line

    Snappa is a reliable photo editing and technical illustration tool. It’s simple to use, has a user-friendly interface, and has a lot of photo editing tools. You can use it for free and get access to its basic features or you can upgrade to a paid membership for more advanced features. 


    Is Snappa free?

    Snappa has a free, unlimited plan. However, if you want to unlock all advanced features, you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

    Is Snappa any good?

    Snappa is an excellent image editing tool and an excellent pick for graphics designers, bloggers, social media influencers, and beginners.

    Is Snappa safe to use?

    According to every Snappa review out there, the program is safe and completely secure to use.

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