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Norton Antivirus Review: Is It Still Number 1 in 2022?

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Malware Protection: 10/10
System Impact: 8.5/10
Pricing: 9/10
Ease of Use: 10/10
Reliability and Support: 10/10

Price: £14.99

Updated: July, 21, 2023


  • Excellent virus detection rates
  • Great support and updates frequency
  • Easy to use and to navigate through
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Plenty of additional features
  • Backed by a refund policy
  • Cons

  • No free version
  • Pricier than expected
  • Limited features on macOS
  • Norton, one of the most familiar brands in the antivirus industry, still offers first-rate protection against any malicious software you throw at it.

    In this Norton antivirus review, we take a closer look at its impeccable detection and elimination results, as well as the slew of features that make it one of the best.

    Keep on reading to find out whether you get what you pay for!

    Security & Privacy Features

    Regardless of the subscription plan you choose—from Norton Antivirus Plus to the more expensive Norton 360 schemes—you get top-tier protection, computer security, and privacy solutions. We explore these features below.

    Malware Detection & Protection

    The Norton virus scan robustly and efficiently fights off every type of malware imaginable: viruses, worms, spyware, adware, trojans, ransomware, phishing, bots, and more.

    Like most modern AV solutions, Norton offers an antivirus powered by AI and machine learning that monitors for both online and offline threats in real-time, in addition to more traditional approaches such as signature-based scanning.

    So you can rest assured that Norton will always apply multilayered protection that prevents both existing and zero-day threats, similar to McAfee’s approach.

    Ransomware & Phishing Protection

    As the number of ransomware and phishing cases has been increasing in recent years, Norton takes an all-rounded approach to deter these types of threats.

    For instance, the Norton ransomware protection includes a PC Cloud Backup solution that stores your valuable data safely and securely on the cloud and utilises a Data Protector feature that prevents malicious programs from modifying specific files and folders on your machine.

    When it comes to phishing protection, Norton offers robust protection against fake sites that attempt to steal your personal data. The Norton AV will either block the suspicious sites or warn you that the site is trying to collect your data.

    Note: You can also install the Norton browser toolbar that marks every page as dangerous (red), sketchy (yellow), safe (green), and unknown (grey), similar to Webroot’s threat shield.


    Installing the Norton firewall is another security step that helps protect you from suspicious traffic that may access your home network. Norton’s Smart Firewall monitors everything you send and receive over the internet and prevents intrusive access to your files.

    Password Management

    Since using different passwords for your accounts reduces the risk of malicious access to your data, Norton also includes a free password manager in its suites. The Norton Password app generates complex passwords and lets you access them anytime and from any device.

    Bonus Features

    The Norton 360 plans also include additional security and privacy features for total protection of your digital life.

    Parental Controls

    The premium Norton virus protection plans also include thorough parental controls that help you monitor your children’s online activity, filter unsafe apps and websites, GPS locate their devices, and pause their internet so they focus on their remote learning materials.

    Note: While Norton offers essential parental control features, certain AV brands also include advanced options like geofencing and detailed alerts.

    Secure VPN

    Norton’s Secure VPN service encrypts your data with the end goal of protecting your online privacy, especially when you are using public or shared Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, you get an ad-tracker blocker, unlimited data usage, a non-logging policy, and more.

    Note: While the brand’s Secure VPN service is a standard addition to its feature set, certain AV companies offer more extensive features with their VPN, such as split tunnelling.

    Dark Web Monitoring

    Norton’s Dark Web Monitoring feature is a premium addition to the company’s 360 suites. In essence, this service tracks if your personal information has been leaked on the dark web, including email addresses, phone numbers, insurance accounts numbers, gamer tags, etc.

    Scanning for Viruses

    Similar to other AV solutions, you can choose from several Norton scan options when looking for and cleaning digital infestations:

    • Full scan: scans the entire system in slightly over an hour
    • Quick scan: scans your device’s security-sensitive areas 
    • Custom scan: scans areas of the system selected by the user
    • Norton Power Eraser: finds and eradicates hard-to-eliminate threats
    • Norton Insight: determines which files and folders need to be scanned

    Note: While first full runs are always slower, any subsequent Norton security scan is optimised to skip over files and folders previously deemed safe.

    Independent Test Results

    As one of the popular antivirus solutions on the market, various Norton reviews and independent labs regularly check the brand’s performance in various tests.

    However, while it often tops the performance leaderboards, the Norton virus protection has not performed the best as of late. For example, instead of earning the top AAA certification from SE Labs, Norton has dropped to their lower AA level.

    Additionally, the latest AV-Comparatives results issued for Norton include one of Standard, Advanced, and Advanced+ certifications. On the bright side, it passed the gruelling MRG-Effitas tests and scored a perfect 18/18 with the AV-Test Institute.

    Usability & Setup

    The process to install Norton after purchasing it can be completed in a few simple steps:

    1. Remove previous Norton AV installations, if any are present;
    2. Log in to your Norton account and click the ‘Download’ link;
    3. Click ‘Install’ and follow the on-screen prompts;
    4. Setup your preferences and run your first full scan.

    Note: If you download the full installer from your Norton account, you will not be required to register the product.

    What Does the Interface Look Like?

    The Norton app interface, both for desktop and mobile, is compact, clean, and straightforward.

    Users can check their device protection status and access most of Norton’s features right from the dashboard, which includes everything from Device Security to more advanced features, such as the Secure VPN, Cloud Backup and Parental Controls.

    Device & Platform Compatibility

    While Norton offers its AV solution for multiple platforms, some apps include a limited selection of its security features due to the limitations of the different operating systems.

    For example, while the Windows program is the brand’s most extensive offering that supports every service and feature, Norton for Mac does not support Norton’s Cloud Backup, SafeCam, and Parental Controls features.

    The Norton Mobile App

    Norton 360: Mobile Security is an award-winning mobile security app that provides multi-layered protection for your Android and iOS devices, including but not limited to:

    • Mobile Security: real-time malware protection;
    • Web Phishing protection: keeps you away from fraudulent websites;
    • Secure VPN & Wi-Fi Alerts: bank-grade VPN encryption and Wi-Fi network alerts;
    • Dark Web Monitoring: checks the dark web for your personal data leaks;
    • App Scanner: new and existing apps are scanned regularly for malware;
    • SMS Security: scans your SMS text messages for phishing attacks.

    Note that you can activate a 2-week trial before committing to the paid Norton app. If you are still unsatisfied with your experience, look into other AV android apps that offer premium features like anti-theft and app lock.

    Plans & Pricing

    Before you buy any Norton antivirus plan, check out the various options you get at different price points, as detailed below:

    Norton AntiVirus PlusNorton 360 StandardNorton 360 DeluxeNorton 360 Premium
    Initial price£14.99for the first year£19.99for the first yearOR£69.99for the first 2 years£29.99for the first yearOR£89.99for the first 2 years£39.99for the first yearOR£109.99for the first 2 years
    Norton renewal cost£34.99/year£64.99/year£84.99/year£94.99/year
    No. of devices1 PC or Mac1 PC, Mac, or portable device5 PC’s, Macs, or portable devices10 PC’s, Macs, or portable devices
    Anti-malware protection
    PC Cloud Backup2 GB10 GB50 GB 75 GB
    Password Manager
    Secure VPN1 device5 devices10 devices
    SafeCam for PC
    Parental Controls
    School Time
    Dark Web Monitoring

    Note: The above prices are subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date offers, visit the official Norton website.

    Before purchasing one of the above Norton antivirus deals, you can get the program’s trial version to see if it fits your exact needs. While you have to enter your payment information to activate the trial, Norton will only charge you for the first year after two weeks.

    Even if you buy a Norton plan, you have 60 days to cancel it and get a full refund. Moreover, the company pledges to reimburse you for any paid product if and when it cannot deal with any type of malware.

    Note: Since the Norton prices meet its premium offerings, it might be outside the budget of certain customers. In such cases, go for other top-tier yet cheaper alternatives, such as VIPRE or Avast, which offers a free version.

    Customer Support

    If you encounter any issues with your Norton software or account, there is no need to ask for a refund as the company offers various support services to help you resolve the problem.

    If you don’t find your answer on the detailed FAQ page, you can ask the vast Norton community for assistance, search Norton’s support page, or contact Norton’s support team.

    Bottom Line

    Norton antivirus has always been one of the best antivirus solutions on the market thanks to the slew of premium features it packs even in its cheaper plans.

    Also, various third-party Norton reviews and individual users emphasise the brand’s efficiency in eliminating the most hidden and difficult-to-remove malware before even mentioning other valuable features, such as its VPN, Password Manager, Firewall, and Parental Controls.

    Ultimately, Norton’s offering is great for everyone, except for cost-conscious users, even though quality has its price.


    Is Norton antivirus good?

    Yes! Norton is one of the best anti-malware solutions on the market, and even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily use every feature it offers straight from the dashboard.

    How to turn Norton off?

    On Windows, you can turn off Norton temporarily by completing these steps:

    1. Log on to your computer;
    2. On the Taskbar, right-click the Norton icon;
    3. Click disable Auto-Protect and Firewall;
    4. Go to the Security Request window;
    5. Choose how long you want Norton to be turned off.

    On Mac:

    1. Open Norton and go to its Settings section;
    2. Click ‘Switch Off’ under the Automatic Scans tab;
    3. Turn off Connection Blocking under the Firewall tab;
    4. Turn off Vulnerability Protection as well.

    Is Norton Antivirus good for Windows 10?

    As evident by this Norton antivirus review, Windows users get the most out of the company’s offering as only this platform supports Norton’s full feature set.

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