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A 2022 MailerLite Review: Ease of Use at Great Prices

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Free Plan: Yes
24/7 Phone Support: No
Social Media Integration: Yes
A/B Testing: Yes
Unlimited Email: Yes
Search Marketing: Yes
Marketing Automation: Yes

Price: Free

Updated: November, 3, 2022


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Forever free plan
  • 78.72% deliverability
  • Good value for money
  • 14-day free trial
  • Free landing page & website builder
  • Cons

  • No phone customer service
  • No social media reporting
  • Advanced automation options unavailable
  • MailerLite offers powerful and simple features at affordable prices. 

    From newsletter templates and email automation to a free website builder and robust third-party integrations, this platform has the tools you need to create a successful email campaign. Let’s take a look at why more than one MailerLite review recommends this as the platform to use.

    What is MailerLite?

    MailerLite is an affordable email marketing tool that businesses of all sizes and industries can use to promote their activities and engage with customers. 

    Founded in 2010 and used by over a million organisations worldwide, the platform is widely regarded as one of the easiest email marketing software to use and best for bloggers and small businesses. 

    MailerLite Pricing Plans

    MailerLite is one of the lowest-priced email marketing solutions

    There are two MailerLite plans to choose from—a free and Premium paid plan that starts for as low as $10 for 1,000 subscribers and includes unlimited emails. 

    What’s more, the Premium plan comes with a generous 14-day trial, so you can test out the features at no cost at all. Keep in mind though you can only send up to 12,000 emails per month within the free trial. 

    SubscribersEmails/monthMonthly cost
    0 – 1,00012,000Free
    0 – 1,000UnlimitedUS$10
    1,001 – 2,500UnlimitedUS$15
    2,501 – 5,000UnlimitedUS$30
    5,001 – 10,000UnlimitedUS$50

    Although the free plan does not include some basics like split testing, templates and pop-ups, it is still quite comprehensive. 

    In fact, the only email marketing platform that comes close to MailerLite’s prices is Moosend, whose plans also start at $9/month and include most of the same features in the free plan. 

    MailerLite Features

    Although many email marketing platforms boast intuitive features and tools, few deliver quite as well as MailerLite does. 

    Here is a detailed overview of what you can do with MailerLite. 

    Campaign Creation 

    MailerLite allows you to design impressive newsletters with a simple email design tool or by modifying a wide range of pre-built templates. 

    To get started, follow these steps:

    • Go to Campaigns and click “Create campaign”
    • Choose a campaign type (regular, RSS, A/B split or Auto resend campaign) 
    • Enter details, like your domain, subject, etc.
    • Choose the type of editor you want to use 
    • Choose groups or segments as recipients
    • Preview, review and confirm the campaign

    MailerLite has 63 pre-built, responsive templates to choose from, all of which are fully customisable. That said, some of MailerLite’s biggest rivals offer a bigger selection—AWeber hosts a total of 700 email templates, while Constant Contact has over 200. 

    Still, the number of templates is not a deal-breaker as you can always build your own newsletter. The site has three editors, including a rich-text version for simple and quick messages and a custom HTML editor allowing you to upload pre-designed newsletters.

    The star of the show, though, is the drag and drop editor. Super simple to use, it will enable you to add links, videos, countdown timers, interactive blocks, and even Facebook and Twitter posts in your emails (one of MailerLite’s more unique features).

    Online surveys can also be embedded effortlessly, giving you even more information about your subscribers. Finally, you can import products straight from your online stores, while images are tweaked right in the editor, meaning you won’t need any other tools to create an effective newsletter. 

    MailerLite landing page & website builder

    The platform also offers a set of user-friendly tools enabling you to create landing pages and entire websites complete with custom domains, specialised content blocks, built-in SEO tools and password protection.  

    The design process is the same as the e-newsletters, so navigation is smooth and effortless. 

    Also, thanks to MailerLite’s Stripe integration, you can now sell digital products and subscriptions directly from your landing pages or emails and start earning passive income.

    GetResponse recently introduced a website builder that recommends templates for your specific business; however, MailerLite is still the one to beat when it comes to ease of use. 

    Optimise your campaign 

    MailerLite facilitates A/B testing by letting you change almost all aspects of your email campaign, including language, tone, CTAs, sender name and more.

    What’s more, you can adjust settings, like the audience sample size and opens or clicks, and the platform will send the winning email to the rest of your subscribers automatically. 

    There are further optimisation features available, including time zone delivery and auto resend of unopened emails, giving subscribers another chance to engage with your content. 

    Analytics & reporting 

    With MailerLite, you have all the tools to monitor your campaign, including spam complaints and bounce rates (hard and soft bounce). 

    The platform gives you an overview as well as a more detailed look into how your campaign is performing by showing you opens by location and audience’s interaction with your newsletters through click maps

    In addition to tracking opens and clicks, you can get data on what devices were used to open your emails, which links were the most popular and even see which subscriber clicked on a specific link. 

    Although straightforward, this is one area where the company could improve as it lacks some of the features of its competitors, such as social media reporting. 

    Subscriber Management

    MailerLite boasts an intuitive subscriber management interface that gives you invaluable insight into your mailing lists. 

    Subscribers can be imported through sign-up forms, API integrations, uploaded via TXT, CSV or copied from Excel. 

    Speaking of signup forms, you can incorporate these and pop-ups right into the email or landing page. Like newsletters, these are easy to create—you can build your own with a drag and drop editor or use a MailerLite template. In both cases, you will get a professional-looking product that you can adjust based on your design (floating, half-screen, card sign up with image) and user activity (scroll or exit pop-up).

    You can then use MailerLite’s segmentation tools to target the right audience at the best time with personalised emails. Dynamic content blocks, which will only show up for certain groups or segments, are also available for more personalisation. 

    You may also filter contacts based on activity, signup date, time zone so you can update your email list accordingly.  Like CleverReach, MailerLite also provides GDPR functionality to manage a contract’s right to information. 

    Email Automation

    The platform has a pretty standard offer when it comes to email automation. This includes triggered emails covering all the stages of a customer’s journey on the site and personalised content that resonates with your clients. You can then monitor the campaign to keep track of where subscribers are within the email workflow. 

    MailerLite offers more automation options, such as adding more custom fields, using APIs to import data and creating multi-step email workflows. 

    Still, the software underperforms in this area, so if you need automation for more advanced triggers, take a look at a MailerLite alternative.


    MailerLite has plenty of integrations to choose from. 

    In addition to WordPress and Shopify, the platform offers integration for Zoho CRM, MiloTree, Squarespace, SendOwn, Couponcarrier, Gravity, as well as Zapier integration that allows you to connect to a whole suite of services. However, if you prefer not to rely on third parties for some functions, like SMS marketing, give Sendinblue a try.

    Customer Support

    In addition to an extensive knowledge base and helpful guides on email marketing, MailerLite also provides detailed video tutorials on all its features so you can easily navigate the ins and outs of the platform. 

    Email support is also available, as is 24/7 live chat, although this option is reserved for the Premium plan. 


    MailerLite’s biggest strength lies in its simplicity. At its core is a no-frills, intuitive interface that allows anyone, novice or seasoned designer, to create a customised email marketing campaign or website that resonates with your brand and values. 

    There is room for improvement, though. A/B testing is not the site’s strong suit, and the newsletter templates leave something to be desired, especially when compared to the competition. Growth-focused e-commerce brands who need more out of automation and reporting might also need to look elsewhere

    That said, this is still one of the most affordable email marketing tools available, so if you are a blogger or small business owner, MailerLite might be the email marketing tool for you. 


    What is MailerLite used for?

    MailerLite can be used by different types of businesses as a website builder and email marketing tool. Even though ConvertKit is recommended as the best for bloggers and podcasters, MailerLite has the tools to meet the needs of blog creators and small companies.

    Is MailerLite secure?

    Yes, MailerLite has an information storage security certificate (ISO 27001) and the certificate of IT service management (ISO 20000), plus it is GDPR compliant, so your data is perfectly secure.

    Can I use MailerLite for affiliate marketing?

    No. The last thing to mention in this MailerLite review is that the company is quite strict when it comes to bending terms of use which clearly state that affiliate marketing is forbidden, although using affiliate links (provided you follow the company’s guidelines) should not be an issue.

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