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The Most in-Depth LinkedIn Learning Review for 2024

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Ease of use: 9.5/10
Variety of courses: 9/10
Available platforms : 9/10
Content quality: 8.5/10
Value for money: 9/10

Price: £29.99/monthly

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • 17,300 courses taught by real‑world professionals
  • One-month free trial
  • Course quizzes and exercise files
  • LinkedIn Learning certificate
  • Downloadable courses for offline viewing
  • Personalised course recommendations
  • Courses offered in multiple languages
  • Cons

  • Certificates are not accredited
  • Lack of individual help from teachers
  • There could be more intermediate and advanced courses
  • LinkedIn Learning boasts 27 million users spread across 200 countries and over 17,300  high-quality on-demand online courses. 

    What makes this one of the most popular self-education platforms out there?

    Take a look at this LinkedIn Learning review to find the answer as we explore the platform’s facets, features and fees.

    What is Linkedin Learning?

    This e-learning platform (formerly Lynda.com) is a subsidiary of LinkedIn. It was initially developed to assist LinkedIn users in learning useful and essential skills, thus improving their chances on the job market. 

    Today, it provides a 17,000+ course selection (9,000 in English) on various topics, from business and technology to creative and artistic classes. In fact, Linkedin Learning’s offer of courses is only matched by other top-notch platforms like Udemy, which has more than 32,000 courses, and Skillshare, home to over 27,000 online video courses. 

    Who Is LinkedIn Learning For?

    If you’re a busy professional who’s looking to upskill in highly sought-after fields or wants to develop new abilities just for fun, LinkedIn Learning courses are the right fit for you.

    On the other hand, if you are more of the artistic type, you might be better off with platforms more focused on creative arts and crafts

    The platform also offers tailor-made solutions for businesses, higher education institutions, and government bodies by providing a curated course selection that best suits their needs.

    Content Quality

    There is no shortage of choice in terms of topics as this platform provides courses on pretty much everything one can think of. 

    We will take a closer look at them below as well as the structure and format of the lessons. 

    What Topics Does Linkedin Learning Cover?

    It can be overwhelming to navigate through such a large number of tutorials, so to make exploration of topics easy and straightforward, LinkedIn Learning courses are neatly divided into three categories: Business, Technology and Creative.

    Topic Courses offered on:
    • Business Analysis and Strategy
    • Business Software and Tools
    • Customer Service
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Small Business and Entrepreneurship & more
    • Cloud Computing
    • Data Science
    • Mobile Development
    • Network and System Administration
    • Security
    • Software Development & more 
    • Animation and Illustration
    • Audio and Music
    • Graphic Design
    • Photography
    • User Experience & more

    For those who would rather not search by topic, the platform incorporates a time-saving search bar, filtering courses based on level of difficulty, type of course (video, Learning Path), duration and software. You can also select the most viewed or the newest courses on the platform, which might not narrow down the selection as nearly 30 new LinkedIn Learning tutorials are added every week. 

    All training courses are covered by LinkedIn Learning videos, project files, quizzes and certificates of completion. Transcripts are also available, making it even easier to learn at your own pace. 

    That said, some of the courses can come off too rigid and business-like. So, if you want a more personal approach and inspirational talks, you should consider other options


    In addition to a large number of courses covering anything from Photoshop for web designers to learning Kubernetes, Linkedin Learning comes with its own set of one-of-a-kind features. 

    Linkedin Learning Paths 

    Learning Paths are unique to the platform, allowing users to focus on a specific topic instead of scrolling through thousands of courses. These all-in-one courses also enable learners to progress gradually through the topic, picking up relevant skills along the way, thus providing a complete learning experience. 

    Integration with the Linkedin platform

    A great benefit of using Linkedin Learning is its integration with the popular job-seeking platform. Namely, the certificate you obtain from the course can be posted on your Linkedin profile which might just help you land the perfect job. 

    Coursera, on the other hand, goes one step beyond. Partnering with 200 universities and businesses, this platform’s certifications come with excellent real-world benefits, such as promotions, raises and better positions. 

    Device compatibility 

    LinkedIn Learning courses are available on every device: PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile, so you can take them anytime, anywhere.

    If you want to take one on your smartphone, you’ll need to download the LinkedIn Learning app available on Android and iOS devices. With it, you can save courses for offline viewing or listen to the course audio. If you want to download videos on desktop or smart TVs, then Udemy or Pluralsight might be a more suitable option. 

    Certification of completion 

    After every course, you’ll be able to download a LinkedIn Learning Certificate of Completion. Keep in mind that these certificates aren’t accredited. They aren’t the same as a degree programme or a software certification one, nor are they recognised by third parties. 

    If you need an accredited certificate, edX can lend you a hand acquiring them. 

    Linkedin Learning Community

    Although not as extensive as the Docebo user forum, the Linkedin Learning community is quite helpful. 

    Learners also join a study group to connect with like-minded individuals who have similar career aspirations and want to develop the requisite skills. There is also an insightful Q&A section where your doubts and issues will be addressed by other learners or instructors. 

    Customer Support

    Linkedin Learning has an extensive Learning Help Center which provides answers to the most common questions. Should you have more problems, you can always create a help ticket and talk to customer support directly. 

    This is one area where the platform underperforms. Other competitors, like LearnWorlds, provide 24/7 responsive support for all their users—something which a mega-popular platform like Linkedin should have included by now.  

    Linkedin Learning Price

    Linkedin Learning’s features are all great, but is the price tag worth it? 

    Let’s dive deeper into the plans. 

    Linkedin Learning Free Trial

    Linkedin Learning offers a one-month free trial, which is one of the standout features of the platform. Others, for instance, provide only a seven-day free trial or no trial at all, so this 30-day test run of the platform is really a unique selling point. 

    The one-month free trial comes with:

    • Unlimited course selection 
    • Personalised course recommendations
    • Offline course viewing
    • Exercise files and quizzes
    • A certificate of completion for your LinkedIn profile
    • Access to LinkedIn Premium (salary, job insights, and unlimited profile viewing)

    This again is quite generous of Linkedin Learning, as most platforms limit the features in their free trial to the bare minimum. 

    However, note that if you don’t cancel your trial before it expires, your subscription will convert into a paid one, and your card will be charged.  

    LinkedIn Learning Paid Plans

    Users who want to continue their free trial have two payment options:

    • Monthly: $39.99/month
    • Annually: $19.99/month (save 33%)

    Compared to some of its competitors, Linkedin Learning is on the lower end of the spectrum. Coursera classes come out to $399 a year (around 270 pounds), and Udacity’s nanodegree programs cost about $1017 (£750) for 3 months. 

    To cover the LinkedIn Learning cost, you can use all popular payment methods, including credit and debit cards. 

    If you are not happy with your subscription, you can cancel it at any time. Remember, though, that the platform does not offer any refunds, so think twice before signing up. If this is a deal-breaker for you, there are learning companies that provide money-back guarantees.

    If a monthly or annual subscription seems too big a commitment, you can always buy individual classes. Like Teachable, another platform that sells courses individually, prices vary per course and range from  £25.00 to £34.99.

    Although a  LinkedIn Learning subscription will not burn a hole in your pocket, there are some amazing academic courses you can sign up for that are completely free

    Is LinkedIn Learning Worth It?

    Linkedin Learning has a lot going for it. Its biggest advantages include: 

    • Flexibility —courses can be accessed on any device and at any time, even without an internet connection. 
    • Choice of topics & courses— From animation-related classes to tips on improving your sales pitch, Linkedin Learning is truly one of the most comprehensive online learning platforms out there.
    • Easily consumable content—Lectures are split up into small 5 to 10 minutes lessons, accompanied with video and transcripts, thus meeting all learning style requirements. 

    Still, if you’re in a field that requires professional certification, it might be a better idea to consider taking courses from an accredited organisation. Also, those interested in specific creative skills, such as watercolour painting, jewellery making or singing classes, could be happier with other eLearning platforms like Skillshare and Masterclass. 

    That said, if you are a self-starter and someone committed to perpetual learning, LinkedIn Learning is a fantastic opportunity to develop and hone your skills in a particular area.


    Can you learn coding with Linkedin Learning?

    Yes, Linkedin Learning has some great courses suited to beginners and more advanced learners. 

    How much is LinkedIn Learning?

    The Linkedin Learning price for UK users comes out to  £29.99/month (every month) or £19.99/month (if you go for the annual plan). A free 30-day trial is included in both pricing plans.

    How to cancel LinkedIn Learning?

    As mentioned in our Linkedin Learning review, cancelling a subscription is possible at all times and relatively easy to do. 

    Go to your LinkedIn Learning homepage, click on your photo in the upper right corner and select “Settings”. Next, navigate to the “Learning” section and tap “Manage”. Once you are there, choose “Manage Premium Account”. Select the “Cancel Subscription” option to complete the action.

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