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LearnWorlds Review: Is It Worth It Through and Through in 2024?

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Ease of use: 9.5/10
Price: 9/10
Available platforms: 9/10
Offered features: 10/10
Value for money: 9.5/10

Price: $29/monthly

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Interactive add ons
  • 30-days free trial
  • SEO optimised URLs
  • Unlimited course creation
  • Tons of pre-made templates
  • Full white label
  • Cons

  • Mobile native app is not available
  • Somewhat limited options on the Starter Plan
  • Dashboard can be overwhelming for beginners
  • LearnWorlds is a cloud-based learning management system that boasts excellent course-creating features and continuous support for all your ‘edupreneurship’ efforts. On top of that, it’s intuitive, customisable, and 100% white label.

    But is it ultimately worth its price? And can you get a better deal somewhere else?

    Keep reading our LearnWorlds review to find out!

    What is LearnWorlds Good For?

    LearnWorlds is an excellent tool to create and sell courses. Educators looking for a way to monetise their skills will surely love LearnWorlds in creating courses wherein there’s a comprehensive lecture on templates to choose from, platform personalisation, and even custom web domain creation.

    Plus, they can engage with enrolled students, thus providing a more interactive learning experience.

    Target Course Creators

    The LearnWorlds community of course creators includes individual educators, schools, companies, and corporations looking to train their staff. The platform is well-designed and easy to navigate for anyone. 

    Types of Courses

    Course creators can create free or paid courses and label them as ‘upcoming’. Different courses serve distinct purposes on the platform:

    • Academic courses—Individuals and companies can create classes with academic purposes in mind and host them on a custom webpage. Plus, creating assessment activities to ensure continuous progress.
    • Courses for employment purposes—Companies and corporations can use LearnWorlds to create classes for their onboarding or existing staff, as well as their partners.

    Note: Users can only create free courses on the Pro Trainer plan or higher.

    Course Platforms vs Learning Platforms 

    Despite these terms being used interchangeably, they are significantly different. 

    • Course platforms (such as LearnWorlds and Thinkific) target instructors or educators who focus on course creation, and so you cannot access lectures through their sites.
    • Learning platforms (such as Udemy and Coursera) primarily target students and offer courses where students can choose and buy. Also, they host all the lectures and provide fewer customisation options for lecturers.

    This distinction is essential to students and educators so that they won’t expect to find a searchable library of  LearnWorlds courses when accessing the site.

    Notable Features 

    Read any LearnWorlds review and see why the platform is hailed as one of the best in the field. And for a good reason, it offers a lot of features and tools that make course creation an absolute breeze.

    Engaging Video Courses

    Most of the best courses out there are video-based. Creating videos on LearnWorlds is straightforward and beginner-friendly. Videos on the platform can be enhanced, and buttons can be added in certain parts of the video, as well as:

    • Questions
    • Pointers
    • Pictures and
    • External links

    Automatic video transcripts are also available so that students can follow the ‘subtitles’.

    When you create a LearnWorlds video course, you can set navigation restrictions based on your preferences, and you can add breather points after asking a question.

    Video stats are also included in the feature set so that content creators can see video performance, average user engagement, and any skipped weak points.

    Comprehensive Testing

    Course creators can include graded and ungraded quizzes and exams to provide students with feedback. 

    These assessment tools can be integrated into any LearnWorlds course and include open-ended questions and multiple choices.  Also, creators can create their own question bank for randomised tests.

    Note: The Question bank feature is not available for Starter plan users.


    Students love to receive recognition after a certain accomplishment. That’s why, Educators using the platform can create certificates in just a few short steps: open LearnWorlds, login, locate the PDF templates and start filling in the student’s data.

    Course creators on a Pro Trainer plan and above can also create fully personalised certificate templates. LearnWorlds offers an easy-to-follow tutorial for creating a custom document making the whole process beginner-friendly. If you want a certificate that is highly valuable in the tech world, you should try out Udacity.

    Numerous Learning Activities

    The platform also offers a variety of educational activities that can be added to any LearnWorlds course, including:

    • E-books—For all kinds of text-based information where students can highlight parts or take notes within the course.
    • Self-evaluation quizzes and graded examsLearnWorlds lets educators review their students’ progress via different types of questions and rules such as passing grades, the number of tries permitted, etc.
    • Assignments—Open-ended questions that students have to answer.
    • Web content—Google forms, YouTube videos, presentations… You can add it all! 
    • Slideshare presentations—Can also be added to the course.
    • PDF Files—Like textbooks, worksheets, etc.
    • Audio Files—mp3 files can be included for an extra multimedia layer.
    • External URL—Students can visit another site directly from the platform.
    • (Graded) SCORM Package—Shareable Content Object Reference Model .zip packages include course information and technical criteria that can be used across platforms.

    Note: File Assignments and Zoom meetings integration are also available for subscribers on the Pro Trainer plan or higher. 

    School Site Builder

    Modern schools require modern sites such as institutionalised schools. Therefore, LearnWorlds enables educators of all backgrounds to create their custom school page where they can show their catalogue of courses.

    The site-builder on LearnWorlds subscriptions is based on the drag and drop principle, making it user-friendly. Educators can choose an overall design of the site and then add:

    • Widgets
    • Animations
    • Social network handles
    • Calendar
    • Pop Ups
    • Galleries etc.

    In addition, sites can be Search-Engine Optimized (SEO) and set to have a multilingual UI.

    Note: Though sites are entirely mobile-friendly, LearnWorlds also offers to create a custom iOS or Android app for users on specific plans for an extra fee.

    Marketing Tools

    LearnWorlds helps you sell your courses by marketing them to the right audience. The platform also allows you to use a catchy, custom domain, use SEO optimisation, provide affiliate links, create course bundles, free courses to attract more students, and much more.


    Reports Center provides you with invaluable insight into your students’ behaviour. 

    More information is available when you opt for LearnWorlds: assignments, competition rates, video-watching data, progress reports etc.

    This information gives feedback that helps course improvement, thus enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

    White Label

    In order for your students to associate your school with you and not with the platform, you’ll need to find a course-creating site that allows white-labelling. Basically, white-labelled products can be rebranded to look like they’re your own.

    One great thing about LearnWorlds is that you can have a custom domain for your course, whatever your pricing plan. You can also add your logos and signature look, making the place recognisable and authentically yours.

    Note: Full White Label options (which include eliminating all LearnWorlds logos and branding), as well as personalised social logins and white-labelled email notifications, are available on the Learning Center Plan or higher.

    Interface and Ease of Use

    The user-friendly interface is one of the best features in LearnWorlds, especially the drag-and-drop principle. Another great option for ease-of-use is Kajabi, which is really helpful for newcomers.


    Once you log in, you’re presented with a feature-packed dashboard which is a bit overwhelming at first but manageable. From there, you can access all of the features we’ve covered, and you can create a LearnWorlds course that enables you to preview anytime. 

    Additionally, you can see how many students have signed up for your courses, how much revenue you’ve generated, monitor new signups, and access School Wizard, which allows you to group courses in one ‘school’ within clicks. 

    Creating a Course

    Using LearnWorlds to create a course is simple. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps from the dashboard:

    • Choose a name for the course
    • Add a simple yet compelling SEO-friendly URL
    • Decide whether your course will be paid, free, private, marked as ‘upcoming’ or just a draft
    • Write a description and upload an image for your course card
    • Set course delivery preferences

    From there, you can add all the videos, materials, and interactive features you might need. The platform will guide you through the process.

    Note: Free and Private Courses are not available on the Starter Plan

    Multiple-Platform Availability

    Today, users expect to be able to do tasks on the go. Luckily, LearnWorlds course-creating software is mobile-friendly and can be accessed by any browser.

    Note: There’s no dedicated LearnWorlds app that educators can use to create courses, though the site works truly flawlessly on mobile devices. If you want a course-creating platform that is available as an app, check out Teachable.

    Customer Support

    LearnWorlds provides email support for any inquiries. Standard Plan users get 24/5 support while creators on Pro Trainer Plans and higher get 24/7 support.

    Live chat is not offered in any plan, but LearnWorlds user reviews said that emails are answered quickly. If customer support is your top priority when it comes to eLearning platforms, Shaw Academy offers 24/7 live chat as well as email support. 

    There’s also a dedicated Help Center that provides access to plenty of helpful free resources and the so-called LearnWorlds Academy, which offers an abundance of high-quality courses.

    Schools and Courses Created via LearnWorlds

    The site features eight examples of online schools created using the software to inspire educators and show off some success stories. These schools and courses, hosted on LearnWorlds, are divided into several categories:

    • Fitness
    • Beauty
    • Education
    • Music
    • Lifestyle
    • Parenting 
    • Sports
    • Drones etc.

    New educators can access and read more about the creators, their experience using the platform, how they managed to succeed, and how novice users can do it too.

    Some of the most popular schools featured on the site include:

    • CallisthenicsLearnWorks-based courses on movement and bodyweight training
    • Nails Art—offer a complete nail art training
    • ImprovPianoTips—a full-blown online piano school
    • Virtual Kenpo—which enables perfecting martial arts virtually
    • Droneit—where you can learn how to operate drones.

    These schools prove that almost anything can be taught virtually!

    LearnWorlds Community Feature

    LearnWorlds takes pride in its built-in community aspect. The platform has a social network page for enrolled students to communicate and stay up-to-date on courses and schools.

    Educators, as admins, can post and comment, hide posts, create groups, monitor activity, and add polls to get students’ feedback in a casual way.

    Prices and Plans

    LearnWorlds offers different pricing options and four plans for educators’ different needs:

    Starter Pro Trainer Learning Center High Volume & Corporate
    LearnWorlds Price, Billed annually $29/month $99/month $299/month On-demand

    (UK: +44 11 6464 9900)

    Transaction Fee $5 fee per course sale No fee per course sale No fee per course sale No fee per course sale
    No. of Admins/Instructors 1 Admin 5 Admins 20 Admins Additional admins
    No. of Courses you can create Unlimited Paid Courses Unlimited Courses Unlimited Courses Unlimited Courses
    No. of Students who can enrol Unlimited Learners Unlimited Learners Unlimited Learners Unlimited Learners
    Video Hosting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Full White-Label X X
    Editable Templates Premium Templates Premium Templates
    SSL Certificate for Secure Transactions
    Private Courses X
    Question Bank X
    Copyright protection— Personalized Video and PDF Watermark X X
    Interactive Video Editor & Player X X 6 hrs per month or 80 per year 20 hrs per month or 300 per year
    Online Testing
    SCORM & HTML5 Packages X 20 SCORMs / HTML5 Unlimited Unlimited
    Built-In Social Network
    SEO Optimization
    Course Insights X X
    E-Mail Support
    Phone Support X X X
    Mobile App Upon Request X X + Extra Fee + Extra Fee

    *LearnWorld pricing is available in USD only

    Payment Options

    The platform offers 4 payment gateways:

    • Stripe 
    • Paypal
    • PagSeguro and 
    • Shopify

    Plus, MasterCard and Visa cards are accepted upon subscription payments. Pre-paying users can also use  Bank Transfer for their yearly LearnWorlds subscriptions. And the same goes for Corporate plans!

    All transactions are protected through the SSL certificate, so your payment is secure.

    Free Trial

    If you’re unsure if LearnWorlds is worth its price, you can try the platform for free before making any final decisions.

    You can get a 30-day free trial on the Starter, Pro Trainer, and Learning Center Plans that doesn’t require credit card information. And you can book a demo through the High Volume & Corporate Plan so you can see whether the platform is worth your company’s investment.

    Cancelling your LearnWorlds Subscriptions

    If you’re not satisfied with LearnWorlds’ offer, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply do this:

    • First, locate the School Plan’ tab under ‘My Account’
    • Then, choose ‘Cancel Plan’
    • Ultimately, follow the instructions of the pop-up

    Note: LearnWorlds Subscriptions are cancelled at the end of the billing cycle.

    Do You Have Other Options In Mind?

    Though LearnWorlds is great for creating courses, there are also available platforms out there. Let’s look into some LearnWorlds alternatives so you can make an informed decision!

    LearnWorlds vs Thinkific

    Thinkific is one of the most popular LearnWorlds alternatives out there. It offers many similar features like:

    • Quiz-building
    • Creating certificates
    • Drag & drop website building
    • Student surveys
    • Assignments etc.

    And it boasts impressive stats: 50,000+ content creators and 100 million+ courses created through the platform. The best part is, you can get a limited-feature Free plan so you can check out the platform without time restrictions. So, if you’re tight on budget and don’t need all the extras, this would be a great option to try! 

    LearnWorlds vs Kajabi

    Kajabi is one of the greatest LearnWorlds alternatives you can find that lets you create courses, membership sites, audio podcasts, newsletters and coaching programs.

    The platform is pretty easy to use and offers an abundance of features for educators on all experience levels:

    • Numerous themes
    • Customisable emails
    • Detailed analytics 
    • Marketing campaigns etc.

    However, it is more expensive, starting with its 1-Admin Basic plan that costs $119/month. Besides, Kajabi only offers a 14-days free trial so, if it feels like that’s not enough for you, opt for LearnWorlds!

    Ultimately, Is LearnWorlds Worth It?

    LearnWorlds is arguably one of the best course-creating platforms out there, helping educators and companies bring their teaching visions to life. The platform offers a lot for its price, as we mentioned in our LearnWorlds review.

    Despite some drawbacks, such as the lack of a dedicated app and the potentially overwhelming dashboard, LearnWorlds is still a solid choice for experienced and novice content creators.


    What Is LearnWorlds?

    LearnWords is a course-creating platform that enables companies and individual educators to create interactive courses and potentially monetise their knowledge.

    Who Owns LearnWorlds?

    LearnWorlds was founded by Fanis Despotakis, George Palegeorgiou, and Panos Siozos. As of now, it operates from its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus.

    Is LearnWorlds Free?

    The platform offers a free, 30-days trial for all new users. Once the trial ends, however, users need to get one of the LearnWorlds subscriptions if they want to continue using the software.

    How Much Is LearnWorlds?

    As we’ve mentioned in our LearnWorlds Review, the most Basic, 1-Admin plan LearnWorks offers starts at $29/month and is billed annually. Pricier plans with extra features are also available at a premium price of $99 and $299 per month.

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