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The Khan Academy Review to Trust in 2022

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Ease of use: 10/10
Variety of course: 9/10
Available platforms: 10/10
Content quality: 9/10
Value for money: 10/10

Price: Free

Updated: November, 7, 2022


  • 100% free
  • Excellent interface and user experience
  • Lessons from experienced teachers
  • Comes with a mobile app
  • Offers a wide range of academic courses
  • Available in many languages
  • Cons

  • Mainly focused on the U.S. educational needs
  • The videos are not as visually engaging as other platforms
  • Doesn't offer classes in music and foreign languages
  • Unlike other specialised e-learning sites with paid content in career fields such as tech or business, Khan Academy focuses on nurturing young minds in academic areas, like maths, science, reading, arts and humanities, computing, economics, and critical life skills.

    In this Khan Academy review, we’ll cover the platform’s features, content, learning experience, and everything else.

    Time to put pen to paper!

    What Is Khan Academy Good For?

    Khan Academy’s mission is to provide a world-class education for everyone, everywhere, for free. Towards that goal, this non-profit organisation has been developing its Khan Academy courses to focus on skill mastery to establish a solid educational basis.

    Nowadays, the Khan Academy monthly users number in the millions all around the globe, and what started as a one-person team has grown into a group of 150+ highly specialised instructors of all walks of life. They help teachers, students, and parents use the platform’s resources to learn and teach at their own pace.

    After completing your Khan Academy website sign-in, you’ll gain access to a global classroom with courses translated into 36 world languages. Moreover, students can also enable subtitles to follow the video instructions more closely.

    Note that while the academy’s programmes focus on academic preparation up to early college for U.S. students, anyone in the world with the desire to learn can fill the gaps in their knowledge without even creating an account.

    Content Quality

    Many Khan Academy reviews describe the platform as a trusted academic learning resource and the go-to provider for maths instruction. However, despite its roots in teaching mathematics, Khan Academy has also expanded into other academic fields.

    Khan Academy Topics

    The academy’s current course portfolio is separated into the following categories depending on the areas they cover:

    • Maths:
        • Primary school: covering every grade until high school
        • High school and college: Algebra 1, Trigonometry, Precalculus, etc.
        • Get Ready courses: preparatory courses for advanced classes
    • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Cosmology and Astronomy, etc.
    • Test preparation: SAT, LSAT, Praxis Core, and MCAT
    • Computing: Computer Programming, Computer Science Principles, Coding, etc.
    • Arts and humanities: U.S. History, World History, Art History, Storytelling, etc.
    • Economics: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Finance and Capital Markets, etc.
    • Reading and language arts: Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar courses
    • Life skills: Careers, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, etc.

    The platform also offers Advanced Placement courses that help high-achieving U.S. students get college placement and credits. Young learners between 2 and 8 years of age, on the other hand, can learn in a fun and engaging manner via the Khan Academy Kids mobile app.

    Note: If you need to develop specific job-applicable skills, you’re better off with a different, specialised platform.

    Course Structure

    The Khan Academy courses follow a generic structure. Namely, the courses are organised in larger fields (Maths, Science, etc.), but they contain separate units further divided into individual lessons

    For instance, one of the Khan Academy math lessons, called Introduction to Variables, is found within the Algebraic Expressions Unit of the Algebraic Basics course. The lesson itself contains three videos and one text, along with a practice exercise.

    Some lessons also include challenges to test the student’s understanding of the subject matter. Then, to consolidate the acquired knowledge of the whole unit, Khan Academy offers unit quizzes and tests. Moreover, you can also unlock mastery challenges to level up your skills.

    The learning is entirely self-paced without any deadlines, classmates, or teachers, so you can take the courses whenever and wherever you can or want. Other credible online education platforms offer similar self-paced courses along with extra features, like edX and Coursera.

    Popular Khan Academy Courses

    This learning provider offers many academic courses, along with a limited selection of Life Skills and Programming courses.

    The Khan Academy math courses are the platform’s most popular offering by far since they provide varied and thorough maths instruction for all ages up to college.

    Besides mathematics, students also enjoy studying programming and the various economics and personal finance courses since they offer in-demand professional skills.


    Even though Khan academy is a free-to-use online education platform, it does include some nifty features that facilitate the learning process.

    Ease of Use

    Fortunately, both the Khan Academy app and website feature the same smooth, unobtrusive design that provides crucial information and assists students during the learning process. For instance, to locate your preferred course, you can either click the dropdown menu found on the top-left of every page to view a perfectly organised course list or use the search box next to it.

    Moreover, since the platform is free-to-use, no pop-ups, banners or fancy colour patterns intrude on the user experience.

    Pros of Signing Up

    While you can use the lessons of this non-profit organisation even without creating an account, once you complete your Khan Academy sign-in, you can add a teacher as your coach and access certain helpful features.

    For example, with a Khan Academy account, you will be able to customise your learning experience by selecting several courses at once. Moreover, you can track your progress through a personalised dashboard and earn badges and energy points.


    Since Khan Academy is not an accredited educational institution, completing its courses does not contribute towards an official diploma. Because of that, students utilise the academy’s resources to supplement their regular schooling. 

    However, the best Khan Academy courses are included in the U.S. College Board’s AP programme, which means U.S. students may earn credit or advanced placement in U.S. colleges with a high enough score.

    Platform Compatibility

    Naturally, students and teachers can access the academy’s content on any operating system since they only have to access the official website. But, the team has also developed separate mobile apps for both Android and iOS so you can study on the move. However, the Khan Academy app does not include the full suite of features found on the site.

    Offline Availability

    You can follow the Khan Academy courses offline via one of the following methods: 

    • Pre-download the videos via the app and watch them on your mobile device; 
    • Use a third-party programme to download the videos off YouTube and screenshot the relevant materials;
    • Use Kolibri—an ed-tech platform created by Learning Equality that allows Khan Academy videos and exercises to be used offline.

    Delivering the academy’s lessons offline is especially useful to instructors teaching disadvantaged students in remote areas or the world.

    Khan Academy Community

    If you are looking for the Khan Academy support section, look no further than its Help Centre and the Community forum. 

    The former is a vast collection of articles and FAQs on anything from starting with the platform to troubleshooting bugs. On the other hand, the latter is a virtual meeting place where students, teachers, and parents post freely and ask or give assistance to other members.

    Note: If you are looking for an online education platform that offers chat rooms, live events, and even meetups, look into Codecademy.

    Learning Free of Charge

    Khan Academy is completely free to use since the organisation is a non-profit supported by various donors and grants. Therefore, the Khan Academy users have unrestricted access to all courses and resources indefinitely. 

    To study, you don’t even need to sign in. However, if you do so, you can keep track of your progress and access additional features, as mentioned previously. Moreover, the company does not allow ads of any kind, so students can focus on learning exclusively.

    Is Khan Academy Worth It?

    Khan Academy is succeeding well in its mission to provide top-notch education worldwide. After all, what other conclusion would you draw after learning that the platform has reached more than 61 million registered users in close to 200 world countries?

    Ultimately, Khan Academy is a reputable platform that offers a great learning experience for young students of all ages. Even adults who need or want to improve their academic background can sign up for free. So, enrol today to be a better you tomorrow.


    What is Khan Academy?

    A non-profit organisation on a mission to provide academic world-class education free of charge to anyone that needs it.

    Who founded the Khan Academy?

    Salman Khan founded Khan Academy in 2008 to offer free lessons in maths (primarily), history, biology, physics, and other subjects.

    What programming language does Khan Academy teach?

    While the Khan Academy programming courses are not as extensive as those found on other platforms, they still teach JavaScript, SQL, HTML and CSS.

    How good is Khan Academy?

    As demonstrated by our Khan Academy review, this platform offers excellent academic schooling at no cost, further evidenced by the support it gets from higher educational institutions in the U.S.

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