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Kaspersky Antivirus Review: Is It 2024’s Best Antivirus?

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Malware protection: 10/10
System impact: 9/10
Ease of use: 9.7/10
Platforms: 9.9/10
Reliability and support: 9.6/10

Price: £12.49/year

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Perfect independent scores
  • Supports every platform
  • Packed with premium features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Some features purchasable separately
  • Excellent 24/7 support
  • Cons

  • Reputation hit after Russian government allegations
  • No cloud storage
  • Noticeable performance impact
  • Any digital user shopping for antivirus software undoubtedly hears about Kaspersky Lab and its highly efficient and feature-rich antivirus solutions.

    Our Kaspersky antivirus review outlines everything you need to know about this fantastic program, from its price ranges to how it stands out from the crowd.

    Let’s get started!

    Security & Privacy Features

    Industry leader Kaspersky packs top-notch malware protection along with plenty of premium features that help it stand out from the crowd, and you can read about them below.

    Malware Protection

    When you buy Kaspersky, you get triple-layered security that works 24/7 to protect your device from any type of existing or zero-day malware via the following approaches:

    • Proactive detection—looks for vulnerabilities and threats in your operating system;
    • Real-time protection—blocks any type of malicious program before it takes hold;
    • Instant neutralisation—immediately eliminates digital threats before they do harm.

    Moreover, Kaspersky’s anti-hacking protection blocks phishing and ransomware attacks, while the anti-virus and anti-malware solutions safeguard your device from common and complex threats like worms, botnets, rootkits, spyware, keyloggers, trojans, and more.

    Scanning Options

    The main Kaspersky app provides several scanning options:

    • Quick Scan—scans vulnerable system areas: startup files, system memory, boot sectors, etc.;
    • Full Scan—runs a total scan of all files and folders on your device disks;
    • Selective Scan—performs a scan of preselected files and folders.
      • You can also set up a scheduled scan to run regularly or once.

    Note: Kaspersky can also run a ‘Vulnerability Scan’ that checks whether or not your other software is updated, thus reducing the risk it can be exploited by malware.

    Independent Testing

    The Kaspersky protection performance is regularly tested by all major independent testing labs, and it consistently scores impressive results.

    For example, the latest Kaspersky AV-TEST results included an excellent 6 out of 6 in all three categories: protection, performance, and usability. Likewise, the SE Labs results were a perfect 100%.

    However, the latest AV-Comparatives results included the highest Advanced+ certification on the real-world protection and the system performance tests, but a lower Advanced certification on the malware protection test.

    Note: Some competitors, such as McAfee and Avast, managed to get the highest certifications in all categories.

    Additional Features

    Apart from the essential Kaspersky internet security features, the main window lets you access additional options that complete your protection toolset, including the following:

    • Performance Optimisation—ensures your device runs fast and smoothly;
    • Payment Protection—encrypts your payment cards and financial transactions;
    • Ad Blocker & Private Browsing—stops annoying ads from targeting you and blocks websites from tracking your online activity;
    • WebCam Protection—stops hackers from controlling your webcam and microphone;
    • File Protection—backs up your sensitive files to an encrypted location on your device;
    • Two-Way Firewall—view and manage every incoming and outgoing network request.

    Note: Most of the features listed above are only available with the Advanced and Premium bundles of Kaspersky’s software.

    Bonus Premium Features

    In addition to the above security options that can be accessed through the main Kaspersky internet security window, the company also offers additional security features that come either as standalone purchases or as part of Kaspersky’s advanced suites.

    Kaspersky Safe Kids

    Kaspersky’s award-winning parental controls are an extensive set of tools that help you monitor your children’s activities, prevent them from accessing unsafe websites, set limits to their screen usage and track their location via GPS.

    Password Manager

    Kaspersky also offers an all-in-one password manager that greatly simplifies and secures your digital life. This little app generates strong passwords for all your accounts, fills out all your online login, payment, and address forms, and synchronises across your devices.

    VPN Secure Connection

    As a premium AV supplier, Kaspersky also includes a smart and fast VPN service that offers you privacy as it hides your IP and internet activity and freedom to surf the internet protected and unobstructed from anywhere in the world—and with a zero-logs policy to boot.

    Setup & Usability

    Installing the Kaspersky malware protection can be completed in a few simple steps:

    1. Download the Kaspersky installer via the official website;
    2. Follow the on-screen prompts;
      1. You can install other Kaspersky apps at this point.
    3. Choose whether to run a full scan and/or take a tour of the software;
    4. Update the antivirus database and set up the software per your needs.

    Note: When installing the mobile apps, you need to download the software from the corresponding app store.

    User Interface

    Kaspersky offers a user-friendly main window that displays your protection status and provides quick access to all essential tools, including scanning options, past reports, and database updates. Depending on your Kaspersky plan, you might see more advanced features too.

    Via the main interface window, you can also open the app’s settings page, Kaspersky’s support options, and other important tools like rescue disk, privacy cleaner, and more.

    Device & Platform Compatibility

    Kaspersky offers security products for all major platforms, albeit with different features depending on your operating system. For example, while the Kaspersky app for Windows 10 and 11 is the company’s all-inclusive offer, the macOS version is a practical yet limited app.

    On the upside, your Kaspersky license is applicable across all platforms, so if a particular feature is unavailable on your Mac, you can use your subscription on a Windows machine.

    Mobile Apps

    Since most internet users are turning to mobile platforms in recent years, Kaspersky also develops and offers an Android and an iOS app.

    The Kaspersky Internet Security app for Android comes with the following features:

    • Real-time protection—monitors for malware even if the app is closed;
    • Anti-theft—remotely locks a stolen or lost device;
    • Anti-spy—warns you if someone is tracking your phone activity;
    • Anti-phishing—alerts you when suspicious URLs try to steal your info;
    • App lock—looks sensitive apps with a PIN;
    • Spam protection—filters spam callers and optimises your storage space;

    Since Apple does not allow any antivirus apps in its App Store (due to the inherent security of the operating system), Kaspersky’s iOS apps include other protection and security features, such as its VPN service, password manager, and parental control tools.

    How Much Does Kaspersky Cost?

    So you have decided to get the brand’s excellent AV solution, and you are wondering about the various Kaspersky price points and plans? Check them out below! 

    PackageKaspersky Anti-VirusKaspersky Internet SecurityKaspersky Total Security
    No. of devices1 to 5 for 1 or 2 years1 to 5 for 1 or 2 years1 to 5 for 1 or 2 years
    PlatformWindowsWindows, macOS, AndroidWindows, macOS, Android, iOS
    Real-Time Antivirus
    Performance Optimization
    Payment Protection
    Ad Blocker
    Private Browsing
    Webcam Protection
    Adult Content Blocker
    Screen-Time Management
    GPS Child Locator
    File Protection
    Password Manager

    Before committing to any of the above plans, you can try the 30-day Kaspersky trial version without even entering your payment information. However, even if you subscribe to any of the above plans, you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase by contacting Kaspersky’s support team.

    Note: If you find Kaspersky outside of your price range, but you want to use a premium AV, check out competitors such as Bitdefender and Webroot.

    Customer Support

    The Kaspersky team takes a multi-channel support approach designed to help its customer base with any problem they might have with the software or their account:

    • FAQs—answers to the most popular questions
    • Community forum—place for users and experts to help each other
    • Knowledge database—an extensive collection of help articles
    • E-mail support—establish direct contact and explain your issue 
    • Remote assistance—paid on-the-spot service provided by Kaspersky’s experts

    Note: Kaspersky also offers a variety of free and standalone tools designed to help you remove viruses, protect yourself from ransomware, and recover lost data.

    Logging Out

    Kaspersky remains one of the industry’s leaders in providing premium AV solutions packed with valuable features. However, while you get the company’s award-winning malware protection with any plan, the additional options vary depending on your payment model and platform.

    All in all, the Kaspersky antivirus plans are an easy recommendation to make for any type of user despite the lack of certain features like Norton’s dark web monitoring and the recent spying scandal that affected the company’s reputation in certain markets.


    Can Kaspersky remove malware?

    Definitely! Kaspersky’s AV solutions are arguably the industry’s leaders in detecting and removing all types of malware.

    Is Kaspersky safe?

    Despite the Kaspersky scandal in 2017 linking it to Russian intelligence agencies, no proof has been found to verify those accusations. Having said that, third-party reviews continue recommending Kaspersky’s products as they provide excellent malware protection.

    Is Kaspersky good?

    As testified by this Kaspersky antivirus review, as well as numerous other independent testing labs, the brand’s AV solution is one of the best, if not the best, on the market.

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