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Kajabi Review: Is It The Best Online Course Platform in 2024?

Affiliate Disclosure: We get a commission when you sign up to websites, buy products or subscribe to services via our links on this page. However, all our opinions in this article are unbiased.
Ease of use: 10/10
Available platforms: 10/10
Course creation: 9.5/10
Pricing: 9/10
Customer support: 9/10

Price: $119/monthly

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Plenty of built-in marketing and course creation tools
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Customisable themes
  • Wistia video hosting
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Custom domain
  • Cons

  • Pricey
  • Students cannot be issued completion certificates
  • Assessment customisation is somewhat limited
  • Many entrepreneurs would agree that if you’re good at something, you should never do it for free. Thanks to Kajabi, not only would you make money off of your knowledge, but you would also get the opportunity to skyrocket your business and achieve global success. Read through our Kajabi review to find out what it offers.

    Let’s get down to business!

    What Is Kajabi Good For?

    Kajabi is an online platform made for experts from various areas to share, sell, and advertise their courses. It is marketed as an all-in-one solution that helps content creators around the world to turn their knowledge into an income. All you need is your ideas and passion, and Kajabi will provide all the necessary tools for creating and hosting your website, as well as starting and promoting online courses.

    The Kajabi platform is an excellent choice for teachers and creative individuals looking to share their knowledge with the public. This includes speakers, coaches, writers, and other creators who profit from their intellectual property. Thanks to Kajabi, intellectual property is “productised” and quickly turned into a form of income. 

    Kajabi has all technical details like updates and maintenance covered, so creators pay attention to producing top content. Still, if you are interested more in arts and crafts courses, you should check out platforms like Skillshare.

    What Features Does Kajabi Offer?

    1. Ease of use

    The Kajabi platform is an industry-leading online business tool that allows content creators to manage their business from a single platform. The platform is especially helpful for newcomers, as it doesn’t require learning new technologies or subscribing to multiple services.

    It has never been easier to host online courses and present them to students more professionally. As a creator, you can launch websites, create blogs, marketing funnels, and even set up automated email marketing, all from one place. 

    Contrarily, standard course creating platforms require WordPress for blog management, ClickFunnel for managing landing pages and funnels, and ConvertKit or MailChimp to take care of email marketing.

    2. Website builder

    The first step towards starting a successful Kajabi training course is creating your website. This will be the place where you present your service or product, post original content and interact with your audience. Kajabi is an all-in-one solution, and it also incorporates plenty of additional useful tools for your websites like email marketing and analytics. 

    What’s more, the integrated website builder offers a collection of skillfully made themes, which are even customisable to your own taste. This feature is handy, as it allows creators to set up a professional website in just a few clicks without a background in coding.

    3. Landing page builder

    After promoting your service or product at Kajabi University, creating a landing page is the next step. Thanks to Kajabi, this process is simple. Pick a template, customise it and click the “Publish” button. Should you need a Policies or other kind of page, the landing page creator will help you right away. 

    First, you start with the general layout, where you can modify small details as you wish. The landing page builder will help you integrate even more advanced features, regardless of previous experience. Lastly, you can link your landing page with various marketing campaigns or offers.

    4. Product creation

    The main purpose of Kajabi is to help entrepreneurs create a business by selling their knowledge. The platform allows members to transform this knowledge into digital, marketable Kajabi courses with its online product generator. Furthermore, uploading and designing your content is easy with Product Blueprints. This way, you can choose different templates for your content, such as online courses, mini-courses, and many more. 

    Creators are free to reorganise the sample structure, which comes with default posts and categories. When it comes to the lessons, adding content from Google Drive or Dropbox is simple. 

    The lesson editor feature lets you create helpful drag and drop features and subcategories for your learning material. On top of that, each Kajabi payment plan includes Wistia video hosting so that you can add videos to your lessons or your Kajabi landing pages.

    5. Marketing tools

    What makes Kajabi different from its competition is its unique marketing and sales approach. Users can choose from several marketing tools to expand their audience, including sales pipeline builders, various payment options, and much more. 

    The integrated Kajabi email marketing tools go way beyond just sending broadcast emails to your subscribers. Instead, you can completely automate your email marketing by sending email sequences depending on the users’ actions.

    An email sequence is a chain of emails that get sent after someone signs up, while an email broadcast is an email sent to the entire mailing list. In addition to a strong email presence, email marketing is a great way to engage and create stronger bonds with potential and existing users.

    6. Analytics

    Tools like Kajabi help us check and analyse data in order to get a clearer picture of the numbers our business makes. When expanding your business, relying purely on data is not enough. Here’s where Kajabi’s analytics come into the picture, organising customers’ metrics in web analytics dashboards.

    The admin dashboard gives you insight into opt-ins, page views, subscriptions, revenue, Kajabi affiliate sales, and video analytics. This is crucial information that will further help you evaluate the market and the stability of your business.

    7. Marketing pipelines

    Marketing pipelines represent phases sales representatives go through to convert leads into paying customers. Kajabi recognises the importance of pipelines in a marketing strategy, so it incorporates a pipeline scheme into platforms that promote online courses

    Through the pipeline customisation screen, you can add videos, photos, and additional Kajabi features that will increase the conversion of customers. If you’re unsure about editing your pipelines, the Kajabi editor will give you some ideas. Based on the pricing plan you have selected, you can get 3, 15, or 100 pipelines.

    8. Support and community

    Last but not least, customer support is an essential aspect of any service. Thankfully, Kajabi’s support team is available 24/7 if you need assistance, just like the customer support at LearnWorlds. Plus, the selection of Kajabi tutorials will guide you through the platform’s features and teach you how to complete tasks.

    In addition, the Kajabi Facebook group is a space where you can socialise with fellow Kajabi creators, as well as give and receive help from the community.

    How Much Does Kajabi Cost?

    Although Kajabi provides plenty of useful features that make the platform stand out from its competitors, it also comes at a more expensive price. Still, the company offers three pricing plans you can choose from depending on your requirements and financial status. Should you decide to be billed annually, you save up with a Kajabi discount of 20% for every plan. Let’s take a look at what each pricing option has in store.

    Basic Plan

    $119 per month

    Growth Plan

    $159 per month

    Pro Plan

    $319 per month

    3 Products 15 Products 100 Products
    3 Pipelines 15 Pipelines 100 Pipelines
    Unlimited Landing Pages Unlimited Landing Pages Unlimited Landing Pages
    Unlimited Email Marketing Unlimited Email Marketing Unlimited Email Marketing
    10,000 Contacts 25,000 Contacts 100,000 Contacts
    1,000 Active Members 10,000 Active Members 20,000 Active Members
    1 Website 1 Website 3 Websites
    1 Admin User 10 Admin Users 25 Admin Users
    Kajabi University Kajabi University Kajabi University
    0% Transaction Fee 0% Transaction Fee 0% Transaction Fee
    Webinars and Events Webinars and Events Webinars and Events
    Pre-made Templates Pre-made Templates Pre-made Templates
    Assessments Assessments Assessments
    1 Customer Success Activation Call 1 Customer Success Activation Call 1 Customer Success Activation Call
    Chat Support 24/7 Chat Support 24/7 Chat Support
    Automations Advanced Automations Advanced Automations
    / Kajabi Branding Removal Kajabi Branding Removal
    / Affiliate Program Affiliate Program
    / / Code Editor

    If you’re still unsure about the plan you want to go with, keep in mind that a Kajabi free trial is available for each one. To claim your 14-day free trial, choose a plan and enter your email. You will then be prompted to enter a password and your credit card information before you get started.

    The company has a 30-day money-back policy that guarantees a refund if you cancel your membership within 30 days of the first payment. In case you want to downgrade or upgrade, you can change your plan whenever you wish. 

    Kajabi’s Most Popular Experts

    Currently, Kajabi counts over 25,000-course experts whose courses have been watched by more than 33 million students, generating over $650 million in sales revenue. Some more notable Kajabi experts include Amy Porterfield, Brendon Burchard, and Billy Gene.

    Amy Porterfield

    There’s a reason Porterfield is dubbed “Digital Course Queen”. She has helped many entrepreneurs take their knowledge, skills, and expertise and transform them into profitable online courses. However, before becoming her own boss, Amy worked a corporate job. Today, she runs her own Digital Course Academy, helping people at different points of their careers.

    Brendon Burchard

    Brendon is another star mentioned on the Kajabi blog, the world’s highest-paid marketing trainer, and a best-selling New York Times author. Burchard had a turbulent life before writing two successful books and landing a cover in SUCCESS magazine. After his battle with depression and a near-death car crash when he was only 19, his life started over. He decided to dedicate it to training over 1.5 million students in his digital courses.

    Billy Gene

    At 32 years of age, Billy Gene is one of the most famous online marketing coaches and Kajabi experts. Billy’s road to building a multi-million dollar business certainly wasn’t an easy one. He started living in his parents’ house with $50,000 in debt. Now, he is making a difference and paving the way for many African-American people who believe they lack resources for running a successful business.

    Kajabi Alternatives

    Thinkific vs Kajabi

    Thinkific was made for people who want to create, promote and sell digital courses. Aside from designing multimedia lessons, customers can design surveys and promotions. The Thinkific website builder comes with a code editor, and users can also get a custom domain for their website.

    If you’re not ready to commit right away, Thinkific also has a free version that gives you a chance to test out its features before paying.  

    Kajabi vs Teachable

    Teachable is another popular online course platform very similar to Kajabi. It enables creators to customise their online courses, give rewards and certificates to their students, look over their progress, and much more. Unlike Kajabi, it allows teachers to create their courses in different languages, helping them expand their international community. A Teachable iOS app is also available, while a Kajabi app has not yet been developed. Ultimately, Teachable is a cheaper Kajabi alternative.

    Is Kajabi Worth It?

    Kajabi is here to help you market your content and grow your business. It has been a go-to course creation platform to many experts for quite some time, meaning it is a safe choice if you want to create and sell digital courses. 

    The brand’s excellent reputation is not the only thing making it a perfect all-in-one solution for both existing and new Kajabi users. The large variety of integrated tools and features will save you a lot of time and money, as you only need one platform where you can do everything from building sales funnels to running marketing campaigns.


    What is Kajabi?

    Kajabi is an online platform that helps experts and influencers create their own digital courses from a single place. Whether it’s course creation or email marketing, Kajabi has got you covered.

    How to set up Kajabi?

    Since Kajabi doesn’t offer a downloadable app, only a desktop version is available. Customers can subscribe by creating an account and adding a credit card. After that, the 14-day Kajabi trial period begins, when customers can explore everything the company offers.

    Does Kajabi have member forums?

    The Kajabi Community gives its members a space to discuss various topics. It is very similar to a Facebook Group incorporated in your website. At the Kajabi forum, members can get help for different features mentioned in our Kajabi review or share information.

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