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K5 Learning Review: Funnest Way to Learn in 2024?

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Ease of use: 9.9/10
Variety of materials: 9.5/10
Available platforms: 9.4/10
Content quality: 9.9/10
Value for money: 9.8/10

Price: Free plan

Updated: February, 7, 2024


  • Download without an account
  • Inexpensive workbooks
  • Free worksheets
  • Offers a free e-book
  • Cons

  • Lack of formal lessons
  • Limited free version
  • K5 Learning is an educational platform that offers valuable learning materials for pupils in kindergarten through elementary school.

    So far, millions of tutors and parents have used K5’s learning tools to teach anything from math to reading, science, grammar, and more.

    We go through K5’s offering below.

    K5 Learning Worksheets

    The platform’s core product are its free-to-use worksheets and flashcards that cover every subject taught during early childhood, such as:

    • Kindergarten lessons
    • Math
    • Reading 
    • Vocabulary 
    • Spelling
    • Grammar
    • Science
    • Cursive

    Note: Subjects are then categorized by grade and/or topic area. For instance, the K5 Learning kindergarten materials are separated into early reading, early math, and early science. On the other hand, platforms like Khan Academy offer full-on courses for these types of topics.

    K5 Learning Reading

    When it comes to reading, K5 offers free stories followed by various exercises, quizzes, and flashcards to test the child’s reading comprehension on specific topics:

    • Compare & contrast ideas
    • Understanding the main idea
    • Sequencing and story elements
    • Conclusions & inferences
    • Context clues & predictions
    • Fact vs fiction vs opinion
    • Figurative language vs literal language

    The goal of the reading section is to progressively introduce the notion of story structure and develop good reading practices.

    K5 Learning Maths

    As for mathematics, teachers can either structure their lessons based on their students’ current grade, or get K5 worksheet materials in areas such as:

    • Geometry: geometric forms and their features and attributes
    • Numbers & operations: simple counting, patterns, fractions, and a lot more
    • Measurement: measuring principles like telling time and counting money
    • Advanced problems: exponents, proportions, integers, percents, and more

    Note: Before starting your lessons, have your students complete a free online math assessment to determine their current level in order to pick the corresponding materials.

    K5 Learning Vocabulary, Spelling, and Grammar

    To ensure a firm understanding of the language, K5 encourages learning English by improving all of its skills:

    • Vocabulary: teach vocabulary with various flashcards.
    • Spelling: administer spelling exercises for different grade divisions.
    • Grammar: study the parts of speech and how to compose sentences.

    Note: Children with a strong command of the language are well-prepared to tackle any subject taught later in life.

    K5 Learning Science

    Some of the topics covered in these worksheets include learning about nature, mammals, anatomy, food and nutrition, weather and seasons, energy, heat, light and sound, and more.

    In this section, you’ll find worksheets for kindergarteners through third graders. 

    K5 Learning Cursive

    Practicing cursive through the K5 Learning worksheets is an excellent method to teach handwriting and penmanship.

    These materials will help you teach how to write each letter individually before connecting them into words, sentences, and passages.

    Note: Some of the benefits of practising cursive writing include increased brain activity and better performance across all subjects.

    K5 Learning Workbooks

    In addition to free worksheets, the K5 education platform also sells various inexpensive workbooks in a .pdf format, covering every preschool and elementary grade and subject areas.

    Since K5 Learning does not ship physical books, you will have to download the files locally and print them via any free .pdf reader before using them with your students.

    Note: The platform also offers parents a free e-book titled: “How to Help Your Kids Succeed in School”, full of useful tools, practical advice, and fun activities for children.

    Our Final Thoughts on K5 Learning

    K5 Learning is an excellent online platform that supplements the educational needs of preschool and elementary school students, and both parents and teachers can use its resources either in a homeschooling or formal environment.

    While the site offers a free experience, the paid version comes with a slew of benefits, such as alternative formats, exclusive content, no ads, and more. Then, if you are unsatisfied with your subscription, you can cancel it within seven days of purchase and get a full refund.


    What is K5 Learning?

    K5 Learning is an inexpensive online platform that offers learning tools for K-5 students, such as free worksheets and inexpensive workbooks on every subject from reading to maths.

    Is K5 Learning free?

    While K5 offers a free-to-use version, the paid versions ($23.95/year for individuals and $264/year for a whole school) offer a much better experience at affordable prices.

    Is K5 Learning good?

    Indeed, it is! K5 Learning offers materials that effectively improve children’s learning attitudes while affording them the opportunity to reach their potential at their own pace.

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