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Janets Courses Reviews

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Value for money: 10/10
Variety of features: 9/10
Ease of use: 10/10
Customer support: 10/10
Accessibility: 9/10

Price: £12.76/course

Updated: July, 21, 2023


  • Courses taught by expert tutors
  • Self-paced & easily accessible
  • 1,500 online courses & growing
  • Instant feedback on test performance
  • Fully accredited certificates
  • Dedicated support team
  • Cons

  • There could be more intermediate and advanced courses
  • Some courses have an expiration date
  • Site can take some time to load
  • Janets is a UK eLearning platform that prides itself on getting learners ready for the job market. 

    How does Janets work and why is it one of the best online course providers in the UK?

    Take a look at our Janets courses review to find out.

    What is Janets?

    Janets, part of Harley J Associates Ltd, is an online learning programme that offers accredited courses on a range of different subjects

    As such, Janets is good for: 

    • Specialists seeking to develop their careers
    • Individuals who need accredited certificates
    • Learners who want to expand their knowledge 
    • Students looking for low-cost courses

    Janets also has a special plan for organisations that want to upskill their workforce. In addition to the standard Janets features, such as certification and access on any device, the business plan comes with 24/7 tutor support.

    Janets Courses

    Janets has an extensive catalogue of courses that covers the most relevant skills for today’s job market

    Some of the topics found on Janets course list include:  

    • Technology
    • Language
    • Photography
    • Software
    • Marketing
    • HR and Leadership
    • Management
    • Design
    • Teach & Education
    • Customer Service
    • Psychology
    • Art
    • Health and Safety

    Janets tutorials are taught by expert instructors who have worked in a variety of commercial, project management, and administrative roles. This way, you will gain knowledge and skills that are directly applicable to your field of interest. 

    That said, if you want to learn from University professors or members of renowned companies, take a look at FutureLearn’s course portfolio

    Best of all, Janets training courses are 100% online and structured into bite-sized modules, allowing learners to easily acquire and develop new skills.

    Janets Features

    Certificate of completion

    Upon successful completion of each course, you will receive a free endorsed certificate. The certificate of completion is a fully accredited and recognized qualification by top awarding bodies that demonstrates the learner’s commitment to continued professional development.

    Bear in mind that, as with other accredited platforms, you must take an online exam and score 60% or higher to receive a certificate. 

    Accessibility and availability

    Courses are easily accessible, and you can follow lectures from anywhere with an internet connection, using your laptop, iPad, or even your phone. There is no app, but the site is optimised for mobile, so you will not have any issues accessing courses on your portable device. However, if learning on the go is a must, take a look at some of the platforms that have dedicated Android and iOS apps

    Efficient assessments

    Janets workshops are typically made up of short video lessons combined with online study resources and assignments. Assessments come in the form of mock exams and multiple-choice tests so learners can gauge their progress and get ready for the final examination. For those who need extra help, tutor support is available every weekday. 

    Career Transforming Bundles

    Similar to Linkedin Learning Paths, Janets also provides a set of courses centered around a specific area, such as hospitality management and intellectual property law training, or a certain job, like fire warden, school administrator or teaching assistant. Each bundle has one course endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme and six CPD-certified courses

    Janets UK Price

    Janets courses can be purchased individually, starting from £12.76, although the average price is around £320 per course. 

    However, you can always get a better deal since Janets runs ongoing promotions and discounts throughout the year, some of which reduce the cost by as much as 96%. Other platforms also provide continuous discounts, although none as generous as Janets. 

    Janets special offers

    The website has two subscription plans granting access to all courses for a monthly fee of £7.99, and a whole year of access for £49.00. 

    You can also choose a plan that covers any 10 courses for £30 or any 3 courses for £14.99. 

    For comparison, Skillshare’s monthly subscription costs £10.25/month, while an individual MasterClass subscription is priced at £14, making Janets an incredibly affordable option

    There are additional fees, though. Certificates cost extra (around £9.99), as does a student ID card (£5.99) and lifetime access to the course (£4.99). Udemy, on the other hand, offers unlimited access to material without charging extra. 

    Janets money-back guarantee 

    Janets has a 14-day money-back guarantee. Keep in mind that if you begin the course within this time frame, you will forfeit your right to cancel. You will, however, receive a full refund on cancellation. 

    Janets Customer Support

    Janet offers help desk and instructor support that you can contact if you have any issues or need advice. You can reach them by email at info@janets.org.uk, by phone or by contacting their live chat teams. 

    They are available 24/7 and eager to help. 

    Final Thoughts

    All in all, Janets is one of the best online learning platforms for professional development. 

    The platform strives to make learning more easily accessible, convenient and affordable while teaching you the skills you need to get ahead in your career. 


    Are Janets courses accredited?

    Yes, Janets courses are endorsed by the top awarding bodies, such as CPD and Quality Licence Scheme. As we mentioned in this Janets courses review, upon successful completion of a course, Janets learners receive fully accredited qualifications and a digital certificate.

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