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Ivacy VPN Review 2022 – Good Speeds, Strong Security, And Great Features

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Number of servers: 8/10
Speed: 9/10
Pricing: 9/10
Ease of use: 8/10
Reliability and support: 8/10

Price: $9.95/monthly

Updated: August, 3, 2022


  • No-logging policy
  • Torrent-friendly
  • Unblocks streaming services
  • Affordable
  • Excellent speeds
  • Cons

  • Unfavourable jurisdiction
  • Kill switch for Windows and Android only
  • Limited protocols for macOS
  • Some smaller VPN providers may not be as recognised as their heavyweight competitors. But does that mean they don’t offer excellent services? 

    Ivacy VPN is a good example of a small player on the market that packs a punch—it provides top-notch security and high speeds.

    But does Ivacy have any downsides, and is it overall worth the cost? Keep reading our Ivacy VPN review to discover all the details you need about this award-winning provider.

    How Does Ivacy VPN Work?

    All VPNs work pretty much in the same way. When people use a VPN, they secure and protect their data and internet activity through encrypted tunnels and protocols. VPNs also mask your real IP address and let you dodge geo-restrictions. 

    To start using Ivacy, download the app (after signing up through the website), enter your Ivacy login, connect to a server, and sit back and enjoy the VPN protection.


    Every VPN comes with a big question—will this provider slow down my connection too much? It’s a given that there will be some speed loss with even the best VPN, but it’s a matter of whether it hinders our internet activity or not. That’s why we do our speed tests. 

    For our Ivacy review, we connected to several servers to see how much of our download and upload speed we lose. It’s worth noting that the speed loss is also dependent on your local infrastructure and the internet service provider.

    We started with a non-VPN download and upload speed of about 195Mbps and 198Mbps, respectively. The speed loss on the local server from London was about 12% for downloads, but a higher 42% for uploads. 

    Next, we tested a few other locations where Ivacy VPN has servers. The average download speed on all of the servers we tried was 112Mbps, and the average upload speed was 60Mbps. 

    On the US servers, the download and upload speeds were at 110Mbps and 95Mbps, respectively. The highest download loss we got was on the US server at around 40%. This puts Ivacy in the top tier in terms of speed.

    The German and UK servers were among the fastest, with an average of 182Mbps download speed and 152Mbps upload speed. But Ivacy was very slow on the Australian server, with a download and upload speed of 30Mbps and 18Mbps, respectively.

    As for maximum connections, Ivacy gives you up to ten simultaneous ones, which is a pretty good deal considering that pricier VPNs like NordVPN offer up to six devices connected at the same time.

    Security and Privacy

    Is Ivacy safe? Let’s break down the privacy and security features this VPN offers.


    Whatever you do online, your privacy and security will be ensured with Ivacy. It uses the highest encryption standard—256-bit AES, which is currently the most secure one and is considered unbreakable. Cyber attackers will not be able to access your data. 

    Leak Protection

    Ivacy also offers IPv6 and DNS leak protection. A good thing to do with every VPN is to test if there are any leaks. We did just that and are happy to report that Ivacy passed our leak tests.

    Logging Policy

    Ivacy has a no-logs policy. The only thing that Ivacy collects is your email address, name, and payment information which you have to provide to purchase the VPN. Apart from that, Ivacy will not disclose your IP address and internet activity. 

    Kill Switch

    With this VPN, you can also use a kill switch to automatically stop your internet if your VPN connection suddenly drops, even for a second. The only problem is that the kill switch feature is only available on Windows and Android.

    Security Protocols

    Ivacy offers a variety of protocols to choose from. On the Windows app, you can choose between OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and IKEv2 protocol. The protocol offered to Mac users, IKEv1, is an oldie and not as safe as newer ones. 

    These protocols have different security and speed options, and you can never get the best of both worlds. 


    Ivacy VPN is based in Singapore, outside of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances jurisdiction. But that doesn’t quite guarantee your privacy—according to some sources (read Edward Snowden), Singapore helps these countries with surveillance. 

    If complete online anonymity is important to you, we suggest opting for a provider registered in a jurisdiction with no data retention requirements, such as ExpressVPN (British Virgin Islands).

    Split Tunnelling

    Some VPN users want to have the ability to run specific apps without the speed or location interference of the VPN. That’s why providers offer a feature called split tunnelling, which lets some apps go through your regular internet connection while others go through the VPN tunnel. 

    Fortunately, Ivacy allows split tunnelling, and it’s straightforward to use. But macOS and iOS users won’t be able to use this functionality as it’s only available on the Windows and Android apps for the time being.

    Servers and Server Locations

    The Ivacy server list is lengthier than we would expect from a relatively small provider. The Ivacy VPN app gives you access to 3,500+ servers in over 100 locations. For comparison, Surfshark has 3,000+ servers in 65 countries, while ProtonVPN has 1,200+ in 54 countries. 

    What’s more, Ivacy recently upgraded its network with new locations in countries like Panama, Ghana, Costa Rica, and Kenya. The largest number of servers is in the US—75.

    The UK is the second most server-dense country for Ivacy, with a total of 58. London and Maidenhead are the provider’s two server locations in the UK.

    Unfortunately, Ivacy does not offer any server switching abilities like NordVPN, for instance. To compensate for the lack of server switch, Ivacy has a dedicated IP address feature that is more secure and protected than the shared servers, but you have to pay an additional $1.99 to get that functionality.

    Ivacy VPN’s Primary Uses

    Below we explore whether Ivacy works for some common VPN usage types.


    Many people download Ivacy for its streaming and torrenting abilities and it didn’t disappoint us in this respect. Ivacy unblocks Netflix seamlessly; plus, its dedicated servers ensure consistent access.

    Some Ivacy VPN reviews online report that it can’t unblock certain streaming services. But in our tests, we faced no issues accessing Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+. In addition, you can get Ivacy on Firestick—using it was effortless since it has a dedicated app for it. 


    Ivacy is also great for people who love torrenting. It has specialised servers devoted to P2P, making it easier to reduce speed bottlenecks. What’s more, Ivacy ensures you stay anonymous while downloading torrents through its no-logging policy. 

    You can use this VPN for torrenting on all platforms, but Apple device users should stay away from it as a kill switch is not featured on their operating systems. If you want to download torrents securely on a Mac, we suggest going for a different provider, such as HideMyAss.


    Ivacy has dedicated Xbox and PS4 apps, but if you want to connect any other game console, such as Nintendo, all you need to do is install the VPN on your router. 

    But, what does a VPN do for you when you’re gaming? Whether you’re using a PC or a console, connecting through a VPN ensures your privacy and security while gaming and can even grant you access to geo-restricted functionalities.

    Supported Platforms

    One of the benefits of the Ivacy VPN app is simultaneous connectivity on up to ten devices. So what platforms and web browsers does Ivacy support? You can get this VPN on most major operating systems like Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux. 

    We were also able to add the Ivacy Chrome extension as well as the Mozilla Firefox one. What’s more, you can connect Ivacy with your home router, and every device connected to it will have the same protection and privacy. Interestingly, you can get Ivacy on Kodi, Rasberry Pi, Roku, Blackberry, and various Smart TVs. 

    Installing the app on any platform is straightforward. The interface is user-friendly and similar to other VPNs. It automatically connects to the server closest to you, and if you like to use the server again, you can add it to your Favorites list. Ivacy also features a list of categorised servers for a particular purpose like Streaming, Unblocking, and Secure Download. 

    We got Ivacy VPN on Android from the Google Play Store, and it had the features and ease of use of the Windows app. The macOS and iOS apps were the same as the Windows and Android, apart from the missing features like the kill switch and split tunnelling.

    What’s more, Ivacy VPN is compatible with the Tor network if you want to get an extra layer of anonymity when browsing the Dark Web.


    Perhaps the most significant advantage of Ivacy is its pricing plans—it’s one of the cheapest VPN on the market. As with other VPNs, the price gets lower with long-term subscriptions. So, what packages does Ivacy offer?

    Monthly plan $9.95/month
    Annual plan $3.66/month; $44/year
    Two-year plan $2.45/month; $59/two years

    The long-term subscriptions have a 30-day money-back guarantee, while the monthly pricing package has a seven-day refund period. The dedicated IP address and Port Forwarding will cost you an additional $3 per month, but it’s up to you if you want to get these features. A bonus point is the no capping of data.

    Compared to other VPNs, Ivacy stands out as one of the most budget-friendly VPNs available and has pretty decent features. For comparison, Surfshark’s two-year plan costs £42.17, while CyberGhost sets you back £69.36 for a two-year subscription.

    The payment methods that Ivacy includes are credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, AliPay, Perfect Money, and UnionPay. Keep in mind that cryptocurrency users do not get refunds. The company regularly updates its payment method, so be sure to check its website to see if there are any changes.

    Customer Support

    At some point, you will likely run into issues with whatever piece of technology you use. That’s why a helpful and responsive customer service support team is essential. 

    Ivacy provides 24/7 live chat and email support, which we have mixed feelings about. The live chat can help you with quick solutions, but it was unreliable as our connection with support reps kept dropping. 

    The same thing happened with the e-mail service. The response time was not brisk, and we didn’t get the answer we needed. On the other hand, Ivacy has a useful FAQ page, troubleshooting advice, and step-by-step manuals for various devices.

    On the Trustpilot website, Ivacy VPN is rated 4.8 out of 5, and the vast majority of reviewers were satisfied with the service that this VPN offers.

    Want to Consider Other Options?

    With so many VPNs on the market, it’s hard to decide which one is the right fit for you. To make your choice easier, we stack up each provider against a couple of alternatives. Below we compare Ivacy to Surfshark and ProtonVPN.

    Ivacy vs Surfshark

    Surfshark is one of the most popular and best-performing VPNs on the market. And that’s part of what makes Ivacy so impressive—it holds its own against Surfshark in terms of speed. The latter is a bit faster on long-distance servers, but the differences are marginal. What’s more, more, both have similarly sized server parks.

    Security and privacy-wise, the two rely on the same 256-bit AES encryption—the gold standard among VPNs. One notable difference is that Ivacy doesn’t give information on its specific data storage practices, while Surfshark recently started using diskless RAM servers. 

    The main advantage of Ivacy is that it’s more budget-friendly than Surfshark, although the two offer comparable deals for long-term subscriptions.

    Ivacy vs ProtonVPN

    ProtonVPN is another popular provider that offers excellent value for customers. In terms of server parks, Ivacy takes the cake with a significantly wider network than that of ProtonVPN.

    Both providers offer a kill switch, Tor compatibility, and P2P-optimised servers. But Ivacy doesn’t include a server switch option, while ProtonVPN does.

    As far as pricing plans go, Ivacy is significantly cheaper than ProtonVPN, especially if you subscribe for one or two years. But it’s worth noting that ProtonVPN offers a free subscription plan, unlike Ivacy.

    Bottom Line

    All things considered, Ivacy VPN is an excellent provider that holds its own against the heavyweights in this highly competitive market.

    It offers top speeds, strong security, and a great selection of features. Although some functionalities are limited to certain systems, and the Singapore jurisdiction doesn’t inspire confidence in the provider’s privacy offering, Ivacy is a great value VPN that is definitely worth considering.

    We hope our Ivacy VPN review helped you decide if this service is the right fit for you.


    Does Ivacy work with Netflix?

    Ivacy unblocks Netflix and even has a dedicated section that tells you which servers will work best.

    Is Ivacy VPN free?

    Ivacy doesn’t come with a free subscription plan. However, all of the pricing packages have a 30-day and seven-day money-back guarantee.

    Is Ivacy VPN good?

    Ivacy provides an excellent VPN service for a fair price. You can count on high speeds, robust security, and many features.

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