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The Best Exemplar Education Reviews in 2022

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Value for money: 9.5/10
Ease of use: 9.5/10
Accessibility: 9.5/10
Variety of features: 9/10
Customer support: 9.9/10

Price: £17/ week

Updated: November, 3, 2022


  • 2000+ video tutorials
  • Over 6 million unique questions
  • Compatible with the UK National Curriculum.
  • Online lessons available 24/7
  • Individualised learning plans
  • Freephone helpline available 6 days a week
  • Cons

  • Brief cancellation period
  • Only UK-based English and maths courses
  • Outdated design
  • If you are searching the web for legitimate Exemplar Education reviews, look no further.

    In this article, we cover all there is to know about the platform, such as:

    • The website’s purpose
    • Their programmes and courses
    • Pros and cons
    • Related costs, and more

    Read on to get all the details!

    What is Exemplar Education?

    Exemplar is an online UK-based teaching platform that provides affordable yet excellent maths and English education for children between 5 and 16 years of age. Moreover, their study plans fully align to the UK National and Scottish curricula and teaching methods.

    How Does It Work?

    The Exemplar learning process comprises several steps to master every school-year course:

    1. Complete an initial assessment—benchmarks the students’ current skill level to devise a study plan that covers their educational needs.
    2. Review your personalised learning plan—delivers a goal-specific schedule that meets each student’s individual requirements.
    3. Watch tutorials and practice your skills—offers exhaustive practice exercises and video tutorials that explain the topic in detail.
    4. Fill out an end-of-lesson assessment—requires the completion of a lesson assessment before unlocking the next lesson.
    5. Complete the end-of-course test—presents an end-of-the-year assessment that summarises all the course knowledge.
    6. Move onto the next year course—allows you to move onto next year’s course once you achieve a 100% pass mark.

    Note: A freemium alternative to Exemplar is the worksheet-based K5 Learning platform that covers maths, reading, science, vocabulary, spelling, cursive, and grammar.

    Exemplar Education Benefits

    Exemplar’s primary goal is to assist parents in creating better futures for their children, which is the best advantage in and of itself. That said, here’s a quick rundown of Exemplar’s benefits:

    Student Benefits

    • Flexible schedules and the ability to work at their own speed.
    • Personalized maths and English courses for pupils aged 5–16.
    • Establishes a strong academic foundation and builds confidence.
    • A virtual teacher at their disposal 7 days a week.

    Parent Benefits

    • Can be used by all children in the family at once.
    • A less expensive alternative for home tutoring and private schools.
    • Provides parents with easy and effective tools to assist their children.
    • Fits in perfectly with a dynamic family schedule.

    School Benefits

    • School teachers get the support they need for larger classes.
    • Exemplar’s programme is coordinated with the formal school curricula.
    • Extensive maths, reading, and English study materials.
    • Can be easily implemented in the modern ICT classroom.

    Students and parents can take advantage of over 2,000 videos, over 6 million unique questions, 24/7 availability, a freephone helpline of qualified teachers, and much more. Parents also have a detailed insight into their children’s progress at all times.

    Exemplar English Programme

    Exemplar’s integrated English programme aims to strengthen the reading, writing, and grammar skills of UK students. Ultimately, it focuses on the essential skills needed to read and write English fluently, properly, and skillfully.

    Below we overview the main components of Exemplar’s English programme:

    • Parts of Speech—students learn about the various parts of speech, what makes them different, and how to recognise them in a sentence.
    • Punctuation—correct usage of the English punctuation marks is crucial since they can drastically change the meaning of a phrase or a sentence.
    • Spelling Skills—to improve the students spelling skills, the programme covers lessons such as distinguishing vowels, studying spelling lists and various affixes, and more.
    • Reading Comprehension—where pupils read, listen, and engage with a range of text formats to improve their reading learning abilities.
    • Improved Writing Skills—using the different parts of speech to form phrases, clauses, and sentences in both active and passive voice, and more.
    • Vocabulary Development—learning new words, phrases, and figurative language before using them in sentences.
    • Correct Usage—combining and practising all English skills in correct written structures, without any grammar and spelling errors.

    Note: Some (but not all) of the English lessons include a ‘practice’ option that allows parents and students to review the lesson before starting.

    Exemplar Mathematics Course

    The Exemplar learning system for mathematics includes thorough courses in beginner mathematics, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and more. Another great option for primary and highschool mathematics is Khan Academy.

    Regardless of the students’ needs or current progress, Exemplar Education offers personalised tools and individualised learning plans that will see them learn and succeed.

    Ultimately, children will gain the confidence they need to excel at school and pass any maths exams in addition to mastering any maths topic or skill they are lacking. For those seeking alternatives for fun math learning, Brilliant.org does this best through interactive learning.

    How Does Exemplar Help GCSE Students?

    The Exemplar GCSE Maths Revision PowerPack™ is a highly flexible exam revision tool that guarantees your child’s excellent performance for the GCSEs, avoiding expensive tutors, private schools, and self-help sites in the process.

    This revision resource fully complies with the major examination boards and offers 190+ tailored maths lessons, which are available for only £310 and ensure that your children’s educational needs in maths are met quickly and effectively.

    Exemplar Education Cost and Support

    Since Exemplar adjusts its offering to meet the particular needs of individual families, the Exemplar Education costs vary on a case-by-case basis. Essentially, your monthly subscription fees are determined by your children’s age, pre-existing skills, etc.

    While families with basic needs pay as little as £12 per week, the average subscription ranges between £17 and £20 per week in total. However, customers can also purchase the full programme outright to avoid paying monthly fees.

    Learners interested to learn more about Exemplar’s offering can always contact the team via the website’s contact form, by phone at 0800 1 777 999, or by using the live chat option. If you’re keen with contacting them for assistance, Shaw Academy also offers live chat and email support.

    If you need help with your children’s lessons, you can get in touch with UK-based qualified teachers who use a virtual whiteboard, available free of charge 6 days a week. 

    Is Exemplar Education Suitable for Your Family?

    Parents that wish to ensure a stellar academic future for their children will not go wrong with an Exemplar learning subscription. With it, you get a flexible, home-based learning platform that offers high-quality yet cost-effective virtual lessons and on-demand support services.


    Can I cancel my Exemplar Education?

    Per the Exemplar Education cancellation policy, you have 14 days from the date of signing to cancel your subscription. Moreover, you can expedite the process by providing an explanation for the cancellation.

    Is Exemplar Education any good?

    As numerous Exemplar Education reviews state: the platform’s curriculum-compliant lessons, detailed worksheets, and cost-free access to on-call teachers makes it an excellent virtual teacher for your children.

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