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Domestika Courses Review to Get Your Creativity Going

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Value for money: 10/10
Ease of use: 10/10
Accessibility: 10/10
Variety of features: 9/10
Customer support: 8/10

Price: 10$/course

Updated: July, 21, 2023


  • High quality video production
  • 30+ courses in the platform’s catalog
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced level students
  • Large creative community
  • Domestika app available
  • Skilled & experienced instructors
  • Cons

  • Some of the courses are in Spanish
  • Customer support can be a bit slow
  • The Domestika app is not as fast as the desktop version
  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to sketch like a professional?

    Or improve your public speaking skills?

    With Domestika’s creative arts tutorials you can do all these things and more. 

    Check out the following Domestika courses review as we dive deep into its many unique features, prices and perks.

    What is Domestika?

    Domestika is an online learning platform designed to help you acquire new creative skills or build on the ones you have. 

    Its courses are taught by experienced professionals and cover a broad range of topics, including top-notch tutorials on watercolouring, calligraphy, music production and much more. 

    Domestika is originally a Spanish platform and many of its workshops are in Spanish and Portuguese. However, English subtitles are available for all video classes. What’s more, thanks to the course structure and emphasis on self-paced learning, tutorials are not hard to follow even when the instructor is not speaking in your language.  

    Key Domestika Features 

    Domestika closely follows the learning model of popular platforms like Skillshare and Udemy, but it introduces some unique features as well.

    Let’s take a closer look.

    Self-paced learning model 

    Domestika courses are 100% online, so you can learn from anywhere at any time. You can start a course whenever it suits you and go through the lectures as fast or as slow as you need to. This makes Domestika a much better choice for busy professionals than other platforms that have set times for enrolment and project completion

    Course structure 

    Domestika courses are made up of bite-sized, on-demand video classes and take anywhere from two to four hours to complete. Each course comes with a set of practical exercises and is rounded off with a class project that lets you put your newly-acquired skills to the test. While other platforms also introduce hands-on projects, none are as consistent as Domestika which incorporates additional resources and exercises in every course. 

    This is also one of the rare providers that offer live classes. Domestica art classes are shown live in local time, but if you missed one you can always watch previous broadcasts on the site. 

    Learn from professionals

    Domestika may not have courses by big names in show business, but all classes are created and led by experts in their respective areas. Moreover, many of them share not only their knowledge but tips and tricks of the trade as well—perfect for anyone who wants to turn their creative hobby into a full-time career. 

    Unlimited access 

    One of the best things about Domestika is that it provides unlimited access to course content forever. Like Udemy, you can watch and rewatch courses as many times as you like until you feel you have perfected the skill in question. 

    Domestika app

    The site has native apps for both Android and iOS allowing you to download courses or pick up a class from where you left off. 

    Certificate of attendance 

    After you sign up for a course, you will receive a personalised certificate signed by the instructor which you can use in your creative portfolio or CV. The certificate also comes with a QR code linking to your class projects so you can showcase your work to the world and potential employers. 

    Sadly, the certificates are not accredited. If this is a must for you, there are plenty of high-quality platforms that provide this option. 

    Creative community

    Domestika has an extensive community of over a million students from across the world who can use the platform to share ideas and experiences. However, networking is about as much as you can do through the Domestika community. Udemy, on the other hand, has a vibrant Q&A where you can interact with instructors, while Linkedin Learning offers the same plus the chance to join study groups and communicate with individuals taking similar courses. 

    Domestika Courses 

    Domestika specialises in introducing and building creative skills. As such, its course list covers the following topics:

    • Illustration, Design, 3D & Animation—Domestika has a great palette of illustration and animation courses, such as portrait sketchbooking, digital illustration, drawing and painting. It also covers different types of software, teaching you how to use Adobe Illustrator and Procreate to create amazing pieces of digital art.  
    • Craft—Unique to Domestika, these courses are among the most popular on the website. This topic encompasses a number of skills such as making jewellery, carpentry, designing fashion accessories and clothes, as well as the use of various methods and materials, from tufting and crochet techniques to resin and polymer clay. 
    • Marketing & Business—Domestika has a lot of courses to keep you updated on the world of digital marketing, as well as tutorials on how to use social media to grow your business, how to market your skills from a creative perspective and how to engage customers with copywriting and illustration. 
    • Music & Audio—This category covers specific skills that can introduce you to the art of making music for films, improve your audio editing and help you get into DJing and electronic music. However, if you are interested in specific skills like singing and playing particular instruments, you might want to look at what Udemy has to offer.  
    • Web & App Design—The website has the number and quality of courses to rival some of the best tech-focused platforms out there, ranging from web design with Figma and introduction to Javascript to UX design and working in WordPress. That said, if coding and web development are your main focus, you might do more with Treehouse or Codecademy.  

    In addition to these categories, the website also delivers courses in 

    • Hand lettering, typography and calligraphy;
    • Creative, script and commercial writing;
    • Interior design and architectural drawing, as well as premium tutorials on using Photoshop, SketchUp, AutoCAD and other types of in-demand software. 

    Domestika Pricing Plans 

    Domestika courses are sold individually, while prices range between $10 to $45. However, the platform has continuous discounts and special deals, letting you purchase a course for even less than $10. 

    Considering that some platforms are free of charge while others can cost up to $190, Domestika is on the lower end of the price scale. 

    There are also bundles on offer that can get you a huge discount by combining several courses into one purchase. Keep in mind that these classes are not related to each other, so if you want a series of courses focusing on a specific topic, consider Coursera’s Specializations

    For those interested in following more courses, we recommend trying the Domestika PRO plan. Available for an annual fee of $29.99, it includes 20% discounts on all courses and better and faster customer support, among other features. 

    Domestika Customer Support 

    You can contact the company through email or find the answer you are looking for in the Help Centre. 

    Domestika’s support is a bit slow and there aren’t many options. For comparison, Janets offers live chat, email and phone support to assist in your learning process. 

    Bottom Line 

    Domestika is the perfect eLearning provider to wake up your inner artist. 

    It boasts high-quality courses, both in content and production, unlimited lifetime access and low prices. So, the next time you are looking to learn something new like macramé techniques or want to perfect storyboarding to up your presentations, look to Domestika for the answer.


    Is Domestika legit?

    Yes. Domestika is a popular and renowned platform with millions of students and members.

    Is Domestika worth it?

    Absolutely!! More than one Domestika courses review online has praised the platform for its content quality, approachable learning methods and first-rate video production.

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