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2022’s Blackboard Learn Review: The Ultimate LMS?

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Ease of use: 10/10
Variety of features: 10/10
Accessibility : 10/10
Customer support: 9/10
Value for money: 9/10

Updated: November, 3, 2022


  • Easy-to-administer online tasks and quizzes
  • Courses are easy to maintain
  • Robust accessibility options
  • Integrates with third-party apps
  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Effective anti-plagiarism tool
  • Cons

  • Mobile app lacks features
  • The ‘Ultra’ platform only available via an SaaS subscription
  • Pricier than expected
  • Blackboard Learn is a well-known educational platform that combines elements of a learning management system (LMS) and a virtual learning environment (VLE).

    But how does it work? Who can use it?

    This Blackboard Learn review looks into the company’s methods of providing high-quality education to anyone, regardless of demographics, economics, or geography.

    Learn more about Blackboard’s modern EdTech platform below.

    What is Blackboard Learn?

    The Blackboard learning platform is a modern LMS solution that caters to the educational needs of all kinds of teaching, business, and government institutions.

    With an easy-to-use, intuitive, and immersive interface, Blackboard Learn promises a life-changing learning experience that can be accessed anywhere. You only need a web browser and any device that supports it.

    Who Is It For?

    Ultimately, the Blackboard software solutions are for teachers who need to quickly engage their pupils and provide an efficient and organised educational environment.

    Combined with a large variety of accessibility, knowledge sharing, and analytics tools, this learning platform offers everything students need to succeed in today’s day and age. Another great LMS option for management you should check out is Ruzuku.

    Why is the Blackboard Learning System One of the Best?

    In an attempt to facilitate the entire teaching and learning process, Blackboard has created one of the most advanced EdTech systems today, including these and other services:

    • Blackboard Learn—the company’s core product: an advanced LMS that offers educators the freedom to transfer their knowledge anytime and anywhere.
    • Blackboard Ally—integrates with the Learn platform to enable high-quality, accessible and usable digital content in various formats for every learner out there.
    • Blackboard Collaborate—a virtual classroom that offers a truly interactive teaching experience with features like hand raises, polls, breakout rooms, and much more.
    • Blackboard SafeAssign—this anti-plagiarism tool stimulates students to deliver higher quality work with integrity and originality.

    Note: Blackboard can also adjust the learning and teaching experience to the needs of your organisation and students with additional tools and services. Still, if you want online courses that are more into arts and crafts, try out Skillshare.

    Blackboard Learn Ultra

    Recently, the Blackboard learning platform has been reimagined into a simple, responsive, and learner-centred interface, including, but not limited to:

    • Intuitive fluid interactions—learners and instructors can easily communicate, share ideas, provide feedback, and more.
    • Seamless workflow integration—easily access all core features (courses, calendar, grades, messages, discussions, etc.).
    • Support for every platform—learn and teach on the go through a simple-to-use app or web browser interface supported on many devices, just like with WizIQ and Teachable.
    • Detailed analytics—access actionable insights into student progress to inform your next decision and foster your learner’s progress.
    • Extensive app catalogue—seamlessly integrate existing apps from your educational system or other third-party tools into Blackboard.

    Note: The modern, clean, and accessible Ultra interface is only available through Blackboard’s SaaS version only, which is automatically updated every month.

    Blackboard Learn Help

    Students, teachers, and organisations that need help with their Blackboard products can easily find their answer via any number of channels:

    • Dedicated ‘Help’ page—provides an extensive knowledge database that includes everything from written tutorials to instructional videos.
    • Behind the Blackboard—a support portal for system administrators to share experiences, download new software, manage their accounts, and more.
    • Blackboard YouTube channel—a rich YouTube destination that includes informative and instructional videos for students and teachers.
    • Blackboard Community forum—a virtual meeting place for all Blackboard members to exchange ideas and collaborate.

    Note: In addition to the above resource-full options, Blackboard offers a plethora of other support alternatives, classified by user and product type. But if you prefer 24/7 assistance as well as a live chat, you should try out Shaw Academy.


    While the company does not publicly reveal its pricing plans since it adjusts them on a client-by-client basis, buyers can request a quote specific to their needs. Still, third-party reviewers report that the Blackboard LMS comes at a premium price.

    In any case, before making this substantial investment, prospective customers can get a 30-day free trial that grants access to all of Blackboard’s solutions. To sign up for the trial experience, contact an account representative through the firm’s contact page. Other alternatives like LearnWorlds also offer 30-day free trial on all of their plans as well as no requirement for credit card information.

    Blackboard Learn’s Final Verdict

    Various Blackboard Learn reviews emphasise the platform’s all-inclusive offer for organisations of every size, albeit at a premium price. While the purchase costs might put off certain buyers, remember that Blackboard can tailor its offering to meet your exact needs. Thus, you can get your money’s worth by including anything and everything your class needs.


    What is Blackboard Learn?

    Blackboard Learn is a popular LMS used by organisations, businesses, and educational institutions to provide an online learning experience on any platform out there.

    How to use Blackboard Learn?

    The usage experience varies depending on whether you are a teacher or a learner. While teachers have access to a plethora of tools needed to deliver content and monitor progress, learners can also easily access their grades, materials, and courses.

    How much is Blackboard Learn?

    As stated in this Blackboard Learn review, the company does not disclose its pricing plans since it adjusts them on a per-user basis. However, various online users report that the costs are on the premium side.

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