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9 Best Product Testing Sites In The UK 2024

Affiliate Disclosure: We get a commission when you sign up to websites, buy products or subscribe to services via our links on this page. However, all our opinions in this article are unbiased.

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated November, 3, 2022

What would you say if we told you there was a way to get compensated to test out products before anybody else and give large corporations unbiased feedback? It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to earn money online.

Here are the 9 best product testing sites in the UK, how they work, and how to get started. 

Best Websites for Product Testing in the UK

Now that we’ve got all that covered, it’s only fair of us to give you a quick overview of the websites that have proven to be legit throughout the years.

1. Boots Volunteers Product Testing Panel

Contact Details

By Email: bootsvolunteers@boots.co.uk

By Phone: 0115 959 4158 (Free Phone: 0800 9150741)

By Post:

Boots Evaluation Centre,
Building D121,
Thane Road,
NG90 1BS

With more than 2,500 stores, this company often looks for diverse groups of volunteers who are members of the public and independent from Boots that are willing to join its Boots Volunteer Panel and test out its products for safety and performance.

Those lucky enough to get accepted to the program get access to a variety of skincare and healthcare products from brands like Champneys, Remington, and Soap and Glory, as well as Boots’ products like No. 7, Soltan, and Botanics. 

Oftentimes, testers get to keep the products they’ve reviewed, and sometimes they might receive gift cards.

2. Super Savvy Me – Savvy Circle

Contact Details

By Web: Click Here

By Phone: 08000281047 (9:00am – 5:00pm GMT Monday – Friday)

SuperSavvyMe is a website that gives members of its Savvy Circle the chance to review brand new products, from shampoos and moisturisers to electrical appliances, from brands such as Aussie, Max Factor, Braun, Olay, Persil, Fairy, Flash, and Oral B.

Savvy Circle members are encouraged to share the items with their friends and family and leave a public review on social media platforms or blogs. SuperSavvyMe awards Savvy Circle members points for their feedback, which they can use to win prizes.

3. Clicks Research

Contact Details

By Web: Click Here

Clicks Research’s catchphrase is “We send. You test. You keep.” 

The site sends members of its community products to reviews, ranging from toiletries, skincare, cosmetics, kitchenware, food and drinks, baby products, clothes, and pet supplies, from brands like Boots, Tesco, M & S, and The Body Shop. 

Once you provide your feedback, you get to keep the product. Reviewers also earn points. If you collect more than 2500 points, you get £25 in cash. All survey participants who don’t qualify to test free items can take part in a customary prize draw.

4. Argos Testers

Contact Details

By Message: Twitter

By Phone: 0345 640 2020 (8:00am – 8:00pm GMT Monday – Sunday)

By SignVideo: Connect with SignVideo

By Post:

Argos Limited
Royal Avenue

From tech gadgets to toys and games, furniture, sportswear, and baby products, Argos, one of the leading retailers in the UK, has it all. 

The company prides itself on transparency and requires its reviewers to leave unbiased, detailed feedback. Argos considers it a plus when a reviewer adds a picture of the product.

Sadly, Argos is currently not accepting new members. However, in addition to the option to apply to become one of its testers, Argos might also send you a personal invite if you leave a review on all of your purchases.

What’s more, the company automatically adds your name to a draw to win a £100 Argos voucher if you post a review.

5. Philips Product Testing

Contact Details

By Web: Click Here

Philips, a well-known electronics firm, gives customers and members of the general public to participate in free product testing about their latest product. 

Potential testers need to create an account (unless they’re already “My Philips” members), find available products for testing, and apply. The company often requires testers to send links to the reviews they left. 

In most cases, testers get to keep their items, while others might get them at a discounted cost after leaving your feedback.

6. Home Tester Club

Contact Details

By Web: Click Here

The Home Tester Club, with more than 3 million registered testers, has a range of products, like groceries, toiletries, skincare, and toys, in its arsenal. 

Home Tester Club will then send the product to your home for testing, after which you can give feedback, leave a review on the website, and share your opinion about the product on social media. 

Testers get to keep the products they’ve reviewed, but they also earn badges, which they can use to get more freebies. The website also hosts weekly competitions for additional prizes.

7. Tesco Home Panel

Contact Details

By Email: home.panels@uk.tesco.com.

By Phone: 0800 323 4059 (Free from BT landlines) / 0330 123 4059 (03 telephone numbers are local rate calls from any private phone, including mobile devices. They will also be included in any inclusive call minutes offered by your phone company)

The Tesco Home Panel is free to join. Users can participate in surveys, focus groups, or home test products. 

The company promises freebies, and some testers have said they’ve received everything from shaving foams to barbecue grills upon signing up.

Tesco’s panel, like Boots, is selective. They look for testers with different backgrounds that belong to various demographics, which is why potential testers have to complete a survey and wait for approval to join the panel. 

Applicants still receive points for participating, which they can convert into vouchers, even if they don’t end up being chosen as their tester. Those points can be converted into vouchers.

8. Trnd

Contact Details

By Web: Click Here

Potential testers who get accepted by Trnd to join a project for the chance to get freebies, such as toiletries, cat food, fragrances, bathroom products, and alcohol.

Trnd sends project kits to all of its testers, which include the product itself, as well as small samples to give to your family and friends. 

Testers are expected to write a review based on their experience and discussion they had with others about the product, which they get to keep. They also earn points after submitting reports and finishing surveys.

9. Pinecone Research

Contact Details

By Web: Click Here

Pinecone Research is a well-known survey website owned by Nielsen Holdings, one of the largest market research companies. 

After signing up, testers are asked to fill out a short survey that will allow the company to learn about your preferences. Testers earn points by completing surveys, which can be redeemed as cash or gift cards, as well as access to exclusive products and services.

The points are valid for only a year.

Furthermore, Pinecone Research holds lucky draws twice a week for $500 and four times a year for $4,500.

Tester’s Guide

If you’re wondering how you can get paid for product testing in the UK, here’s what you need to know.

How to Sign Up for Testing Products in the UK?

  • Apply: To become a product tester in the UK, chances are, you will need to apply with product testing websites. You can find application forms on their official websites.
  • Fill out a survey: Most of these websites ask potential testers to fill out surveys, based on which they decide whether they’re the right candidate. Anything from personal information and preferences can play a role in the decision to accept or decline an applicant.

Types of Product Testing

There are several types of product testing, but most companies either send you a product to test at your home or ask you to submit surveys about products you have already tried. 

Some of these websites also ask testers to leave a review both there and on various social media platforms. 

Participants usually get rewards in the form of gift cards or cash payments through PayPal

Bottom Line

Product testing is a lucrative business. It allows manufacturers to find out what customers have to say and allow testers to earn some extra cash. There are plenty of companies and websites that are looking for honest feedback and give different cash rewards, gift cards, and freebies in return.


Are product tester jobs legit UK?

Yes, they are. All you have to do is pick the website you want to test for, complete their surveys, and if you get in, you’ll receive tons of free goodies from the website itself and even points and cash rewards.

If you’re also keen on providing opinions on various topics, answering paid surveys is an alternative to earn extra money.

What companies do product testing UK?

Many companies offer product testing, but some of the best product testing sites in the UK are Boots,  Home Tester Club, and even the popular conglomerate Phillips.