• Ease of use: 9/10
  • Variety of features: 9/10
  • Available platforms : 10/10
  • Customer support: 8.5/10
  • Value for money: 9.5/10

minimum price:


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The Ultimate Adobe Captivate Review for 2022

The Ultimate Adobe Captivate Review for 2022

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  • Ease of use: 9/10
  • Variety of features: 9/10
  • Available platforms : 10/10
  • Customer support: 8.5/10
  • Value for money: 9.5/10

works on:

Android Android
Apple Apple
Mac OS Mac OS
Windows Windows
Linux Linux



  • Multitude of options
  • Compatibility with various formats
  • Allows PowerPoint integration
  • Offers complete templates
  • Highly interactive
  • Great LMS integration


  • Costly
  • Support could be better
  • Single tier pricing

Adobe is one of the most renowned names in the software industry, so we can’t help but try out every new addition to their already gigantic palette of products. 

Adobe Captivate is one of the company’s most recent programs, aimed at enabling and assisting e-learning content creators completely hassle-free. But, is it as good as advertised?

Stay put as we provide the ultimate Adobe Captivate review by thoroughly inspecting its:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Support 
  • Ease of use and more.

Let’s jump right in!

Adobe Captivate 101

Even though the product was launched as a screen-recording tool known as Flashcam, the company developed the product into an E-learning authoring tool shortly after eHelp Corporation acquired Flashcam and re-released it as ‘RoboDemo’. eHelp was then acquired by the software company Macromedia, but the program went back into the arms of Adobe with its acquisition of Macromedia in 2005.

The software was finally rebranded into Adobe Captivate and developed into much more than a pure screen-recording tool.

Presently, Adobe Captivate helps authors create eLearning content, including software demonstrations, simulations, branched scenarios, as well as random quizzes in Shockwave Flash (.swf) and HTML5 formats.

Adobe Captivate can also help you convert .swf formats to digital .mp4 formats that can be played using various media players or uploaded to websites. The program, among other things, helps you create screencasts and convert existing PowerPoint presentations to .swf and HTML5.


Since its inception, the tool has significantly evolved, with the screen-capturing utility being the core of its eLearning features. Let’s take a quick look at the currently offered Adobe Captivate features.


In contrast to prior versions of the tool, it now offers two types of recordings: manual and automatic. If you opt for the first one, you need to trigger the capturing event, whereas the latter does everything by itself. Regardless of the mode, the recordings are placed into a series of slides after the recording is over.

Import Content

If you already have previously-filmed content (be it with a camera or a phone), you can start working with a blank canvas and import content. The imported content can also be a PowerPoint presentation or an image, which can be modified within the program. For instance, images can be resized, colour-corrected or rotated in the program itself.

Responsive Projects

Compared to other similar software, Adobe Captivate goes way beyond simple slideshows. To illustrate, the program offers a “Responsive Project” feature, which allows you to create a project specially designed to be viewed on several different platforms, including desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets. 

What is more, to further assist your project creation, Adobe Captivate can help you create VR projects, including 360-degree images and video showcasing.


The program comes with various, super-useful templates to help you kick it off. Templates can also provide a unified appearance of all of your slides across multiple projects or modules. Plus, it helps save time by avoiding the whole design process.

Ease of Use

Once you install the Adobe Captivate software, you will notice that the program allows both entry-level and highly-skilled users to use the app hassle-free, similar to other Adobe products. Using Adobe Captivate is efficient in whatever you wish to create, including educational content. Another great option for beginners to try out in the course-creation world is LearnWorlds.

The user experience is much like other products from the Adobe suite, so if you’ve ever had the chance to try Adobe Photoshop, for instance, you’ll quickly be able to get a grip of this tool as well. The company also offers multiple training courses on all of their products, so you can easily look them up and learn how to use Adobe Captivate too.


You can choose a couple of different ways to acquire the tool. More importantly, Adobe Captivate also offers a free trial for 30 days, so you can test it out and see if it meets your needs and desires before proceeding to buy Adobe Captivate

Even though there is a $39.99 monthly Adobe Captivate subscription, the company tends to stick to the license type of business model. This means that you get all of the features in a single, one-and-done plan without having to worry about monthly rates and still get frequent updates whenever new Adobe Captivate versions appear. 

Let’s take a look at the Adobe Captivate pricing options:

Product Full Retail Pricing Education Pricing
Adobe Captivate (2019 release) £1,354.80 £416.40

As displayed in the table above, Adobe offers two types of licenses, with a special discount on the second one. Note that you would have to provide some kind of document proving that you are either a teacher or a student. The other type of Adobe Captivate license is a commercial one designed to create and sell certain eLearning classes. If you want a cheaper option with a monthly fee, you should check out Ruzuku.

Adobe Captivate Support

When it comes to support, Adobe routes users of all products to the universal Adobe Help Center. There is no direct contact by phone, but you can contact the support teams through the official Adobe website. Note that you need to be logged in using your Adobe credentials to access the contact centre. If you need a platform that offers 24/7 customer support, take a look at Kajabi.

The Adobe Captivate forum is filled with helpful information regarding all kinds of issues, however, it only contains blog posts and no actual humans to interact with. Should you find yourself unable to solve your problem using the blog posts and how-to articles, make sure to contact the support team.

User Reviews

What better way to find out about the quality of the products and whether or not customers are enjoying it than actual user reviews?

Over at Trustradius, the Adobe Captivate course creator has a 6.7 out of 10 rating, based on 158 reviews, which was not great but also not terrible. As per the user reviews, the app is significantly interactive and allows the users to express themselves freely, however, most of them were a bit frustrated with the user interface and felt Adobe could improve the app in said manner.

We went over numerous reviews on the Apple Store regarding the iOS version of the software, called Adobe Captivate Prime, only to discover a seriously low rating. iOS users are not the avid enjoyers, given how the average rating is 2.2 out of 5 stars, based on 80 reviews. iOS users were mainly frustrated with the lack of support and the issues arising whenever users tried to import audio and video content.

The grass was a bit more greener over at the Google Play Store, with the average rating being 4.3 out of 5 across 580 reviews. According to Android users, the downsides were mainly related to the playback and the prolonged video loading.

Our Final Thoughts

Similarly to other Adobe products, the Captivate software offers a multitude of options and can alleviate the eLearning content creation for many authors out there. It’s a completely interactive suite of tools that encourages freedom of expression and allows creators to play around with different formats.

However, we’ve noticed an acceptable share of drawbacks as well, such as the unideal support system, the higher price as well as loading-related bugs that have been reported by users.

Adobe Captivate is a strong software, nonetheless. The company can definitely do better in terms of user experience, however, the program definitely sets a standard within the creative software category and is worth a try.


What is Adobe Captivate?

Adobe Captivate is an eLearning authoring tool that helps authors create software presentation content. It was released in 2019 as part of the enormous palette of Adobe products and had been helping both students, teachers and freelance lecturers in creating educational content for various eLearning platforms.

How much is Adobe Captivate?

Adobe Captivate comes in a single pricing plan, avoiding monthly or yearly subscriptions, however, the company offers two different licensing prices. The former is a commercial license which costs £1,354.80, whereas the latter includes a special discount for teachers and students and can be acquired for no more than £416.40.

Is Adobe Captivate included in creative cloud?

No, the program is a standalone, self-contained application, so Adobe Captivate is unfortunately not part of the Creative Cloud.

How to use Adobe Captivate?

All Adobe products can be both super-easy and extremely difficult to use, depending on what the creators want. However, this is actually one of the benefits of the Adobe suite: it’s completely fit for users of any skill level. Adobe Captivate offers tons of templates that let the users skip the whole design process and make it super-easy to create content.

All products are designed to allow the users to go through complex training regarding the app as they use it.

Is Adobe Captivate good?

During our research for this Adobe Captivate review, we found that the program is excellent for branching scenarios and complex eLearning content. The app offers many options regarding interactivity and responsiveness and provides great reports, allowing Learning Management System (LMS) tracking.


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