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What to Backup Before Changing SIM Card?

Written by, Adavelli Muninder

Updated October, 17, 2022

Before switching SIM cards between phones, it’s important to back up your phone to make sure you don’t lose any important files and move all the important data to the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll look at what to backup before changing a SIM card, what will happen to your contacts when you switch the SIM card, and how to prevent data loss. 

What to Do Before Changing Sim Card

When you replace your SIM card in your phone, you lose access to any data on the old card. Photos, apps, and other documents that aren’t stored on the SIM aren’t affected by a card switch. 

However, if you have data on your old SIM card and you haven’t transferred it to your phone or external storage, any phone numbers, addresses, or text messages that are on it will remain there.

To make sure you keep all of your data before swapping SIM cards: 

1. Transfer all the contacts

Regardless of whether you have an Android device, iPhone, or a feature phone, the most important thing to do before changing SIM cards is to back up your contacts.

If all of your contacts are saved on your phone’s SIM card, you must move them to the phone’s memory, send them to your email account, or save them to the iCloud.

2. Update your information

If your old phone number is linked to your online accounts, you’ll have to update that information before you swap the SIM cards. This will make sure that you can log into your accounts if you use two-factor authentication and pay online and avoid the risk of losing any important data.

3. Make sure your phone is unlocked

When changing a phone SIM card, it’s important to ensure that your phone is not carrier-locked, especially if you’re changing providers. 

A locked phone means that you can’t use any other SIM card than the one provided to you by your network carrier and you’ll have to unlock it to use a new SIM card. 

You can check whether your phone is locked in Settings. An unlocked phone will say ‘No SIM restrictions’ next to ‘Carrier Lock’ under ‘About’ in ‘General’ on your iPhone.

What Will Happen If I Put My SIM Card on Another Phone?

If you put a SIM card in another phone, you will retain your number and be able to use it to make calls, send texts, and use cellular data, provided that the phone is unlocked. 

What will happen with your contacts?

When you insert your SIM card into another device, you can access your phone contacts from that device but only if they’ve been saved on the SIM card.  

Most phones nowadays are automatically set to save any type of data, regardless of whether it’s photos or contacts, to the phone’s memory. However, users have the option to sync their phones to their iCloud and OneDrive accounts and copy contacts from their device’s memory to the SIM card if necessary.

What to Backup Before Changing Sim Card to New Phone?

To avoid losing any important data, you should back up your photos, contacts, and any other information before changing a SIM card from one phone to another. This can be done by exporting your files to your computer, external storage like a memory stick or a hard drive, or cloud storage, like iCloud Google Drive, and OneDrive, among others. 

If you want to transfer SIM card data to another SIM card, you’ll have to copy the data to your phone and then move it from your phone to the second SIM card.

Changing SIM card in iPhone without losing data

All iPhone users get access to Apple’s iCloud. If you haven’t used it so far, you might need to activate it to back up your files. Once you insert a new SIM card into your phone, you’ll need to log into your iCloud account with the same ID and copy any data that might have been lost in the process.

Since a SIM card usually stores contacts, you can copy your contacts from your SIM card to your phone or cloud before putting a new SIM card on your phone. 

To transfer contacts from a SIM card to your phone:

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ application. 
  2. Tap on ‘Contacts.’
  3. Select ‘Import Contacts from SIM’ at the bottom of the menu. 

Finally, you can make backups on your Mac via the Finder application or iTunes, but you’ll need to connect your iPhone with your computer via a USB cable.

Change SIM card without losing data on Android

Google, like Apple, allows users to synchronise their cloud storage but doesn’t require activation as long as you’re logged into your Google account on your device. 

Google is more generous than Apple, providing users with up to 15GB of free storage, but if that’s not enough, you can always connect your phone to your PC via a USB cable and transfer all files there before inserting a new SIM card. 

If you’re not sure whether the contacts in your phone are saved on your SIM card, it’s best to copy all of them to the phone’s memory. 

To do so:

  1. Open your ‘Contact’ application. 
  2. Select ‘App Options.’
  3. Tap ‘Import/Export SIM card contacts.’

Bottom Line  

Before you switch SIM cards, regardless of the type of phone you have, it’s important to copy SIM card information and save it to your phone, as well as back up all other data, files, and media you have on your phone in case something goes awry. 

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

What information is on a SIM card?

A SIM card is a small card that stores data like contacts, SMS messages, call logs, personal security keys, and network authorization data.

Does switching SIM cards transfer data?

Switching SIM cards will transfer data between devices if you have data saved on the SIM cards. If you want to avoid losing any data, it’s best to make a copy of it.

What to backup before changing a SIM card?

The most important thing to backup before a SIM card swap is your contacts. A SIM card doesn’t store media files, meaning you won’t lose your photos and videos when you insert a new SIM card into your phone.