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How to Select a Name for Your Personal Email Address?

Written by, Ljubica Gjorgievska

Updated September, 13, 2022

Everything on the web now seems to be out of stock. Whether it’s your preferred Instagram username, a Twitter handle, or a domain name, it seems impossible to find something without having to make a few tweaks.

With options running out fast, here’s how to select a name for your personal email address.

How to select a name for your personal email address

Choose the right email provider

The first step in creating an email address is finding a reputable email service provider, like Gmail and Outlook. Gmail is, by far, the most popular email service provider in the world, which means it’s more likely that your preferred username is available on Outlook.

Consider name safety

Is it a good idea to use your real name when choosing an email address? It depends on the purpose of the email address. While most websites, such as Facebook, require that you use your real name, you are not required to use your complete name

Try with first-and last-name combinations

Your personal email address should include your name. When picking an email address, the evergreen method is to try combining your first and last name. 

For example, namesurname@emailprovider.com or surnamename@emailprovider.com

Use the dot

If that doesn’t work, you might have to try adding in a dot or underscore to the mix. Keep in mind that Gmail doesn’t differentiate between an email address with a dot and an email address without one.

For example, namesurname@emailprovider.com, name.surname@emailprovider.com, and na.me.sur.na.me@email provider.com are all the same to Gmail. If one is taken, all formats will be unavailable.

Use your initials

If you can’t find an available username with your full name and surname, try using your initials. 

For example, name initial.surname@emailprovider.com or name.surname initial@emailprovider.com

Use suffix or prefix

If all of the above-mentioned formats are taken, you can always use suffixes and prefixes when choosing an email name. There are plenty of suffixes and prefixes you could use.

For example, if you need an idea, you can add suffixes based on your sex or profession, like Mr., Mrs., “blg” for bloggers, “yt” for YouTubers, and so on. 

Avoid using nicknames

It’s best to avoid using nicknames when you are figuring out how to choose an email address because it looks unprofessional, and you never know whom you might need to give your email in the future. 

Avoid using numbers and hyphens

The use of hyphens and numbers can be confusing. People who hear your address can’t be certain whether it’s a numeral or a spelled-out number.

Avoid using professional information

A personal email is often used to create accounts on social media or communicate with friends, rather than sending work emails and talking to colleagues. It’s best to always choose an email address that sounds professional, but there is no need to include details from your work life.

Make it easy to remember and pronounce

You’ll want to create an email address that’s not only easy to remember but also easy to spell. Chances are, you’ll be using the email address for a long time, so choosing a name that’s easy to spell and pronounce will make things easier on you, especially when dealing with other people. 

Why is your email name important? 

Your email address is an essential aspect of your online identity and it is important that you pick a personal email address that leaves a good first impression, sounds credible, and is easy to remember.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to navigate through today’s society without having an email address. So, if you are wondering how to select a name for your personal email address, your best bet is to try different iterations of your first name and surname.

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