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How To Get Google On Switch?

Written by, Mihajlo Trajcheski

Updated July, 20, 2023

The Nintendo Switch is a highly-versatile gaming console. Not only does it allow you to play games on the go, but you can also use it to listen to music, watch films, and stream your favourite shows. 

But, did you know that your Switch has a built-in web browser? 

In this blog post, we’ll explain how to gain access to the Internet browser on Switch, how to get Google on Switch, and what you can do on the browser. 

Does The Switch Have a Browser?

The Nintendo Switch has a built-in browser whose sole purpose is to allow players to log in to public hotspots. As such, the Switch Internet browser is quite limited.

According to an early press release, the device uses Access’s NetFront Browser NX.

How to Get Google on Nintendo Switch

If you want to browse the internet on Switch, here’s what you should do: 

Step 1: System Settings

Go to System Settings (the ‘gear’ icon) from the dashboard. The app is right next to the Power button.

Step 2: Internet Settings

Scroll down, tap on Internet settings, and select your current Wi-Fi connection to access the information page.

Step 3: DNS Settings

Find Change settings, tap on it, and select DNS settings.

Step 4: Manually enter DNS Settings

When you tap on DNS Settings, you’ll be given an option to change it from automatic to manual. Once you do that, select your Primary DNS, change the IP address to, and save the changes.

Step 5: Connect to the network

Tap ‘Connect to this network’ on the following screen, which will prompt a pop-up with the message: ‘Registration is required to use this network.’ Tap on Next and you’ll see the SwitchBru DNS Homepage which enables the web browser on your Nintendo Switch.

Step 6: Redirect to Google

Tap on ‘Continue to Google,’ which should take you to Google’s search bar.

What Can You Do On The Switch Web Browser?

The built-in browser on Switch has a left-side menu where you can find some of its features. 

  • Browse the web: There is an option to enter a custom URL that will redirect you to a specific website.
  • Check your Facebook: You can log into your Facebook by linking your social profile, browse through your newsfeed and even watch Facebook videos. However, you won’t be able to access any external links from the platform. 
  • SwitchBru news: Switch users can read the latest news from SwitchBru’s news page and send feedback about their browsing experience.
  • Useful links: You could add custom links for easier access, including Switch-related links. 
  • Settings: You can also change the theme and your notification settings from there.

How To Revert Your DNS Settings Back To Automatic

Once you’re done using the internet browser on your Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to change back your DNS settings if you want to continue playing games. 

To change your DNS Settings from manual to automatic:

  • Open the DNS settings page.
  • Select Automatic.
  • Save the changes (tap the ‘OK’ button).

Worth noting: While reverting your DNS setting back to automatic you may experience some connection issues. If that happens, you could fix it by manually adjusting the primary and secondary DNS numbers (use for your primary DNS and for your secondary DNS).

Why Does Switch Have a Web Browser?

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a dedicated browser since its creators never meant for it to be used for casual web surfing.

However, the console does have a limited, build-it browser, which can’t be accessed directly from the homepage. That’s because the Nintendo Switch Internet browser was included to give players the ability to connect to public hotspots and log in to networks that require authentication, such as hotels or airport networks. 

Bottom Line

Although the browser on Nintendo Switch isn’t something you would use on a regular basis, it’s good to know how to get Google on Switch, especially when you’re on the go. The Nintendo Switch web browser is very limited, but it might come useful if you need to check your Facebook page or visit a specific webpage in certain situations.

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