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How to Find Someone’s Email for Free

Written by, Ljubica Gjorgievska

Updated September, 7, 2022

Looking for ways to contact someone but you don’t have their email address?

Here’s how to find someone’s email for free. 

8 ways to find an email address for free

Using email lookup services

Using an email lookup service might be the easiest way of finding an email address.

There are plenty of reliable email lookup services you can find online, most of which offer free, but limited searches.

All you need to do is feed them the name, surname, and company name of the person whose email you’re looking for, and it will churn out emails associated with the information you’ve provided. 

Trying to guess someone’s email address

It may sound impossible, but making a guess and testing it out might just work, especially if you’re searching for email addresses of popular individuals, like influencers, podcast hosts, or journalists. 

How to make a good guess?

Well, most email addresses use one of the following formats:

  • First name@domain.com
  • First name + last name@domain.com
  • First name + the first letter of their lastname@domain.com
  • The first letter of their first name + last name@domain.com
  • Initials@domain.com

To make things easier, it’s standard practice for all staff with the same domain name to use the same email address format. 

Using Twitter

If the person you’re looking for is on Twitter, you can look up the email address they used to create the account. Some add their emails in their Twitter bio.

There have also been a few instances where a user has tweeted their email in the comment section in response to a query, so you can look through previous tweets to check or use Twitter’s search option, which allows you to search for a targeted word on certain pages.

Subscribing to your prospect’s email list

Sometimes, finding email addresses is as easy as checking your inbox. If you’ve subscribed to the newsletter of the person you’re looking for, you can try responding to it to express an opinion or ask a question, even if it’s sent from a generic info@ address.

If you aren’t subscribed to their newsletter, you can probably find it on their website.

Figuring out someone’s email through other social media platforms

If you can locate somebody’s social media pages, you could very well find an email address there as well. 

You can look for a person’s email address in their Twitter or Instagram bio or in the “About” page on their Facebook account. You might also find what you’re looking for on LinkedIn in their “Contact Info” page, though you would have to connect with them first. 

Using generic addresses to find someone’s email

You can always ask for an email address of an employee if you reach out to the company where they work via its main email, which you can find on its official website.

 These emails usually begin with “info” or “contact,” followed by @domain.com. Once you find it, you can use the email address to send a brief email detailing who you are, who you need to reach, and why.

Searching for an email address on a company website

A company website is a great place to search the email address of one of their employees. 

Many corporations provide contact information for specific employees, usually on the “About Us” page. 

The “news” section is also a good place to look as most organisations cite the author of the article and have a separate page for them where you might find their email address.

Google it

Google’s search tool is the most-used search tool for a reason. 

If you search for someone’s name plus the words “email” or “contact,” it could lead you to a page where you can find the email address you are looking for. 

Bottom Line

If you’re wondering how to find someone’s email for free, there are plenty of ways to do it. From a simple Google search to using an email lookup service, you can easily discover a person’s email address (unless they don’t want to be found!).

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