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How Fast Is 10 Mbps?

Written by, Andriana Moskovska

Updated September, 6, 2022

Finding a sweet spot between the internet connection fast enough to give you a buffer-free HD streaming experience, yet having a reasonable price may seem hard. That’s because the internet speed depends on different factors, such as the number of devices and people sharing the internet. So how fast is 10 Mbps?

How Fast is 10Mbps Actually?

Internet speed measures the download and upload speed of your internet connection and refers to the speed at which data travels from the World Wide Web to your device. Generally, internet service providers use different standards for download and upload speeds. Before selecting a service and speed, you should research both the upload and download speed to determine the best option as download speeds are advertised higher. 10 Mbps delivers internet download speeds at approximately 10 megabits/second and upload speeds up to 1 megabit/second, which means that a 10 MB file will take 8 seconds to load.

Depending on your internet usage and the number of people using the internet, 10 Mbps may be just enough for you. If your online activities include casually surfing the web, reading news, emailing, streaming music, and playing online games, then 10 Mbps will be sufficient. But, since the bandwidth you’re allotted is shared among all devices on your connection, you’ll need to take into account the number of people you’re sharing the internet with. Video streaming tends to eat up the most bandwidth, so 10 Mbps for one person streaming a video in HD will do just fine, but add another person playing an online game, and things will become slower. 

If you’re working from home, 10 Mbps should be more than enough to get you through the workday, provided it’s not shared with other users. Most of the activities you’ll be undertaking, such as doing meetings on Zoom or writing emails, don’t require more than 10 Mbps of dedicated internet bandwidth.

But, If you’re running a home office, consider going for a higher speed since the connection becomes slower when shared among devices. You also need a lot of speed to play games online since it is a bandwidth-intense activity when it comes to gaming. Additionally, large game downloads require high-speed broadband connections, so you may find 10 Mbps insufficient. 

Best VPNs For 10 Mbps

Using a VPN will slow down your connection speed, as a side effect of encrypting data and sending it to servers around the world. However, some VPNs cause a lower drop in speed than others, and you won’t even notice any drop at all with the best ones. The following VPNs work best with 10 Mbps.


ExpressVPN is lightning-fast. With over 3,000 servers across 90 countries, it can get you around even the strictest geo-restrictions with blazing speeds.

You won’t even notice the difference between your usual ISP connection and ExpressVPN. Plus, it lets you use its apps on up to 5 devices simultaneously and can access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO GO, and many other streaming providers.


CyberGhost has impressive speeds that allow you to browse and stream your favourite shows in full HD quality without buffering.  

With over 7,000 servers across 90 countries, it provides uninterrupted browsing without slowdowns. It can unblock many streaming providers, such as Netflix. Plus, it lets you connect up to 7 devices simultaneously.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a high-quality VPN with innovative services that provide steady speeds and superior security. It reduces the time it takes you to connect to a VPN server and transfer data thanks to its unique protocol.

Its speeds are great, and upload speeds that stay super consistent no matter where you connect are more than you could ask for. Plus, it works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, Fox Go, CBS All Access, HBO GO and lets you connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Bottom Line

Questions about internet speed, such as how fast is 10 Mbps, can get very confusing, so finding the sweet spot between internet speed that can suffice your needs without getting too expensive may seem hard. Now that you have an idea of how fast 10 Mbps actually is, it’s time to find a plan that matches your speed needs.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Is 10 Mbps good for gaming?

In most cases, 10 Mbps internet connection speed will suffice. Playing online games doesn’t require high internet speed, so 10 Mbps will be more than enough. However, you’ll need more bandwidth if you’re going to take part in a game competitively or participate in a multiplayer game. 

How many devices can 10 Mbps support?

10 Mbps can support up to 2 devices in order to run smoothly. Connecting more devices would slow the network down, and you’ll experience buffering and lagging. 

Is 10MB download speed good?

10 Mbps download speed per person is perfectly good for average residential use, covering basic web surfing or email. If you engage in bandwidth-intensive activities, like Ultra HD video streaming, frequent downloading of large files or multiplayer gaming, you may consider going for higher speed.

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