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Best Kodi Addons in the UK [2022]

Written by, Andriana Moskovska

Updated July, 20, 2023

Kodi is, by far, one of the best open-source streaming software out there, but without add-ons, it’s just another media organiser.

But, what are the best Kodi addons in the UK?

Let’s find out.

Top 10 Working Kodi Addons

  1. Deja Vu App Review
  • Compatible with: Kodi 18 Leia
  • Price: €2.50/month
  • Real Debrid Integration: Yes 

Available in the GitHub repository, Deja Vu offers a wide variety of content and offers a special Real Debrid customization option, which makes it one of the best Kodi apps today.

Deja Vu offers a wide variety of content, from movies and YouTube videos to popular TV shows, kids TV, and sports-related content. Other options include docuseries, online radio stations, and new releases. 

The add-on displays the content in a meticulous way in the main window, where users can easily find and browse videos and content in the Deja Vu app.

The best part about it is that Deja Vu uses torrenting and scraping technologies and delivers top-notch streams. 

  1. The Crew App Review
  • Compatible With: Kodi 19 Matrix or older
  • Price: Free
  • Real Debrid Integration: Yes

The Crew is a great choice for anyone looking for a free IPTV. It comes with multi-source combinations of playlists with carefully curated content, and is one of the top movie addons for Kodi.

The Crew addon offers an infinite library of TV shows, movies, music, radio stations, IPTV, and live sports. Other content includes stand-up comedy shows, fitness streams, radio stations, and holiday and kids content. 

The addon also works with Retribution and Eye Candy. 

The Crew takes only a couple of minutes to download and install. What’s more, the app is quite easy to navigate thanks to its intuitive user interface

  1. Maverick App Review
  • Compatible with: Kodi Matrix 19+ or older
  • Price: $4.87/month
  • Real Debrid Integration: Yes

Maverick TV is another third-party Kodi addon that provides access to high-quality content and is a good movie addons for Kodi. The app has a free version, which comes with limited content options, but it’s great for trying out the addon and getting a sense of what type of content you get with it.

The full version of the Maverick Kodi addon offers 4K UHD movies RD, new RD movies, new free movies, family movies, British cinema, documentaries and TV shows, live sports, comedy content, NASA live streams, among other things. 

The Kodi Maverick TV addon is easy to install and has a user-friendly interface. It also has plenty of convenient perks, like multiple language subtitles, and other customizable preferences.

  1. Exodus Redux App Review
  • Compatible with: Kodi 19 Matrix or older
  • Price: Free
  • Real Debrid Integration: Yes

The Exodus Redux addon is a take on the Exodus Kodi addon, which carries a huge database of content that can be downloaded via the GitHub repository.

The add-on lets you stream all of your favourite TV shows, music videos, movies, games, and photos in a single database. Exodus Redux uses OpenScraper and has Real Debrid support. 

The only downside is it doesn’t receive a lot of updates, though it still works well, and doesn’t work with Kodi 19 Matrix.

  1. TV One App Review
  • Compatible With: Kodi 18 Leia or older
  • Price: Free
  • Real Debrid Integration: No

TV One is a movie addon for Kodi that brings an international database to the comfort of your own couch. 

Available at the Octopus repository, the TV One Kodi addon offers wildlife and science TV, religious content, kids TV, national TV channels from different countries including the US and Australia, sports, documentaries, and popular movies and TV shows. 

The add-on is easy to install and navigate and offers one-click play, which makes it a  great pick for less tech-savvy people. 

  1. Pluto TV App Review
  • Compatible With: Kodi Leia 18.9 or older
  • Price: Free
  • Real Debrid Integration: Yes

Pluto TV is a popular streaming platform that offers one of the top working Kodi addons. It provides top-notch quality content and an HD resolution.

The Pluto TV repository comes with over 250 different live TV channels including CBSN, MTV, Food TV, Sky News, Fox News, and other US channels. The app offers different types of content, including more than 1,000 movies and TV shows, and Live sports.

One of the advantages of the Pluto TV Kodi addon is that it’s free and available in the Google Play Store. 

  1. Morpheus App Review
  • Compatible with: Kodi Matrix 19+ or older
  • Price: Free
  • Real Debrid Integration: Yes

Morpheus is one of the most popular Kodi plugins. It has a sizable database and content in numerous categories, including a good line-up of TV shows and movies.

The app works with Trakt TV, which allows users to get back to where they left off, and is one of the only Kodi addons that offer Anine content, in addition to IPTV, Live sports, and documentaries. 

Morpheus does have some HD streaming links, as well as automatic subtitles and closed captioning support as well.

  1. Wolfpack App Review
  • Compatible With: Kodi Matrix 19+ or older
  • Price: Free
  • Real Debrid Integration: Yes

The Wolfpack addon boasts an extensive media library, including movies, TV shows, audiobooks, family and kids TV, anime, and more. 

Wolfpack is one of the most popular addons for Kodi and is at the top of the list of addons with a sizable media library and a huge array of category collections. 

The app has a search function, where users can search for specific titles and categorises its content by provider, type of content, popularity, and rating, which makes the app easy to use and navigate.

  1. Tempest App Review
  • Compatible with: Kodi 18 Leia
  • Price: Free
  • Real Debrid Integration: Yes

If you’re looking for a Kodi addon that can stream 1080p and 4K links without a glitch, the Tempest addon might be a solid option. 

Tempest regularly updates its library to add new content and can be connected to Trakt TV as well as Real Debrid, All Debrid, and Premiumize. If you connect it to Trakt TV, the app will allow you to sync watchlists.

Some of the content you can find with the addon includes IPTV, sports, news, radio, music, entertainment channels and shows, movies, and international TV.

  1. Venom App Review
  • Compatible With: Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix
  • Price: Free
  • Real Debrid Integration: Yes

The Venom addon for Kodi has plenty of movies and TV shows in its media library, which users can stream from legitimate sources like Premiumize, All Debrid, Furk, Premiumize, and Real Debrid. 

Venom frequently adds new content to its categories, which include kids TV, movies, TV shows, IPTV, and documentaries.

The user interface is similar to that of Netflix and the app has convenient features such as integrated subtitles, Play Next options, and Still Watching user dialogues.

Do you need to use a VPN?

A good VPN almost always goes hand in hand with Kodi. Before jumping into the world of endless entertainment, it’s important to note that many Kodi plugins and addons have an undefined legal status and are in a legal grey area. There are some addons that provide access to copyrighted content, which is why it’s important to always check the original sources. 

For this reason, and the fact that both Kodi and the addons are third-party software, it is crucial to use a VPN whenever you’re streaming any type of content on your TV or computer.

Bottom Line

Kodi is a convenient streaming platform for avid cinephiles and anyone who wants to take a break from regular programming. Its addons allow users to avoid cable costs and offer access to a wide range of content. They usually have an intuitive interface and are easy to navigate.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

1. What is the most popular & best addon?

The best Kodi addons in the UK are The Crew, Deja Vu, Maverick, Exodus Redux, Pluto TV, and TVOne.

2. What are the dangers of using a Kodi Addon?

Some Kodi addons are in the legal grey area, meaning that you might stumble upon some malicious links. To avoid such situations, make sure to use a VPN.

3. What can you watch with Kodi addons?

Kodi addons connect to websites to fetch the content, which means they can basically offer anything that has ever been uploaded to the Internet. This includes movies, TV shows, IPTV, documentaries, live streams of various events, live sports and much more.

4. Is Kodi legal and safe to use?

Yes, Kodi is a legitimate application and is completely safe to use. 

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