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What is eBay Packlink?

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated August, 17, 2022

Most of us love the thrill of online shopping and opening packages. If you’re a fan of ordering online, you’ve probably seen the term “eBay Packlink” thrown around.

But what is eBay Packlink and why should you use it? 

Keep on reading to find out. 

What Is eBay Packlink Delivery?

eBay Delivery is a distribution tool powered by Packlink that helps sellers track their shipments. To encourage safe retail during the pandemic, Packlink partnered with eBay UK to provide consumers with collection and delivery from their homes at very low prices.

What’s more, Packlink manages all eBay shipments, as well as payments, technical issues, and customer service for purchases handled through the platform. 

It uses an API call to bring in sold products from your eBay account so that you don’t have to enter your data by hand. So you can sell your clothes or other items to earn more through this delivery feature.

But, how do you get access to this delivery service?

You can start using eBay Packlink delivery by simply logging in with your eBay credentials.

Why Should You Use Packlink?

Here are some of the benefits of using Packlink when selling/purchasing products on eBay:

  • Packlink automatically fills out your buyer’s name and your location on your postal label.
  • You can create and print a pre-filled packing list that contains details about your shipping items. 
  • Track information shows instantly in My eBay and Seller Hub for both the seller and buyer. 
  • You can see all of your shipments on the Packlink Delivery label platform. (prepared, in-transit, and received).
  • You can choose to have your shipment picked up, which is more convenient and saves on time.

Note: To send a package, simply put in the origin and destination postal codes, as well as the measurements and weight of the product. 

What Happens if My Package Is Larger Than Stated?

eBay Packlink gets a bit tricky when it comes to prices and sizes. If your shipment is larger or heavier than what is permitted for the price band, the carrier may charge you an extra fee

If you placed an order with the wrong weight or dimensions, we recommend cancelling it and placing a new one, to avoid any misunderstandings.

If the package delivery surpasses the allowed weight and size, the courier will most likely ask the sender or receiver to pick it up from one of their facilities. 

Note: include the weight and dimensions of the packaging too.

How To Create and Print a Postage Label With Packlink?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create and print a postage label with Packlink.

  1. Click “Sold” on the My eBay/Seller Hub ⇒ select your item ⇒ click “Print postage label”.
  2. Select “eBay Delivery powered by Packlink”, and Log In afterwards.
  3. Click “View all services” and select the one that you want.
  4. Choose a package size and delivery method. You have the option of having your item picked up or drop it off at the closest post office.
  5. Go to “Collection” ⇒ pick a courier, and the day you’d like your item collected.
  6. Click on “Confirm and Pay.”.
  7. Click on “Print Label”.

Take the item to the drop-off outlet you chose earlier. You can also arrange for collection in a secure package (make sure that the label is visible).

Note: You will be charged for the label after you print it, regardless of whether you use it or not. Unused labels can be cancelled within 15 days.

Ready to Order?

The partnership between eBay and Packlink is one of the most affordable solutions for users to date. Sending and receiving packages through Packlink’s eBay delivery is fast, convenient, and most importantly, cheap. It certainly makes eBay a great option for earning money online.

It is more than worth a try!

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Why is Packlink so cheap?

Packlink has cheaper prices than national postal services and/or mainstream transportation corporations due to its established business agreements with carrier partners.

Who delivers eBay Packlink?

Packing is a delivery service provider. The company delivers the products and items you sell/buy via eBay and also handles payments, technical details, and customer support.  So, what is eBay Packlink? It’s a partnership between Packlink and eBay to offer sellers and buyers on the platform more delivery options.

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