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What Is a Micro Influencer?

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated September, 27, 2022

Although influencers with millions of followers can help you get your products/services in front of a large audience, micro-influencers are, sometimes, the better choice.

But, what is a micro influencer and how can they help you grow your business?

In this article, we’ll answer that, go over the benefits of hiring micro-influencers, and explain how to find the right one for your business.

What Is a Micro Influencer?

Micro-influencers are those who have a significant following on social media but whose follower count is in the millions.

They typically have a specific niche and use online platforms to promote products and services that align with their content.

How many followers does a micro influencer have?

A micro influencer by definition has between 10,000 and 100,000 followers on social media.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Micro-Influencers For Your Business?

There’s more than one reason why brands prefer micro-influencers over celebrities as part of their social media campaigns. These include:

Niche Markets

The main reason why micro influencer marketing is in-demand is that these influencers usually have a specific niche.

This means brands can tap into highly curated communities, with a degree of targeting that’s impossible with a macro influencer.

Relationship with Audience

On average, advertisers can expect a return of £42 for every £1 spent. That number can be much higher with an influencer who doesn’t have millions of followers.

Influencers with a smaller following typically have a close relationship with their subscribers. As a result, micro influencer followers are more likely to trust their judgment.


Influencers who don’t boast millions of followers on social media usually have to reach out to brands for collaborations– not the other way around. 

And when they do, they usually contact brands they like and want to support.


More often than not, micro influencing means higher engagement and conversion rates, compared to that of macro-influencers, because their followers trust the individual they follow and are more likely to comment and click the ‘purchase’ button.

According to Social Bakers, they record 60% and 20% higher conversion rates compared to macro influencers.


Brands pay influencers based on the number of followers they have, which is why micro influencers marketing is a budget-friendly endeavor for brands.

And since they’re looking to grow their following, it is common for them to be open to negotiations and to over-serve a brand to build a long-term relationship. 

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Why Are Micro Influencers Better Than Celebrities?

For celebrity influencers, the marketing business is full of opportunities.

They frequently get offers from different brands that are willing to pay big bucks to have their product seen by millions of people on social media. 

The  biggest downside is that it’s difficult to sell something that’s not quite in your niche. Celebrities have different types of audiences following them, which is why their conversion rate is lower, compared to micro influencers. 

Also, macro influencers are less likely to be as knowledgeable about the product than micro-influencers, who are typically experts in the field.

Last but not least, influencers who have millions of people following them are expensive. A public figure can charge up to $1 million per post, while micro-influencers charge anywhere from £15 to £100 per post.

How To Find Micro Influencers For Your Brand

If you’re interested in working with micro-influencers to market your brand, you can use some of these methods to find suitable creators to be your advertisers.

Set a clear goal

Before you begin your search for micro-influencers, you need to have a  clear vision of what kind of results you expect from working with them. 

Important factors to consider are the tone and message of the campaign, whether you’re prioritising getting the product in front of more people or conversion, and if you need someone knowledgeable to reach your goal.

Studying the differences between Instagram and TikTok marketing can also make a difference. 

Start with your followers

Sometimes, the things we need are right under our noses.

If you’re looking for a micro-influencer that’s not a celebrity but has just enough followers and likes your brand, then the best chance of finding them is to comb through your community. 

These accounts should tick the following boxes:

  • They demonstrate ан interest in your brand.
  • Their content and your audience overlap.
  • They know and understand your products.

If all of the above-mentioned are true, the influencer will be much more likely to accept your offer.

Hashtag research

The best way to narrow down your research is hashtag research. This will help you find a micro influencer who is interested in the services and products you offer.

Relevant hashtags – hashtags that are highly relevant to your brand– will also lead you to accounts that share content that gets a lot of engagement, which is usually a good sign that the influencer knows what they’re doing. 

Take advantage of influencer marketing tools

 Influencer marketing is a well-developed business, which usually means that you’re less likely to deal with inconveniences, like combing through thousands of social media users.

This is where influencer search tools, like inBeat and Upfluence, come into play.

All you have to do is fill out the blanks and the software will give you a list of influencers that are best suitable for your campaign.

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Bottom Line

If you’re wondering ‘What is a micro influencer?’, it’s a person who has a solid social media presence but doesn’t have a follower count that reaches millions. These influencers usually have a very specific niche and are experts in their field. Their biggest advantage is being able to promise high conversion and engagement rates, provided that your product alights with their content.

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