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8 Must-Try Virtual Rewards For Students

Written by, Martina Georgievska

Updated August, 25, 2022

Your virtual classroom doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, encourage and engage students through different reward systems perfect for online learning.

Top Picks: Virtual Rewards For Students

Trying digital stickers

Stamps and stickers were familiar to us when we were kids. This time, eLearning can still use the same concept for reward and recognition. Virtual stickers are a fun, creative and colourful way to give feedback.

You can either create your own like Bitmoji stickers or search for downloadables online. There are a lot of free digital stickers for teachers. Students can collect them on a digital sticker book.

Show and tell

A virtual reward system like show and tell gives students a chance to better get to know their classmates. A tip to avoid being overwhelmed is to make a scheduled weekly session to spread out the class and have a few students per week share the designated topic.

Let the student be the class DJ

Playing music while doing activities help in setting the mood for the class. You can let a student contribute by giving them the power to select the songs to play for the whole day.

Incentives for virtual learning don’t always have to be through material recognition, but students’ opportunities are well-appreciated. Remember to give some guidelines when selecting the songs for the playlist.

Homework pass

Virtual prize ideas could be easily executed by a basic pass, such as having a no homework day. Students will be sure to do their best during the activity to get the chance to have this pass in hand. You can set it to apply to a choice of subject, or say a specific day of the week.

Virtual rewards coupons

Never underestimate the power of games to get students of all ages excited. A digital reward system for students can be achieved by having different sets of reward coupons. The choices for this can be very flexible. 

You can even ask your students to provide a number of suggestions and build the reward coupon gallery with you. If resources are not an issue, you can also include some real-life rewards to cash in and not just stick to online rewards for students.

Google Classroom shout out

After checking in with the class, you can include a few minutes to acknowledge any student who has done something worth noting during the start of the day. 

This could be a simple gesture to help a struggling classmate or pitch ideas for a class activity. You could verbalise this and use the Google Classroom Stream to post an image showing the recognition.

Distance learning rewards for students such as praising publicly (within the class) can go a long way.

Classroom karaoke

Kids love music! Teachers have successfully used singing activities in their classes to teach language fluency. It’s a great learning tool, but at the same time, it can work as one of the virtual incentives for students

A student who receives the reward can choose from your prepared list of karaoke song choices and then let the whole class sing all together. It’s fun and builds closeness despite being physically distant from each other.

Virtual classroom awards

Teachers can use presentation slides to feature their students’ achievements and properly end the school term. Bear in mind that these certificates shouldn’t focus on academics alone, as inserting some behaviour based and fun awards can help take the pressure off the kids to focus on academic lessons only.

Get the Class Going!

You don’t need to jump into all these suggestions in one go. Instead, choose which virtual rewards for your students would better suit you and your class’ personalities. 

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