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Virtual Classroom Setup Ideas

Written by, Martina Georgievska

Updated July, 23, 2023

With the rise of online education, teachers are working virtually more than ever. As a remote teacher, setting up your online classroom is crucial for your student’s success. This article will present practical virtual classroom setup ideas for you to use at home

Getting The Workspace Ready

A good backdrop

Make sure the area your students see is appropriate and relevant to the topic you are teaching. You can choose from posters, maps, calendars, whiteboards, blue screens and so on. 


A messy workspace can distract you from getting your job done, while an organised desk can help you reduce additional stress and anxiety. Most remote teachers need an ergonomic desk and file storage adjusted according to their needs.

Tech setup

You will need a tech distance learning classroom setup to deliver quality lectures. Start with a decent computer or laptop that has a fast internet connection. A high-resolution webcam is essential for your set up, as well as a good headset with a microphone so your students can hear you loud and clear. Other tech features like a tripod, a ring light or an ergonomic keyboard and mouse are good as additional support.


The widely popular whiteboard is a staple piece of every teacher’s equipment. It can be used to write notes and illustrations, draw diagrams, use it as a score chart and more. 

Whiteboards are essential to support remote teaching and keep students interested in the current lecture. 

Ergonomic chair

As a teacher, most of your time is spent on a chair looking at your computer. You need an ergonomic chair to support your spine and posture to feel comfortable during classes.


One of the top online teaching classroom ideas teachers are using is props. Especially if you are teaching children, you have to consider using proper props during lectures. It will help students to focus and engage better with the topic. You can use props such as:

  • Finger puppets
  • Figures 
  • FlashCards
  • Puzzles

You can also use virtual stickers and reward coupons so students can get more motivation and engagement for their lessons.

School and teacher supplies

Adding creative and functional elements to your remote classroom setup can make an impact on your students and stimulate their imagination. Here is a list of useful supplies:  

  • Bulletin Board
  • Sticky notes 
  • Cards 
  • Markers 
  • Ruler, tape, scissors 
  • Printer 
  • Storage units

Additional Things Teachers Can Do to Help With Virtual Teaching

Dedicate a specific space for a virtual classroom

If possible, dedicate a specific space for a teachers virtual classroom at your home separated from your other rooms. Choose a room or space with natural light and easy access to your necessities.                                  

Testing the tech stuff before class

Even if you are an experienced educator, it’s important to regularly test your equipment and be sure that there aren’t any complications, and if there are, you will have time to fix them before the start of the lecture. 

Setting goals, expectations and routines

Setting goals, expectations, and routines will help you reduce stress and keep you productive throughout the day. Having clear goals and expectations is beneficial for your students as well as it will guide them through the subject material and prepare them for the finals. 

Limit distractions

Limit distractions as much as you can. It is easy to say it, but in reality, most teachers are having a hard time maintaining a constantly peaceful environment. Try to manage the noise in your house and set up some basic rules for people around you while videoconferencing

Offer pre-recorded video lectures 

One of the most beneficial things teachers can do is offer pre-recorded lectures. You can use a virtual classroom like Google Classroom to upload the pre-recorded lessons. This is great for students who missed class and want to catch up on skipped lessons. In addition, students who wish to return and check up on information while studying or doing homework can also benefit from pre-recorded lectures.                 

Get Your Teach On! 

With these virtual classroom setup ideas, you will be on your way to setting up a creative, productive and interactive environment for your students. You will have enough to support your class to run smoothly, from proper technical equipment to helpful teaching tools. 

An aspiring linguist with a background in teaching, I decided to use my years of experience to educate my audience through writing. The chance to apply my knowledge to my articles, fueled by my passion for research helped me develop my skills and learn more along the way, awakening my interest in even more topics. When I’m not typing behind my desk, you’ll find me learning a new language or pouring my thoughts into rhymes.