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Tesco 25 off Clothing Discount: When’s the Next Sale in 2022

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated November, 15, 2022

Want to bag a great bargain from Tesco’s F&F clothing brand before the end of the year? Well, you’re in luck—the popular Tesco 25 off clothing sale will be back before 2022 is up.

When are the next sale dates and how to get the best deal possible? 

We have all the answers. 

Tesco 25 Off Clothing: When Can You Get It?

Tesco’s F&F clothing range, which includes anything from school uniforms and pyjamas to underwear and denim, is an affordable, but quality brand available at 600+ Tesco stores. 

The Tesco 25 off clothes sale is the company’s most popular and biggest sales event, typically taking place in September, November and December

If you missed out on earlier sale dates, don’t worry—in the run-up to Christmas, Tesco is expected to release two autumn and one winter clothing sale that should last 3 to 4 days.

  • Autumn Sales—The first autumn release took place at the end of September, whereas the second sale date is from the 14th of October to the 20th of November.
  • Winter Sale—The final Tesco 25 off discount sale of the year is held just before Christmas offering a wide range of warm winter clothing items.

What you should know before hitting the 25% off Tesco clothing sale

Here are a few things to keep in mind about the 25 off Tesco clothing discount. 

1. Only for Tesco Clubcard holders

As of 2021 all Tesco discount codes and offers are available for Tesco Clubcard holders only. Just like the Sainsbury’s Nectar card, the Tesco Clubcard can be used to collect points that can later be converted into vouchers. You can also use it to get discounted prices on groceries, homeware and electricals, as well as exclusive promotions and money-back opportunities all through the year. The Tesco Clubcard is free of charge. 

2. Only available in stores

In 2016 Tesco closed down its online clothing store, so now the F&F brand is only available in physical stores. Shoppers can locate their nearest Tesco store here

You can find the F&F clothing range at NEXT, both online and in-store, but you will not be able to use Tesco discounts there. The good news is NEXT has several sale dates throughout the year, so you can still get a great deal on F&F clothing. 

3. Clothing only

Tesco no longer supplies shoes under the F&F banner, although it will continue to provide ‘back to school’ footwear and slippers. 

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Next Tesco 25 off Clothing Dates in 2022

So, when can we expect the next 25% off F&F in 2022?

EventsSale dates 2022
Second Autumn SaleThursday 17 November
Winter SaleWednesday 7 December

Bear in mind that there is no official confirmation from Tesco regarding the sale dates—these are estimations based on sales that have taken place in the past. Make sure to check the latest prices next time you shop at a Tesco Superstore—the company usually announces the sale a few weeks early. 

25% off Tesco clothing sales in previous years

To give you a clearer picture of what we base our predictions on, here is what previous 25% off F&F Tesco clothing sales looked like:

YearSale Dates
202118–22 November
2021 24–26 September
20209–15 December
202013–22 November 
202024–27 September 

Other Tesco 25 off clothing dates in 2022

In addition to the autumn and winter sale, Tesco offered other clothing discounts this year: 

  • 29 September–2 October
  • 23–26 June
  • 26–29 May
  • 10–13 March 

Tesco also holds two large toy sales every year, just in time to surprise the little ones for Christmas. 

What does the Tesco clothing sale offer?

Usually the 25% off F&F sale, really means 25% off all items, including womenswear, menswear, nightwear and clothes for children and babies. 

Still, every sale is different and not all stores stock all items or sizes from the F&F range, so be prepared—you might not find the item you want in your Tesco store. 

Tesco sale shopping tips

Shopping the sales can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some useful tips to prepare you for the seasonal 25% off Tesco clothing sale.

1. Check the free magazine

Tesco stores always have free magazines where you can find the latest info on prices, sales and discounts. Plus, you can occasionally get a £5 voucher when you spend £30 on clothes. This deal can be used alongside the seasonal 25% off F&F discount sale.

While you are at it, check other ways to get vouchers. For instance, you can take part in the Tesco Home Panel, one of the best product testing sites in the UK, and get more points. 

2. Colleague discount

Workers at Tesco can enjoy double the discount with the Colleague Clubcard after working there for three months. 

Offers also include an additional 10% to 25% off clothing, as well as 10% to 15% off every payday for four days straight, 20% off on all F&F purchases, 50% off health checks at Tesco Pharmacy and lots more.

If you have a friend that works at Tesco, you can use their discount to get some nice deals. 

3. Make sure you can’t find better prices elsewhere 

It’s always in your best interest to check other stores for better deals. Just because you’ve found a product at a discounted price, doesn’t mean that you won’t find a similar item for a cheaper price at another retailer. Plus, since NEXT also stocks Tesco’s F&F line, check their sale dates—you might be able to get an even bigger discount than 25% off.  

4. Get a Tesco Clubcard Plus 

By subscribing to a Tesco Clubcard Plus you are guaranteed to have 10% off on the F&F brand every time you shop in-store. The monthly charge for a Tesco Clubcard Plus is £7.99 and it gives you an additional 10% off your groceries twice a month so you can enjoy Tesco offers of fresh produce, tasty pizzas and canned goods. 

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5. Plan ahead

Although you can’t make online purchases, you can still browse through the Tesco clothing sale and pick items that you’d like to buy in-store. This way it will be easier to stick to your budget and not overspend. 

On the day, make sure to head to a Tesco store that offers the clothing line (not all do) and get there early to avoid the crowds. 

Finally, don’t forget your Clubcard. 

6. Hold on to your receipt

Tesco now offers a 100 days return policy, but you need the receipt to get your money back.  

Bottom Line 

If you’ve missed out on previous Tesco clothing sales, you’ve still got a chance to grab a bargain. The next 25% off sale is expected to take place on 17 November, a couple of days before Black Friday. Make sure to check Tesco stores a few days earlier for the latest news and don’t forget to utilise some of the shopping tips we’ve provided for you.

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