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Smyths Toys Sale Dates (October 2022)

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated April, 7, 2023

Want to get a head start on Christmas shopping?  This is the time to take advantage of lower prices at one of the biggest children’s toy shops in the UK. 

Keep on reading to get all the info on Smyths Toys sale dates for 2022.

When is the Smyths Toy Sale?

Smyths Toys is one of the biggest providers of toys, baby, outdoor and gaming products in the UK. It boasts low prices, great quality, and a robust selection of items, from baby monitors and pushchairs to educational toys and video games.

Smyths typically has several sales throughout the year, most of which are just in time for the big holidays like Christmas and Easter, bank holidays, and big shopping events like Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Boxing Day.

This year it is expected to hold three major sales, including:

  • The half-price toy sale at Smyths takes place almost every year, usually in the second or third week of October. It was cancelled last year, but it could be back in 2022 (our predicted date is 21st of October), so check their website around this time. Tesco has a similar sale at the end of October, so take a look at their offer as well. 
  • Voucher event: This Smyths Toys sale takes £10 off every £50 spent and is one of the best offers customers can get with this retailer. It takes place at the beginning of October, so be ready to shop when vouchers become available. 
  • Black Friday Sale: Smyths Toys is known to start the Black Friday discount a little early (usually a week before the Friday), giving shoppers plenty of time to get the best possible deals. Expect to find offers of 50% off and more during that week. 
  • Boxing Day Sale: The traditional after-Christmas sale will give you great bargains and a chance to surprise the little ones with a post-holiday gift. 

In addition to these, Smyths has an ongoing clearance sale all year-round where you can buy LEGO, bikes, action figures, Hot Wheels and other selected toys at half price or even lower. 

Check their website to see which items are on offer. 

When is the Smyths Toys Sale in 2022?

EventsSales Date 2022
Smyths half-price toy sale Around the end of October 
Smyths £10 off £50 spendLast two weeks of October 
Smyths Toys Black Friday sale 22 November (Tuesday)–25 November (Friday)
Smyths Toys Boxing Day sales26th December (Monday)

Bear in mind that Smyths Toys has not confirmed or denied these sales, and they are subject to change. We are basing these predictions on last year’s Smyths sales.

Smyths Toy Sales in 2021/2020

EventsSale Dates

Smyths Toys 50% off   
Cancelled in 2021; 22 October–9 November 2020; 15 October–22 October 2019
Black Friday Sale 20 November–26 November 2021; 21 November–27 November 2020
Voucher Event 22-27 October 2019 (cancelled in 2021 and 2020)
Boxing day 26 December

Other Smyths Toy Sales in 2022

EventsSale Dates
Smyths Toys New Years Day sales 1 January 
Good Friday & Easter Monday sales 15 April–18 April 
Smyths Toys Early May Bank Holiday sales2 May
Spring Bank Holiday Monday sales2 June
Summer Bank Holiday Monday sales29 August

Smyths Toys has kept the same dates in 2021 as well, so we can expect to see sales around these times in 2023 too. Make sure to save the date and get the lowest price possible on gifts for the most important members of your family. 

Discounts, codes & vouchers 

Like other brands in the UK, Smyths Toys offers a wide range of discount codes and vouchers shoppers can use to get anything from 50% off on the most popular items at Smyths Toys to 20% off on LEGO. 

These include but are not limited to:

  • 30% to 50% off selected toys
  • 20% off LEGO
  • £10 off selected bikes 
  • Free delivery when you spend more than £20
  • 10 to 20% on scooters and bikes 
  • 50% off smartwatches and fitness trackers 

Interested in getting more sales and discounts? 

What toys will be on sale this year?

Smyths Toys have an incredible catalogue of products containing some of the most popular brands and types of toys.

Parents can expect the following categories of toys to be on sale around the holidays this year:

  • Up to 20% off Baby Annabell toys
  • Up to 50% off LEGO
  • Up to £10 off on CoComelon toys and playsets 
  • Up to 20% off on Hot Wheels
  • Up to 10% off on Barbie toys 
  • Up to 10% off musical toys and karaoke machines for kids 
  • Up to 5% off gaming equipments, like headphones and Nintendo Switch games 
  • Up to £50 off on selected pushchairs, and many more 

If the toys you’re looking for are not available at Smyths Toys, try Sainsbury’s instead. The supermarket also has a half-price sale in mid-October, so take a look at their offer. 

Smyths Toys Sale Tips

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of shopping the Smyths Toys sales. 

1. Check stock availability online

Open the Smyths Toys’ official website and check if the product you’re looking for is available before going to a superstore near you. If it is available, make sure to get there a bit early, especially if you want to purchase an incredibly popular item—it might be out of stock before you reach the shop. 

Alternatively, use the shop’s Click n’ Collect feature and order the item so you can pick it up later in a shop near you. 

2. Be on the lookout for in-store events

When Smyths Toys Superstores opens a new store or promotes a new product, they tend to have free giveaways, special vouchers and the chance to meet some special guests. 

3. Sign up for the newsletter 

You can sign up for Smyths Toys newsletter or follow the company on social media and get notifications about discounts and clearance sales before anyone else. 

4. Look for extra savings

Use one of the top-rated cash back shopping apps to get more out of your purchase. Although cashback is not typically available when you shop sales, you could use your cashback card when you purchase items at full price and get extra savings.

Before You Start Shopping 

The biggest Smyths Toys sales are scheduled for the end of the year, which means you are not too late to take advantage of great deals and offers. Regularly check the company’s website for announcements of official Smyths Toy sale dates, get your shopping list ready, and surprise the youngest members of your family this Christmas.

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