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200+ Roblox Username Ideas to Stand Out From the Crowd

Written by, Mihajlo Trajcheski

Updated June, 14, 2022

Are you looking for cool and unique Roblox usernames as you’ve decided to create a new account? We can help you out!

Below, we compiled a list of over 200 amazing Roblox username ideas that let you express your unique personality.

So keep on reading to find the perfect one for you!

How to Change Your Roblox Username?

To modify the username you use on Roblox, you have to complete a few simple steps:

  1. Log in with your current username and password;
    1. The login process is similar across every Roblox app and website;
  2. Navigate to the Roblox accounts settings section;
    1. The browser version uses a gear icon in the top-right corner, whereas mobile apps use a three dots icon;
  3. Click on the ‘Account info’ tab and select the edit icon next to your username;
  4. Enter your new name and current password;
  5. Click on ‘Buy’ to spend 1,000 Robux (the Roblox currency) to make the change.

Once you complete these steps, relog with your new username. Also, you can always find and reuse your past usernames for Roblox under the ‘Profile’ page by paying the same cost.

Note: When changing your Roblox names, you only have to pay for a new username, whereas updating your display name (the one used in-game) is free of charge once every week.

Tips for Choosing a Roblox Username

Since more than 54 million users play the game, choosing good names for Roblox is essential as they represent you to the digital world and help you make friends and have rewarding online experiences. To help you do that, we’ve collected a few tips on writing the perfect Roblox name that you can apply right away:

  • Let creativity take over—most creative usernames are easily remembered as they stand out from the rest;
  • Make your name unique—instead of using a variation of existing usernames, create a completely unique one;
  • Infuse it with your personality—since your name is your brand, it is the perfect opportunity to present yourself to the world;
  • Keep it short and simple—brief usernames allow other users to remember you and socialise with you;
  • Avoid common words and special characters—uncommon words allow you to find an unused username, whereas special characters are hard to remember.

Note: You can apply these tips and tricks to either think of a brand new name or adjust any of the username ideas for Roblox outlined below.

Username Limitations

When looking for good usernames for Roblox, you also have to keep in mind certain conditions that your name has to meet:

  • You can only use Roblox usernames that are not taken;
  • You cannot swap usernames between alt accounts;
  • You cannot use name update discounts for simple changes;
  • You must abide by the Roblox community standards of safety, respect, fairness, and civility.
  • Your name must have a length of between 3 and 20 characters and contain only letters, numbers, and one underscore symbol “_”.

Note: Even if you change your username, other users can still see the original account creation date and your previous names.

Roblox Username Ideas

Now that we’ve explained the process of changing your names for Roblox and the tips and guidelines you should follow let’s look at some of the best ideas for a new username.

Cool Roblox Usernames

If you are looking for cool usernames for Roblox to astound your friends or other members, the following list has what you need:

  • Frenzy_Shooter
  • Covert_Destroyer
  • Tilted_Stabber
  • Vampiric_Ghost
  • Dark_Spirit
  • C19_Parasite
  • Frantic_Saboteur
  • Dirty_Grenadier
  • Electric_Tank
  • Grim_Noob
  • Losers_Hunter
  • King_Pins
  • Gun_Lords
  • Hype_Snipe
  • Loose_Character
  • Headshooter
  • AWMLover
  • Agent47
  • Revenant_Striker
  • Championofseas
  • CantWontDont

Rare Roblox Usernames

Let’s also check out a few rarely used names on Roblox that are fun, creative, and help boost the popularity of your profile:

  • Observant_Force
  • Selfish_Soldier
  • Fanatical_Tyranny
  • Grieving_Butcher
  • Plain_Privilege
  • Disagreeable_Liquidator
  • Stupendous_Knight
  • Regular_Discipline
  • Abnormal_Vigor
  • Guttural_Gangsters
  • Zealous_Zealot
  • Homely_Sharpshooter
  • Odd_Hooligan
  • Ruddy_Exterminator
  • Known_Warfare
  • Purring_Coercion
  • Annoyed_Power
  • Wretched_Veteran
  • Calm_Outlaw
  • Faulty_Devil
  • Glistening_Prestige
  • Addictivated

Roblox Usernames for Boys

If you are having trouble finding unusual Roblox names for boys as there are far more male players on the platform than females, check out the following list:

  • LegoLord
  • WackyWinner
  • CouchCactus
  • Warrior666
  • AnonymousKnight
  • NightRider
  • RoboAssassin
  • Zeus999
  • Terminator8989
  • Scooter123
  • Poseidon777
  • FarmHick
  • RoboCop101
  • MarineRob989
  • RobScallion
  • Blocker360
  • BuilderBoy
  • JediReturn
  • RatchetMonster
  • RapidRacket
  • LittleMan
  • MonkeyMan

Roblox Usernames for Girls

Since an increasing number of girls are joining in the fun, we are also including a list of the most badass girl Roblox usernames you could find:

  • SoCuteBleh
  • ACuteAssassin
  • GoddessLax
  • YourBFStares
  • ShyGun
  • Candy_Queens
  • Rosies
  • Killing_Kissers
  • Margolem
  • Bloody_Mary
  • Legendary_Princess
  • Slaying_Girling 
  • Pink_Leader
  • Cinderella
  • DesignPiglet
  • ToothFairy
  • Gun_Digger
  • Her_Majesty
  • Leading_Light
  • Queen_Bee
  • Chicky_Fighter
  • Battle_Mistress
  • Cute_Crashers

Funny Roblox Usernames

One of the best ways to make a good impression is through humour, and using funny Roblox names is one way to do that:

  • GrabYourCoat
  • oneMorePint
  • dontFriendzoneMe
  • Cloudy_Perpetrator
  • iCanSeeYourPixels
  • unfinished_sentenc
  • aCollectionofCells
  • OP_rah
  • well_endowed
  • rambo_wasReal
  • regina_phalange
  • fedora_theExplorer
  • Quarrelsome_Strategy
  • my_anacondaDoes
  • hey_you
  • pluralizes_everythings
  • testNamePleaseIgnore
  • Shameful_ButStud
  • KillStealNoDeal
  • Real_Chill

Aesthetic Roblox Usernames

Some players look to stand out from the crowd by using aesthetic names for Roblox, and if you are one of them, you will most certainly like these nametags:

  • No_Bliss
  • wizard_harry
  • Headhunter
  • Agent_Sergent
  • Agent_urgent
  • Thunderbeast
  • Sniper
  • MadRAM
  • Dead_show
  • GunSly_BruceLee
  • Bad_soldier
  • Psycho_killer
  • GunGuruGG
  • Sanskari
  • Faadu 
  • JaiML
  • Tomato
  • Bihari_Boy
  • Outrageous_Dominance

Good Roblox Usernames

If you are looking for overall good usernames for Roblox as you don’t have a specific idea what to go for, the list below might have what you need: 

  • Gambit
  • Blockreator
  • Homely_Introvert
  • Plain_Privacy
  • Builder_Brother
  • Sleepy_Child
  • Angelic_AI
  • Kawaii
  • Optimally_Ace
  • Happy_Bird
  • Mellow_Fellow
  • Ball_Blaster
  • Brute_Fact
  • Bloss_flop
  • Tango_Boss
  • Optimal_Ace
  • have_doge
  • Teddy
  • Pillow_Fighter
  • Keen_Kid
  • Fuzzy_Wuzzy
  • Complex_Slayer
  • Good_Hooligan
  • Organic_Punk
  • So_Pretty
  • Holy_JESUS
  • Friendly_Squirrel
  • XxGoldenWariorxX

Anime Roblox Usernames

Are you into anime and would like to let the world know? Then pick one of the fantastic anime usernames listed below:

  • Shindi
  • Mugen
  • Ghostly_Nekko
  • Linkle
  • Ice_U
  • Ruthyon
  • OmahaTheBest
  • Nippon_Kid
  • WiseMunde
  • RockerAsta
  • BinderTrauma
  • Aniki-I-Am
  • Virturi
  • Wordetto
  • SparkTeen
  • BoySama
  • Hikari
  • HugzLegend
  • BeautyTreasure
  • HoodWord
  • ApenguinHope
  • Teddyama

Cute Roblox Usernames

Players also go for cute Roblox names to show off their friendly and sociable personalities. The following names work great in such cases:

  • epic_fail
  • tinFoil_hat
  • casanova
  • doNotLeaveMe
  • date_me
  • cute_asDucks
  • prince_charming
  • ClumsyWombat
  • howYouDoing
  • me_forPresident
  • cowgirl_up
  • anonymouse
  • Small_Child
  • DesignPiglet
  • magic_fetus
  • candy_eater
  • Cookie Attack
  • FastAndCurious
  • nice_karma
  • tea_baggins
  • average_student

Epic Roblox Usernames

You want your Roblox name to be unique but also epic and memorable? In that case, we got some excellent recommendations:

  • PlayitLoFi
  • RainbowMaker
  • SilversHard
  • Goldust24K
  • VividExplorer
  • My1stGame
  • SteelTitan
  • ChillShot
  • ExoticClassy
  • LedgerSilver
  • NightXMC
  • Bambooccaneer
  • ColdKraken
  • Pixelf
  • WaterMobster
  • ScienceFerret
  • CarefulEagle
  • VenomSparrow
  • CharmingAlmond
  • Rivalkyrie
  • Knightlife
  • RoyalWarhog
  • Querencia
  • CalmWeasel
  • Sylvester

Before Signing In

The best Roblox names are unique, memorable, and perfectly capture your personality in a few letters. Hopefully, you’ve found some good Roblox username ideas that meet these requirements above. In any case, you can always adapt them to your uniqueness!

As someone who grew up gaming and always had a love for random facts, being able to write about gaming and technology for a living has been an absolute treat. Whenever I’m not researching my next topic for Don’t Disappoint Me, I am deflecting the attacks of Bosses in Sekiro, investigating a murder in Disco Elysium, helping Zagreus escape the underworld in Hades, or flanking enemies in Call of Duty with my squad. Having studied English language and literature has helped me merge these two worlds of random facts and gaming into a fulfilling career.