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Papa John’s vs Domino’s Pizza vs Pizza Hut Prices and Sizes in the UK

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated April, 21, 2022

The most popular pizza chains in the UK (if not around the world) are Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s. 

But how do Papa John’s vs Domino’s pizza vs Pizza Hut compare in prices and sizes in the UK?

Let’s find out.

Domino’s Pizza Sizes and Prices in the UK

Domino’s Pizza offers four different pizza sizes that come in four, six, or eight slices.

SizeSlices  Average Price 
Personal 7’’4£6.6
Small 9.5’’6£13.45
Medium 11.5’’8£15.9
Large13.5’’8£ 20

Domino’s 7’’Personal pizza is quite cheap. It only has 4 slices but it’s well worth the money compared to the price of its 9.5’’small pizza, which comes in six slices. If you’re going for quantity, you can get a total of eight slices at a lower price for ordering two Personal pizzas. 

In a small Domino’s pizza vs medium pizza comparison, the latter might be a better option, since you’re getting more slices and squares per inch for an extra £2-3.

Domino’s large pizza size in the UK has eight slices as well but is 13.5’’and costs £20, making it the best choice for a night out with friends. 

Papa John’s Pizza Sizes and Prices in the UK

Papa John’s pizzas come in 6, 8, 10, and 10 slices and 4 different sizes.

SizeSlices  Average Price 

At first glance, Papa John’s pizzas are pricier than Domino’s

However, its largest pizza (XXL) at 15.5’’ and twelve slices, costs only £0.5 more than Domino’s large pizza, which is smaller and has only eight slices. 

Overall, Papa John’s seems to have a better selection.

Pizza Hut Sizes and Prices in the UK

Pizza Hut only has three different pizza sizes, two of which come in six slices and one in eight.

SizeSlices  Average Price 
Small 9’’6£13.9

Pizza Hut is the most expensive of all three pizza brands. The pizza chain doesn’t offer more in either size or number of slices, compared to its competitors.

If you’re a fan of Pizza Hut, the most economical approach is to order a large pizza with family and friends.

Bottom Line 

Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut are the most prominent players in the pizza industry.

Papa John’s and Domino’s offer four different sizes, compared to Pizza Hut, which only has three. 

Pizza Hut is the most expensive, though it seems to be much more popular than the other two. Domino’s is the only pizza chair out of the three with an option that costs under £10 and neither Pizza Hut nor Domino’s make pizzas as large as Papa John’s XXL size pizza..

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

How big are Papa John’s pizzas in the UK?

Papa John’s pizzas come in four different sizes. The small pizza is 8’’, the medium is 11.5’, the large is13.5’’, and the XXL pizza is 15.5’’.

What is cheaper: Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, or Dominos?

In a head to head comparison between Papa John’s vs Domino’s pizza vs Pizza Hut prices and sizes in UK, Domino’s has the cheapest pizza. Its Personal pizza option costs only £6.6. 

Which pizza is bigger: Domino’s or Pizza Hut? 

Most Domino’s pizzas are larger than Pizza Hut, except for its large size pizza.

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