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Free Online Escape Rooms for Kids

Written by, Martina Georgievska

Updated June, 22, 2023

Escape rooms are designed to teach kids valuable deduction skills in different subjects. Most online escape rooms are fun games, encouraging students to increase their lateral thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. 

Take a look at our list of online escape rooms for kids, and let the games begin!    

Book Themed Escape Rooms

Harry Potter Hogwarts Themed Digital Escape Room

Harry Potter fans will definitely love this free online escape room, created by Sidney Krawiec, a librarian passionate about Harry Potter and his adventures in Hogwarts. This escape room can be played individually or in a group of players, competing against each other and testing whose magical powers are better.

Harry Potter Hogwarts-themed escape room is suitable for kids of all ages, taking around 20 minutes to finish it. Prepare your wand and start!  

Jumanji Escape Room 1

Be adventurous and use your deduction skills, and they will help you survive this escape room. You are stuck in a video game, and you need to think fast and look for clues to escape from it. You can play it alone or with other players, and you won’t need parental assistance in order to complete it.

This Jumanji adventure won’t take more than 20 minutes to solve, so it’s an excellent game for beginners.

Alice in Wonderland Themed Digital Escape Room

Same as in the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, everything starts with a white rabbit and falling into a hole. Once you fall, the adventure begins, and you have to find a way out from this beautiful world of Wonderland.

This escape room is designed for all ages, and you can play it by yourself or with other players, without assistance from parents. It’s an easy escape room at home that lasts around 20 minutes.  

Escape From Narnia

One more escape room that is based on a fiction story, where you will need to solve puzzles so you can move to the next challenge. You might need a pen and paper in order to solve it faster. This escape room is around 20 minutes long, and you won’t need any assistance.

History Themed Escape Rooms

Escape The Egyptian Tomb    

Escape the Egyptian Tomb, a digital escape room designed for kids from 6 to 11 years old, is a history-themed game where kids will solve puzzles and look for clues to escape. The game lasts around 20 minutes and it is a great end-of-year activity for distance learning. Students will probably need assistance, so this can be a good bonding activity.  

MyLearning Crack The Code Digital Game

This history-themed game starts with a magic chest and a book with instructions. Once you read the instructions, the adventures begin, and you need to crack the code to open the chest. This game lasts around 25 minutes, and it is great for kids who are beginners in the world of escape room games.

Science Themed Escape Rooms 

Animal Zoo

A fun, exciting, and colourful game to maintain kids’ attention. It’s a science-themed game where kids use their lateral thinking and previous science knowledge. The game lasts around half an hour, and they might need assistance from a parent or other players.

Asteroid Collision 

As Asteroid Collision is a science-themed game, it can be a fun activity to see how good is your knowledge after taking online science courses. Your challenge is to save your expedition from an asteroid, but you have to answer the questions first. It’s a game for kids older than ten years old, and they might need a parent to assist them.  

Math and Tech Themed Escape Rooms 

Mr. Awesome Breakout

An excellent math escape room game if you are into numbers and solving math riddles. All you need to do is show your math skills and save your professor. This game is intended for kids older than 12 years old who have basic math knowledge. They will need a parent to assist them, even though you should try and let the kid solve the puzzles by themselves. Teachers can also use this escape room as a fun activity to end the day in a virtual classroom that uses Google docs.

Crack the Code

‘Crack the code’ escape room is a bit of a complex game for kids, only because it requires decent problem-solving and basic programming skills. However, it can increase kids’ mathematical abilities and improve their concentration. This escape room won’t last long, but it depends on the kid’s age and ability to solve it. 

The End of The Scavenger Hunt

It’s a well-known fact that kids tend to absorb new information and improve their intellectual abilities through interactive games and challenges. Virtual escape rooms for kids are also great for spending more time with family members and friends and creating stronger bonds. They can be a great example of motivating students to collect virtual rewards at the end of the day.

We hope you learn something new with our selection of online escape rooms and have a lot of fun. 

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