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Most Viewed Gamers In The UK for 2022

Written by, Mihajlo Trajcheski

Updated September, 2, 2022

With the rise of eSports, gaming became one of the most popular and lucrative genres online.

Although there are plenty of video platforms where you can find gaming streams, the most visited–at least for now– are YouTube and Twitch.

We looked at the numbers on both platforms to find the most viewed gamers in the UK.

Let’s dive in.

Most Popular YouTube Gamers in the UK

Here are the most famous gamers in the UK on the YouTube platform:


  • Channel subscribers: 111M
  • Total views: 28+B

On the very top of the list of top gaming YouTubers in the UK is Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, who rose to fame on the platform thanks to his ‘Let’s Play’ videos and horror playthroughs. 

PewDiePie is not only the most viewed gamer in the UK but is the most subscribed individual YouTuber there and in the world and the fourth most subscribed channel on the platform overall.  

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  • Channel subscribers: 26.1M
  • Total views: 18.7B

DanTDM, whose real name is Daniel Robert Middleton, is one of the most subscribed gaming UK YouTubers, known for his commentary videos and Minecraft playthrough series. 

His dedication to Minecraft– the most streamed game on YouTube– got him in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition for ‘Most views for a dedicated Minecraft video channel’.

He also posts plays of other video games, including Among Us, Fortnite, Sonic, Roblox, and Pokémon. 


  • Channel subscribers: 17.7M
  • Total views: 5.7B

Alastair James Aiken is the third most subscribed YouTube channel in the Fornite community – a game that made $5.1 billion in 2020 – and 9th most subscribed channel overall on the British YouTubers list.

His most popular content is his live streams of Fortnite and Call Of Duty: Battle Royale games. Ali-A also created a Minecraft series called ‘Ali-A’s Adventure’, which is one of the most-watched video series on the platform.


  • Channel subscribers: 10.2M
  • Total views: 556M

Despite the growing number of British Minecraft YouTubers, GeorgeNotFound has managed to rise above the rest by pulling in millions of views daily playing the sandbox game.

George Davidson has one of the most subscribed Minecraft Youtube channels in the UK and frequently collaborates with other YouTubers on the scene, most notably Dream and Sapnap.


  • Channel subscribers: 10M
  • Total views: 3.5B

The British gaming YouTuber Miniminter, whose real name is Simon Edward Minter, is best known for his FIFA commentary-style videos, real-life football videos, reaction clips, and vlogs. 

Simon also has a second channel, which he started nearly a decade ago. In the beginning, he would post videos of himself playing Grand Theft Auto V and Cards Against Humanity but he now uploads videos of different popular games like Fortnite and Fall Guys.


  • Channel subscribers: 9.7M
  • Total views: 2.1B

Thomas George Cassell is a YouTube gamer that started his online career by playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Halo.

Syndicate rose to prominence on YouTube with the release of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies and started garnering even more attention on the platform withThe Minecraft Project.

One of the reasons why Syndicate’s content is so popular is due to his tips and tutorials, reviews, and full reactions to various gaming content.


  • Channel subscribers: 7.5M
  • Total views: 2B

Vik Barns is one of the most famous British gamers on YouTube, popular for his content variety. 

He started out on YouTube by playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and eventually branches out to games like Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite, Minecraft, and Call of Duty: Warzone.

You could also find videos of him playing Among Us on his channel, as well as commentary videos.


  • Channel subscribers: 6.9M
  • Total views: 3.1B

LDShadoLady is one of the top British female YouTube gamers whose content focuses on the popular multi-platform ‘sandbox’ adventure game Minecraft.   

Elizabeth D is best known for her Shadowcraft and Shadowcraft 2.0 videos, as well as her Minecraft single-player series.

Minecraft players can find different videos on various Minecraft modifications, mini-games, and packs on the channel.


  • Channel subscribers: 4M
  • Total views: 1.1B

SovietWomble is one of the few YouTube gamers who’s managed to keep details about his personal life– including his name private. 

He started out by posting clips of Battlefield gameplays and became very popular for his videos that featured funny clips from games such as CS: GO and Arma. 

Womble doesn’t have a regular posting schedule and does not post as often as others but has said that the reason for that is that he spends a lot of time editing the videos he posts. 


  • Channel subscribers: 4M
  • Total views: 712M

TheGamingLemon (yes, you read that right) is a well-known British YouTube channel run by Brad Leman.

He is best known for gaming videos with dramatic sounds and music for humorous effects mainly including The Sims, Hitman, Far Cry, and GTA V. 

Other gaming content you can find on his channel are Red Dead Redemption 2, Minecraft, and Saints Row playthroughs.


  • Channel subscribers: 3.7M
  • Total views: 536M

Harold Christopher George Lewis– also known as W2S– is one of the UK gamers that’s widely known for his FIFA Pack and Fut Draft videos, as well as real-life challenges with family and friends, and most recently, reaction videos. 

W2S occasionally plays different games and mainly rose to popularity for his comical approach to playing video games.

Clare Siobhan

  • Channel subscribers: 1.9M
  • Total views: 571M

Clare Siobhan is one of the most popular UK female gamers in the YouTubers community. 

She is best known for uploading gameplay videos of games such as Call of Duty, Mass Effect, The Sims 4, and Pokémon.

You could also find videos on her YouTube channel about games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Minecraft, House Flipper, and many more.

Most Popular Twitch Gamers in the UK

Here are the top British Twitch streamers on the platform among the UK audience.


  • Channel subscribers: 7.18M
  • Total views: 64.2M

TommyInnit is a Twitch legend in the Minecraft community who has broken two Guinness Records– one for the most-followed Minecraft channel on Twitch and another for the most viewed Minecraft gameplay live stream on the platform.

In addition to playing the infamous sandbox video game, TommyInnit also plays Valorant and Among Us.

He is on the list of the top 20 most followed Twitch streamers and has the most-followed UK Twitch streamers account.


  • Channel subscribers: 5.23M
  • Total views: 96.9M

Mongraal joined the world of streaming after being part of the eSports scene, where he became the youngest professional Fortnite player at the age of 13 and ended up being featured as the #1 British Fornite Player and Youngest Competitive Fortnite Player by the BBC.

He is a member of the FaZe Clan, which landed him the chance to play in the Fortnite World Cup, but Mongraal also likes to play first-person shooter games like Call of Duty and Halo. 


  • Channel subscribers: 4.89M
  • Total views: 65.5M

Tubbo, whose real name is Toby Smith, is one of the widely known British Twitch streamers that play Minecraft.

He has two Twitch channels, one of which has nearly 5 million followers and regularly rakes in around 70K views on his streams. Although Tubbo still posts Minecraft-related content on his main channel, including playing in his own modded Minecraft world, he also plays other games, which you can find on his second channel.


  • Channel subscribers: 3.8M
  • Total views: 82.5M

BenjyFishy is a UK professional esports player known for his Fortnite streams on Twitch and YouTube. He is a member of the NRG esports team and has qualified four times for the Fornite World Cup (in the European region).

 Like many other streamers, he has earned considerable revenue from tournament wins, team salary, partnerships, sponsorships, and donations.

Sweet Anita

  • Channel subscribers: 1.88M
  • Total views: 29.8M

Sweet Anita began her Twitch journey back in 2018 by streaming Overwatch.

She amassed a huge following due to her cheery attitude and after having several of her videos of her profanity-laden outburst, caused by her Tourette Syndrome, go viral. 

Sweet Anita, who was named one the most influential UK female Twitch gamer amongst other streamers by Variety, now streams a daily mix of gaming, chatting with other streams, and doing challenges like building card towers.

Jack Manifold

  • Channel subscribers: 1.8M
  • Total views: 17.2M

Jack Manifold, known online as JackManifoldTV, is a YouTuber and a Twitch streamer who gained popularity for his Minecraft videos, under his former alias, Thunder1408. 

He initially started streaming content on Twitch, where he quickly became one of the most popular Minecraft UK streamers, before he moved to the YouTube space. 


  • Channel subscribers: 1.29M
  • Total views: 42.7M

Zerkaa is the fifth most-watched GTA RP amongst UK Twitch streamers whose gaming-related content includes FIFA, Minecraft, and GTA playthroughs and challenges. 

Zerkaa, who ended up in The Sunday Times’ top 10 social media influencers also does podcast hosting, prank videos, viral challenges, vlogs, and music production videos. 


  • Channel subscribers: 385K
  • Total views: 11M

The UK streamer Tommey started streaming on Twitch after competing in various pro-gaming CoD (Call of Duty) tournaments. 

Although he created his Twitch account in the last month of 2011, he only started streaming in 2018. He currently ranks in 19th place as the most-streamed UK CoD content creator.


  • Channel subscribers: 346K
  • Total views: 5.3M

Fifakillvizuals got into gaming thanks to his father. 

He played the James Bond game as a kid on his PS2 and eventually joined his father’s clan on Call of Duty, where he spent 7 years, before branching out on his own. 

The Twitch streamer joined the platform in 2016 after his father and his friends encouraged him to do so. He plays a variety of games, including FPS, RPG, and racing, but mostly focuses on Call of Duty: Warzone.


  • Channel subscribers: 215K
  • Total views: 7.9M

CrystalsT is a Twitch streamer that’s best known for her Grand Theft Auto V streams and her overall gaming prowess.

She also plays Valorant, Crag Game, Among Us, as well as games like Detroit: Become Human, GEnshin Impact, Aim Lab, and Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy.


  • Channel subscribers: 200K
  • Total views: 10.1M

Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James is a popular YouTube and Twitch gamer in the UK who has spent a considerable amount of time in the gaming industry. 

He is a Call of Duty esports player, who currently streams for London Royal Ravens. He mainly streams Call of Duty: Warzone games and sometimes Call of Duty Vanguard and Just Chatting. 

Jukeyz rarely plays any other games on Twitch.


  • Channel subscribers: 175K
  • Total views: 11M

Leah, one of the most popular British female Twitch streamers, started her Twitch journey with Destiny 2, managing to rake in up to 60K followers within the first six months of her presence on the platform.

Leah Alexandra usually streams Red Dead Redemption 2 and Valorant playthroughs, but has explored different gaming genres across the Twitch platform and collaborated with many big brands, including Xbox, Marvel, and even the BBC.

Bottom Line

The gaming industry has grown exponentially in the last several years and judging by the popularity of the many gaming streamers online, it’s here to stay. 

Streaming platforms like Youtube and Twitch give gamers the space to share their gameplays and interact with their audience, which is one of the main reasons why the gaming community is still thriving today. 

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Who is the most subscribed YouTuber in the UK?

The most subscribed YouTube channel in the UK, with more than 100M followers, is PewDiePie.

Who is the biggest British Twitch streamer?

TommyInnit is the most viewed Twitch gamers channel in the UK.

Who are the most viewed gamers in the UK?

Some of the most popular gamers in the UK, with the highest viewer counts, are PewDiePie, TommyInnit, DanTDM, and Tubbo.

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