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The Most Used Wood Pellets For Pizza Oven In The UK

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated September, 13, 2022

Cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven is one of the most popular ways to prepare a pizza.

But, the type of wood pellets you use can make all the difference in terms of taste and quality. 

So, what are the most used wood pellets for pizza oven in the UK? 

Let’s dive in.

Best wood pellets for pizza ovens in the UK

Here are the best type of wood pellets for the pizza oven and the best pizza oven wood pellets you can find on the market.


Maple is a fruitwood that’s light and has a natural sweetness, which goes great with sweet pizza toppings, and light tomato sauces. Due to its sweet notes, maple works best with Hawaiian pizza.

Best maple wood pellets: Alfresco Chef 

Alfresco Chef maple wood pellets are pure wood pellets for outdoor and portable wood-fired pizza ovens. They are light, designed to burn longer, and don’t produce much ash.


Oak wood pellets are considered the best pick for a pizza oven as it is easy to find and cheap. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t have a strong flavour, which makes it a great choice for different types of pizzas and various toppings. 

Best oak wood pellets: PINI Grill Pellets

PINI grill pellets are perfect for all types of outdoor pizza ovens, grills, and pellet stoves. They produce less than 1% ash residue, burn slowly, and have an intense smoke, which gives food a gold colour.


Hickory is a hardwood that has a pungent flavour. It’s a great choice for a meat lover’s pizza and any type of homemade or store-bought pizza with meat toppings, including pork, bacon, and ham. 

Best hickory wood pellets: Exstream Hickory Wood Pellets

These wood pellets are made for gas or charcoal-powered BBQs and pizza ovens, are bark- and additive-free and are great for hot smoking. They burn longer and have a slightly sweet flavour.


Cherry is another great wood for pizzas with meat toppings. It has a light, sweet flavour with a hint of fruitiness that’s easily absorbed by all types of meat. What’s more, cherry wood generally burns better than any other fruitwood.

Best cherry wood pellets: Traeger Grills PEL309

Traeger Grills PEL309 Cherry pellets produce smoke with a slightly sweet and fruity flavour. They are versatile, don’t produce a lot of ash, and are the perfect pick for a pepperoni pizza.


Pecan is somewhere between hickory and fruitwoods in terms of flavour strength. It’s the best choice for those who find hickory too strong and cherry too light. This type of wood is versatile and can be used with different types of pizza toppings.

Best pecan wood pellets: Traeger Grills PEL314

These pellets boast a balanced burn and moisture and a good burn-to-smoke ratio

Their flavour is stronger than that of the cherry wood pellets, but they work well with vegetable and meat toppings.


Applewood is a great pick for super cheesy pizzas. It has a light smoke and a slightly sweet flavour, which makes it a safe choice for beginners

Best applewood pellets: Weber 190104 Wood Pellets

Weber’s apple-flavoured pellets give an aromatic and sweet flavour to all types of pizza and go well with meat toppings. They are also affordable and burn for a long time. 

How long do wood pellets last in a pizza oven?

Wood pellets are a popular choice of wood fuel for cooking pizza in a pizza oven (especially an outdoor pizza oven) because they elevate flavours, give the pizza a nice, crisp crust, and save energy.

They typically last around 7-12 hours of continuous cooking time

Bottom Line

The right choice of wood pellets for your pizza oven depends on your preferences and the type of pizza you’re cooking. If you are not sure which one works best, you can try out a couple of them, though, keep in mind that some work better with meat toppings and others with veggies and fruit.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Can I use wood pellets in my pizza oven?

Yes, you can. Wood pellets are designed for outdoor and portable pizza ovens. You can always check with your seller if you’re unsure.

What pellets can you use in the Ooni pizza oven?

Ooni has its own brand of pellets which are considered the best wood pellets for the Ooni pizza oven

What type of wood pellets are best for pizza?

That depends on the type of pizza you’re cooking. Some of the most used wood pellets for pizza oven in the UK like hickory and cherry are great for meat toppings and pecan works better with vegetables.

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