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Can You Put A Mattress On The Floor?

Written by, Viktor Gruevski

Updated July, 18, 2023

Sleeping on a floor can be a real pain in the behind, literally!

However, we have just the tips to make a mattress on the floor feel like a cloud!

Advantages Of Floor Sleeping

Putting a mattress on the floor can have plenty of financial benefits, as well as help your spine align properly.

  • Provides back support

Among the biggest advantages of a floor bed mattress is the better back support, leading to reduced back pain. In fact, when you sleep on a floor, the back and spine keep a neutral position, thus maintaining a healthy posture. 

  • Boosts blood circulation

Due to the increased firmness when a mattress is placed on a floor, the body weight is distributed equally. This reduces any pressure on your body parts through the night, enabling better blood flow to the muscles. 

  • Budget-friendly

One of the more evident benefits of sleeping on the floor is the lower cost. When sleeping on the ground, you don’t need to spend thousands on expensive bed frames, foundations. Instead, you can save some money and invest in a mattress that doesn’t need a foundation and can be easily placed on the floor.

  • Takes up less space

If you’ve ever slept on a regular bed with all bases, frames, and box springs, you know that it can use up a lot of space. People living in apartments will find a floor mattress much more convenient, as it will free up some living space. On top of that, a bed on the floor is easier to move, since they are generally more lightweight.

  • Access to cooler air

In case you are struggling with overheating at night, a floor mattress is an optimal solution if you want some cooler air. Namely, cold air is denser, so it sinks to the bottom, lifting hot air to the top. Sleeping on the floor is definitely better in the summer, providing a cool night’s sleep. Although, if you’re someone that likes to sleep on a cooler mattress, you can just opt for a cooling mattress

Disadvantages Of Sleeping On The Floor

Even though lying on the floor has its advantages, it has a few sanitary and health risks.

  • May cause allergies

Naturally, floors accumulate dust and dirt. Sleeping near a dusty surface that isn’t regularly vacuumed does not only cause sleeping problems but can cause respiratory problems and trigger allergies

Furthermore, heat and moisture are a magnet for bed bugs and dust mites. Using a floor sleeping mat will easily let them all in, along with other bugs.

  • Collects mould and mildew

Although you can save a lot on platforms and box springs, they play an essential role in your mattress’ ventilation. A mattress placed on the ground has restricted ventilation, causing sweating through the night. The trapped sweat is a great base for mould and mildew, which are dangerous for your health, aside from filling your room with a foul odour.

  • Causes difficulties getting out of bed

Individuals with chronic arthritis or pain, especially elderly people, often have trouble with moving around. Squatting down to lay on the floor sleeping mat and getting out of it in the morning can be a really painful activity. To avoid such issues, it’s best to put a higher foundation under the mattress or take floor sleeping out of consideration.

  • Might get too cold in a cooler climate

Staying cool at night is not always ideal. If you live in a hotter area, you would find it enjoyable, but sleeping on the floor in a cooler environment can get terribly cold and uncomfortable.

  • Could void the warranty

When buying a mattress, the conditions sometimes require the mattress to be set up on a bed frame or a platform. This means the warranty may be void if you use it as a floor mattress for sleeping. Additionally, placing a mattress on a bed frame can lengthen the lifespan of your mattress.

  • Not ideal for side sleepers

Having said that floor mattresses are much firmer, they are optimal for back sleepers. However, side sleepers may have some trouble, as the mattress won’t follow their body contour as well, putting a lot of uncomfortable pressure on the shoulders and hips.

Tips For Floor Mattresses

Proper maintenance of your floor bed mattress will make it last longer and prevent damage. Here are some measures you can take to preserve your mat:

  • Air out your mattress

Airing out the mattress once a week when you have the time is key. Plus, if your mattress can be flipped to use on the other side, make sure to flip it regularly. This will prevent mould growth and bed bugs infestations. 

  • Regularly clean the floor

To avoid allergies and infections, the surface underneath your bed on the floor must always be clean. Also, make sure the floor is completely dry after cleaning, as even the tiniest bit of moisture can attract mould and mites.

  • Check the warranty

This is important as some warranties have strict guidelines as to how you should place your mattress. For some companies, using a mattress on a floor will void the warranty.

  • Stay away from foam mattresses

Memory foam is a material that tends to trap a lot of moisture. Having in mind that moisture equals mould, foam mattresses on the ground aren’t a good idea.

  • Place the mattress on finished surfaces

Finished surfaces include hardwood floors, tile, synthetic carpets and similar. On the other hand, unfinished floors, as well as wool or cotton carpets gather a lot of moisture, leading to a mouldy floor mattress for sleeping.

  • Get a mattress protector

Floor mattresses are a perfect surface for collecting germs and dust. Investing in a mattress protector will prevent staining, as well as sweat and bacteria buildup.

Before You Doze Off

Floor mattresses have both advantages and disadvantages. We hope that our tips gave you some clarity on what to choose for your own needs.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

How to sleep on the floor properly?

Investing in a good company will make even a mattress on the floor comfortable. Still, you should beware of all allergy risks that come along.

Is sleeping on the floor good for your back?

Back sleepers especially benefit from floor sleeping. In fact, sleeping on the ground distributes the body’s weight in a way that improves blood flow and reduces pain.

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