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Is Drag Clicking Good For The Mouse?

Written by, Mihajlo Trajcheski

Updated September, 13, 2022

Drag clicking is a technique, which became extremely popular in Roblox and Minecraft, that can help gamers improve their in-game performance.

But, what is drag clicking, is it considered cheating, and is drag clicking good for the mouse?

Let’s find out.

What is Drag Clicking? 

Drag clicking is a form of clicking in which a player drags their fingers across the right or left button of the mouse. This creates friction which generates vibrations and essentially ‘tricks’ the mouse into recording more CPS (clicks per second). 

Drag clicking can help the mouse produce around more than 30 CPS, compared to the average CPS of 6.51 and the world CPS record, which is believed to be 14.1.

Unfortunately, not all mice are good for this technique and most will give out after a certain period if you regularly use this clicking method. 

Is Drag Clicking Good For The Mouse?

If used on a daily basis, the technique of drag clicking a mouse can cause damage to the mouse’s switches.

What’s more, putting too much pressure without knowing the proper way to drag click on a mouse that’s not as sturdy, will shorten your mouse’s lifespan

If you want higher CPS but want to ensure your mouse lasts as long as possible, you might want to search for drag clicking mice that can withstand the constant pressure – at least for some time.

How To Drag Click 

This method of clicking involves dragging your finger across the button on your mouse and applying pressure to create friction. While the technique is simple enough, there are some things you might want to consider to ensure optimal CPS. 

Good mat surface

To drag click a mouse efficiently and maximise CPS, you should find a mat surface with a good grip. 

High-quality mouse

 If you plan to use your mouse to drag click, it’s best to get a high-quality mouse with a switch that can withstand the pressure.

Clean mouse surface

Before entering the game, make sure that there is no dust on your mouse’s surface. It’s also advisable to wash your hands since sweat can make it more difficult to create fiction.

Get a good grip on the mouse

Position your thumb on the left side and your little finger on the right side to properly grip the mouse. Place your index finger on the left button and your middle finger on the right button and try sliding your fingertips across the mouse’s switch to ensure secure movement.

Position your wrist comfortably

Your wrist should be in a position that will allow you to gently glide your fingertips to create a dragging motion. If you put too much pressure on the switch, it won’t work.

Use an online tool for drag clicks

If you’re not quite sure whether you’re using the right movements to get more CPS, you can use an online tool that can verify your drag click CPS. These apps are usually accessible via a browser and don’t require installation.

Is Drag Clicking Cheating?

Drag clicking isn’t technically disallowed, but it can get you banned from certain games and servers. These companies don’t necessarily ban drag clicking (though some might), but they monitor players’ activities and might issue a ban for suspicious activities, like a high CPS. 

Some players argue that it is cheating because not everyone uses or can afford to buy drag click mice, which gives certain players an unfair advantage. 

Bottom Line

Drag clicking can easily damage a mouse, especially if it’s a budget mouse, but it can give you a great advantage in certain games, provided that you don’t get banned for having a high CPS. If you want to make the most of the technique, it’s best to purchase a high-quality gaming mouse and play within the CPS limit.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

What is drag clicking used for?

Drag clicking as a method is used to increase the number of clicks per second in games where CPS can give you an advantage.

Does drag clicking take skill?

Drag clicking requires skill but only to a certain degree. To master the technique, all is to make sure your hand is positioned correctly and practice. If you’re losing grip because of sweat, you can put tapes on the button.

Can you drag click on any mouse?

Not all mice are designed for this technique and can withstand the pressure of drag clicking. 

If you’re wondering ‘is drag clicking good for the mouse?’, the answer is not really. But those who want to use it anyway should buy a high-quality mouse and learn the correct way to perform the technique.

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