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How To Sell On Vinted In The UK: The Home of Preloved Clothes

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated July, 19, 2023

If you are looking to buy or sell second-hand clothes for any reason, choose Vinted as your go-to platform, as it was designed to help quality clothing live longer.

So if you wonder how to sell on Vinted in the UK to earn extra spending money or even find rare items unavailable elsewhere, check our detailed guide below.

Read on before you don on!

What Is Vinted?

Vinted is a unique marketplace built with a single purpose: to help its users trade preloved clothes, thus decluttering their wardrobe or enjoying quality yet inexpensive outfits. Clothes are actually one of the best things to buy and sell for profit

However, while people generally buy or sell clothes on Vinted, the platform has expanded to include fashion or beauty accessories, kids’ toys, pet care products, electronics, furniture, school supplies, and other home and entertainment items.

How Vinted Works?

In essence, buyers and sellers use this online community to safely interact and trade thousands of different brands each day while relying on secure buyer protection policies.

So instead of auctions, shoppers simply find what they like and buy it with the tap of a button after sellers take photos of the item, set its price, and list it on the platform.

What Can You Sell on Vinted?

Vinted’s sales catalogue comprises a massive selection of apparel and other second-hand items separated into several categories:

  • Women—clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty products
  • Men—clothes, shoes, accessories, grooming
  • Kids—clothes, toys, games, baby care, buggies, car seats, furniture, school supplies
  • Home—textiles, home accessories, tableware
  • Entertainment—video consoles, games, puzzles, music, video, books
  • Pet care—various pet items, including collars, toys, and carriers

Note: The Vinted selling guidelines prohibit you from selling certain types of products, such as food, drinks, cleaning chemicals, drugs, counterfeit products, as well as items that do not meet the platform’s hygiene and health standards. Check out the full list via the Vinted website.

How to Sell on Vinted in the UK?

Once you decide to sell on Vinted, complete a few straightforward steps to get going:

  1. Set up your profile—register an account via your social networks or an email address, and provide your username and password;
    1. At this point, you can verify your account, download the app, add a profile image, write a bio (optional), and adjust your shipping options;
  2. List your items—photograph the item, describe the brand and its current condition, place it in the right category, set the price, and upload the listing;
    1. You can also regularly bump your items or use paid features to boost your item’s visibility, such as ‘Wardrobe Spotlight’;
  3. Make the sale—communicate with prospective clients, bundle your items (optional), and pack and ship the item once you sell it within five days of the sale;
    1. You can also track your shipment if you choose a supported postage method;
  4. Withdraw the payment—wait for the buyer to click ‘Everything is OK’ before withdrawing your earnings (may take up to five working days).
    1. You can also help the community by leaving feedback for your buyers, especially if they attempt to scam or harass you.

Note: Before selling on Vinted, check out the platform’s ‘Help Centre’ to get more details about setting up your account, and buying, selling, and shipping items.

Tips for Selling on Vinted in the UK?

When selling clothes on Vinted, or other used items, you should make an extra effort to stand out from the competition, thus finalising your sales quickly and at better prices:

Build a Trusted Profile

One of the best Vinted tips you can use is to nurture a sense of trust and credibility with your buyers, and the best way to do that is to put your face to your name by uploading a friendly and outgoing profile picture and writing a short yet informative bio about yourself.

Take Better and More Photos

Clearly show off the design and condition of your items under bright light and from several angles, so your buyers focus on a clean and well-presented product. Also, avoid using any filters, and provide proof of authenticity if you are selling items from a quality brand.

Write Accurate Descriptions

Most tips for selling on Vinted also tell users to write detailed descriptions about their products, including the exact dimensions, purchase date and price, duration of use, the reason for selling, existing warranty, and if they have any flaws or flaws damages.

Pay for the Vinted Premium Features

To help you finalise a successful trade, the platform offers paid visibility boost services, such as ‘Item Bump’, which automatically displays the product to more members, or ‘Wardrobe Spotlight’, which moves your listings to a dedicated spot in members’ newsfeed.

Set a Bundle Discount or Reduce the Price

If you are in a hurry to sell your items, you can lower your asking price, and your followers will be immediately notified of any changes to your Vinted costs. Moreover, you can allow your buyers to create discounted bundles from your items to pay less the more they buy.

Learn What Sells Best on Vinted

Since Vinted is one of the most popular places to sell clothes in the UK, some categories are more popular than others. For example, people selling clothes, shoes, and other apparel and fashion accessories are more likely to make a quick sale, as the platform is known as the go-to marketplace for used clothing before anything else.

How Does Vinted Make Money?

Since there are no Vinted selling fees in the UK or elsewhere, and you receive the full asking price, you might be wondering how the platform actually makes money.

Primarily, the bulk of Vinted’s profits comes from the buyer protection costs meant to ensure a safe trading experience. Moreover, even though you don’t have to worry about any Vinted fees for sellers, you will still have to pay for certain premium features to reach more buyers.

How Does Postage Work on Vinted in the UK?

Per the current Vinted postage guidelines, the buyers always pay the shipping costs, even if sellers are required to pay upfront with certain shipping options. This is completely different from eBay’s Packlink.

When selling on Vinted in the UK or any other country, you can choose up to several shipping options depending on your location, and once your customers choose one of the options you offer, you will receive specific delivery instructions for your circumstances.

All in all, you can choose from four different types of shipping as a Vinted seller:

  • Using prepaid Vinted labels—you will receive a prepaid shipping sticker that you must print and attach to the parcel before delivering it to a drop-off point. You can use this shipment-tracking method with Evri, UPS, InPost, and Yodel Direct;
  • Following Vinted’s shipping instructions—you can also include Royal Mail as a carrier, in which case you will receive specific shipping steps in your inbox; however, you will have to pay the Vinted postage price upfront before being reimbursed;
  • Choosing a carrier of your choice—if you are going for a third-party carrier not supported by Vinted, choose one that offers tracked and insured shipping, as the platform will not cover any damages in case of lost or damaged packets;
  • Meeting up with your buyer in person—if you cannot ship your item, or you prefer handing it off in person, you can arrange a meeting to get paid as soon as you hand over the product to the buyer.

Note: If you fail to ship the sold item within five days of purchase, Vinted will cancel the order.

Is Selling on Vinted Worth It?

So is selling on Vinted in the UK actually worth the time and trouble? Absolutely! Such peer-to-peer marketplaces facilitate proper and secure trade with rarely any downsides.

For instance, sellers don’t have to worry about any Vinted charges unless paying to promote their listings. On the other hand, buyers can find quality clothes and other home and entertainment items in excellent condition at a fraction of their current retail price.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

1. Is Vinted free?

While selling on Vinted is free (as long as you do not use any premium features), buyers still have to cover a minor buyer protection fee and pay for postage.

2. Is Vinted just for clothes?

No, it’s not. While Vinted was conceived as the go-to marketplace for preloved clothing, it has expanded to include other categories of items, such as home and entertainment products.

3. How many items can I list on Vinted?

Typically, there is no limit to the number of listings you can create on Vinted; however, you can add up to five separate items if you are bundling them under a single listing.

4. Who pays postage on Vinted?

The Vinted shipping prices in the UK and elsewhere are covered by the buyers themselves, even if sellers have to provide upfront postage payment in certain cases.

5. Does Vinted take a percentage?

As mentioned previously, Vinted does not take a percentage from your sales, and only buyers have to pay an additional protection fee to use the platform’s services.

6. What does ‘bumped’ mean on Vinted?

Users learning how to sell on Vinted in the UK should also know they can promote their listings by paying for ‘item bumps’: a premium feature that displays their items front and centre in buyers’ newsfeeds.

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