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How to Play the Irish Lottery at Bookies in 2022

Written by, Toni Maglovski

Updated August, 31, 2022

First broadcasted in 1987 for viewers in Ireland, the unique Irish lotto is played by millions of bettors from across the British Isles nowadays thanks to the magic of online betting.

Want to try your luck in this old-new form of betting as it’s all you’ve heard about recently?

Well, keep on reading to find out how to play the Irish Lottery at bookies today.

How to Play the Irish Lottery

When playing the Irish lottery online, punters are betting on the fixed odds of certain balls popping up. Namely, you can pick 1 to 5 balls out of 47, and you win only if the draw includes all the numbers you picked. The more balls you guess, the greater the prize.

Irish lotto draws comprise 6 regular plus 1 bonus numbered ball, which can be used to increase the probability of winning at reduced odds. However, with Irish lotto, you can set any stake size you wish, unlike the set £2 used for the national lottery.

For instance, since your chances of winning are greater with 1 or 2 numbers, place a sizable bet in such cases to increase the payoff amount.

Irish vs National Lottery: What’s the Difference?

First of all, the Irish lottery does not pay into a shared winnings pool like traditional national lotteries. Thus, the winnings are calculated solely on the stake and the odds, regardless of the number of other winners.

Secondly, in Irish lotto, you win monetary prizes only if all the numbers on your slip get drawn, unlike traditional lotteries where the prize size increases with the number of correctly guessed balls.

Thirdly, the Irish lotto pays out more for fewer correct balls. For example, should you guess 3 out of 3 balls with a £1 stake, you win £700 or £375, whereas your return in the national lotto will amount to £25 for three guessed balls.

Finally, your chances of winning the Irish lotto (1 in 10.7 million) are 4.5 times better than becoming a jackpot winner of the national lottery (1 in 45 million).

What Are the Odds?

When learning the best way to play the Irish lottery, you should first review the fixed odds for 1 to 5 guessed numbers for both 6- and 7-ball draws:

Number of matched balls Betfred William Hill Ladbrokes
Irish lotto 6-ball draw
1 ball 6/1 6/1 6/1
2 balls 60/1 60/1 53/1
3 balls 700/1 610/1 700/1
4 balls 8,500/1 8,500/1 7,199/1
5 balls 150,000/1 150,000/1 124,999/1
Irish lotto 7-ball draw
1 ball 5/1 5/1 5/1
2 balls 45/1 40/1 38/1
3 balls 375/1 350/1 375/1
4 balls 4,500/1 4,000/1 3,799/1
5 balls 50,000/1 50,000/1 39,999/1


Note: The Irish lotto draws take place twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday at 8 p.m. In addition to the main draws, you can also use your numbers in two additional draws on both days for a total of six per week. To participate in all draws, you have to place separate bets.

Placing Your Irish Lotto Bet

Regardless of whether you decide to bet 1 or 2 numbers on Irish lottery, or even go for the 5-ball jackpot, the process to place your bet is very similar among all online bookies:

  1. Choose your preferred sportsbook and navigate to the lotto section.
  2. Pick your numbers, type of draw (6- or 7-ball) and type of bet (single, multiple, or others).
    1. If you can’t think of any numbers, the system will generate a lucky dip for you.
  3. Select the draws on which you would like to bet.
    1. You can play the Irish lottery in all three draws of a single day for a total of six draws a week for the next four weeks (at most bookies).
  4. Set your stake based on the odds and your lucky hunch.

Once you complete these steps, sit back, relax, and wait for the draw to see if you’ve made an overnight fortune or some extra spending money.

The Top 3 Bookies Offering Irish Lottery Online

Once you decide to defy the odds at Irish lotto betting, go for one of the best UK online bookmakers with Irish lotto sections and the ones that offer a mobile app, such as Betfred, William Hill, or Ladbrokes.

Regardless of your choice, you will gain access to all six Irish lotto draws. However, all of these bookies stand apart with perks like separate lotto apps, regular promotions and additional betting services.

For example, with Betfred, you can bet on around 30 sports, including an extensive virtual sports section, as well as various TV and politics specials. On the other hand, William Hill offers a fantastic mobile app, live streaming, and esports betting services. Finally, Ladbrokes stands out with its tempting sign-up bonuses, as well as various casino games. 

Cross Your Fingers!

If you’ve learned how to play the Irish lottery at bookies effectively, thanks to our guide, it’s time to put your faith in Lady Luck and choose your lucky numbers. However, remember to play responsibly to avoid heavy losses. Think of betting as a thrilling activity that you can regularly enjoy with a preset budget instead of a way to make a living. Good Luck!

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