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How to Keep Cool at Night

Written by, Viktor Gruevski

Updated July, 18, 2023

Summertime and the living is easy! 

Well, not quite if your room tends to get hotter, and you find yourself tossing and turning, all drenched in sweat due to the temperatures rising. 

Not many people can afford an entire air conditioning unit, so that’s why we’ve compiled this list for you to help you find alternative ways how to keep cool at night.

Follow through.

Cooling Down Before Bed

Taking a warm shower

A lukewarm shower will lessen your body temperature and help you fall asleep faster. While you are showering, your temperature will increase, but your body will cool down once you are out of the shower

Don’t go for very hot or cold showers. A scorching shower can warm up your bedroom if it’s next to the bathroom, while a cold shower will boost your energy and make it more troublesome for you to have a proper rest.

Cold compression (Washcloth, water bottle)

People tend to sweat a lot on their heads and faces when trying to sleep. This area should be kept cool at bedtime. The simplest way to do this is by freezing a washcloth and applying it as a cold compress anytime you are having difficulty falling asleep. And if the washcloth is not sufficient, put a water bottle in the freezer and let it freeze. Then, right before bed, take it out and put it in the bed to keep yourself fresh.

Eating smaller meals before bedtime

More carbs and fats consumed throughout the nighttime mean more energy needed to break it all down, and it will raise your body temperature proportionately. It would help if you went for something smaller and healthier before going to bed. Replace the more complex meals with salads and fruits. Also, if you truly crave a snack go for popcorn or a piece of dark chocolate.

Using ice packs on pulse points

By placing ice packs on your pulse points, such as the wrists, ankles, and the crooks of your elbows, you will reduce your body temperature just enough to make it easier for you to sleep. 

You should do this for 20 minutes at a time. 

Keeping a dark area (Shutting down blinds and shutters, using curtains)

This is essential for the summertime or if you live in a warm climate area. If you have curtains, blinds, or shutters, it will undoubtedly help to keep them closed during the day, particularly if the sun is shining straight through the windows in your bedroom. Also, go for more light coloured blinds to reflect the sun away from the windows even more.

Limiting alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol before bed is terrible for your sleep. It causes you to sweat excessively because your blood vessels dilate. So instead of going for a glass of wine before bed, go for a leisurely drink and pour yourself a warm tea.

Exercising when you get up

Exercising raises your temperature, and it can take a while for your body to get back to its average temperature. That will keep you up at night overheating in bed

If your schedule allows it, exercise in the morning or at least during the day. Daytime exercise will boost your overall vitality and well-being and promote proper deep sleep.

Drinking cold water

Keep a cup or a bottle of cold water next to your bed. Sweating may cause dehydration, so it’s always an excellent idea to keep yourself hydrated. 

It’s also the easiest way to cool down if you abruptly wake up feeling too hot.

Staying away from the sun during the day

If you are out in the sun on sweltering days, make sure not to get sunburnt, a bad sunburn can be quite an uncomfortable experience and cause you to sweat. So stick to shades and make sure you always apply sunscreen on your skin.

Cooling Down the Bedroom

Using fans and windows

If you have a ceiling fan, adjust it to move counterclockwise. That will circulate the cool air in your room. However, if you have a box fan, point it toward the windows to push the hot air out.

Getting a cooling mattress

If you sweat a lot during sleep, you might need a cooling mattress. When your temperature rises, your body releases a certain amount of heat absorbed by the bed. That’s why you should consider a cooling mattress that has all the features required for a refreshing good night’s sleep.

Getting breathable bedding

You need to make sure that you choose breathable and airy bedding. The material you sleep on can make a tremendous difference in your sleeping experience. 

Always go for high-quality cotton or linen bedding. It will last you longer and will keep you cool and comfy.

Switching the pillow

The good old pillow switching method always works, even for a short span. 

Every time you feel that you are getting hot, switch the pillow to the cooler side

DIY AC unit

If you can’t afford an AC unit, there are ways to make your own type of DIY AC unit. An easy way to do that is by placing a large bowl full of water and ice cubes in front of the fan. In this way, the airflow will get significantly cooler. 

Freezing the bed sheets

Before going to sleep, place your sheets in a bag and put them in the freezer for an hour. This might not offer a long term solution, but it will undoubtedly keep you cold enough on the hot summer nights in bed and help you get quality sleep.


To create a cross-ventilation in your bedroom, you can use the windows and the door by creating a smaller opening on one side and a wider opening on the opposite so that the air can exit your room. This method increases the airspeed and accounts for a more substantial cooling effect.

How to Stay Cool During the Night?

Sleeping naked

Sleeping naked has been proven to provide many benefits, from stabilising mood and decreasing stress to a night of much better sleep by reducing your body’s temperature. You will also sweat less, and your skin will be healthier.

Sleeping alone

Sleeping alone on warm summer nights will reduce all the excess body heat that comes from sharing the bed with your partner.

Freezing socks

Freezing your socks is an easy way to keep yourself cool at night. Just put your socks in a plastic bag in the freezer and take them out before going to bed.

Applying cooling gel

A cooling gel can draw the body heat away that is produced when sleeping. There are various types of gels. Also, you can go with various wipes that remove sweat. Just make sure they contain alcohol because it helps with removing heat from the body.

Switching sleeping positions

The temperature your body produces has a lot to do with the sleeping position you’re in. Mattresses absorb the body heat, and the fewer body parts touching the bed means less excessive heat produced. It’s better to sleep on the side or in a starfish position on warmer nights.

The Bottom Line

Getting hot while you sleep is normal, and many people go through that, especially on warmer nights. However, for an excellent deep sleep experience, your body temperature needs to be lower than it is throughout the day. So if you are having problems with this, you should apply some of the ways we’ve provided you with.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

How to cool down hot feet at night?

There are plenty of ways to cool down your feet. The best way to cool down your feet is to freeze socks and put them on right before you go to sleep.

How to make the bed colder?

Purchasing a mattress, bedding or pillow that has cooling features is undoubtedly the best way to make your bed colder.

How can I cool down a room without AC?

If you are a crafty person, consider making a DIY AC unit. Also, you can read through this post to find more ways about how to keep cool at night.

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