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How To Fix A Squeaky Bed: The Best Remedies

Written by, Viktor Gruevski

Updated July, 18, 2023

Sleeping in a creaky bed can be just as annoying as a pesky mosquito or a snoring spouse. If thinking about how to fix a squeaky bed has left you sleepless, we are here to show you the best and quickest ways to a silent night’s sleep.

Let us dive in!

Finding The Source Of The Problem

Nighttime activities can take a toll on your bed, causing it to become squeaky after a while. The culprit is usually either the mattress itself, the bed frame, or the box spring.

  • Squeaky mattress

The easiest way to find out if your mattress is the source of squeaking is to move around or push different parts of it to isolate the issue. Innersprings most often cause squeaking in hybrid spring mattresses. Since innerspring is challenging to replace, buying a completely new mattress would be best.

  • Squeaky bed frame

Another common cause of a squeaky bed is an unstable bed frame. Bed frames tend to squeak Due to loose bolts or slight changes in humidity, causing a wooden bed frame to bend. Luckily, both problems are relatively easy to fix with stuff you can find around the house.

Squeaky Mattress Fixes

Now that you’ve successfully located the issue, it’s time to find a way to fix it. Here are some ways to eliminate that squeak once and for all:

  • Rotating the mattress

Although a squeaky noise means it’s time for a mattress change, simply flipping it over can buy you some more time. Getting a mattress that has handles will make it a lot easier to rotate. Rotate your mattress every three months, whether it squeaks or not.

  • Cushioning with plywood

If you’re still hearing a noise after flipping the mattress, putting a piece of plywood underneath is an excellent squeaky bed fix. It is helpful if you have a box spring, as it will make the base firmer and reduce the squeaking for a short period.

  • Buying a new mattress

Once the bedsprings on your mattress start to squeak, you might want to look for a new one. A hybrid or an all-foam mattress should be on your list, as this will eliminate the issue of a creaking bed.

Ways To Fix A Squeaky Bed Frame

There are several ways to fix the bed frame issues:

  • Check and tighten the joints

A frequent cause of squeaky bed frames is loose bolts. Thoroughly check the bed frame before taking the next step and replacing it. To reinforce the bed frame, tighten the bolts and use some WD-40 to prevent running into the same issue in the future.

  • Cushion the slats

The friction between two slats or the slats and the bed frame can often cause noisy beds. To silence the annoying sound, use any towel or shirt you can find around your home and place it in between. It will add some protective padding that will simultaneously eliminate the sound.

  • Lubricate the frame

Beeswax or candle wax are excellent options for greasing wooden bed frames. Alternatively, if you have a squeaky metal bed frame, a bit of WD-40 spray will work like a charm.

  • Use cork

Cork is a perfect alternative to any bed frame lubricant. When you add some cork between the creaking wood, it will act as a cushion and significantly decrease the noise for a while.

  • Add padding to the floor

If you have hit a dead-end searching for the squeak source, think outside the box. A lumpy floor is also a factor that causes a bed to creak. Put padding like a t-shirt under the bed’s legs to restore balance and stop the bed from squeaking. 

  • Buy a new bed frame

After trying everything, the final solution would be getting a brand new bed frame. Before you choose, consider all the critical aspects of a quality bed frame. You would want a durable frame so you don’t end up with a creaking bed again.  

Dreaming Away

It is finally time to put your worries to a non-squeaky bed. Thanks to our tips, you will never have to hear another annoying sound again. And if you are still experiencing the same issues, buying a new mattress will be the best remedy for both your ears and body.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Can you fix a creaking bed?

Though buying a completely new mattress is the easy way out, you’ll be surprised to know you can actually fix a noisy bed at home. Some solutions include tightening loose bolts, oiling up the bed frame, or flipping the mattress.

Why does my bed creak when I move?

Several factors cause a squeaky bed, such as tossing and turning. Also, loose or warped bed frames can cause an annoying sound. Avoid such issues with our tips on how to fix a squeaky bed.

How do I stop my bed slats from squeaking?

To cancel the noise from squeaky bed slats, try adding some socks or a t-shirt between them as a cushion.

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