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How to Change the Instagram Logo: A Quick Guide [2022]

Written by, Bojana Atanasovska

Updated February, 16, 2022

The popular social media platform with 30.36 million users in the UK alone, has had several logos over the years and for a brief time, it allowed users to change the logo from the app’s own settings.

If you’re not a fan of the current logo, this article will explain how to change the Instagram logo using tools on both Android and iOS devices.

How to Change the Instagram Icon on an iPhone or iPad?

Changing the app’s logo on iOS devices is a simple process. 

First make sure that you:

  1. Have iOS 14 or above
  2. Download the “Shortcuts” app.
  3. Save the image you want to use as an app icon in your gallery.

Once you’re set, follow these 4 steps: 

  •  Launch “Shortcut.”
  • Go to “Open App.”
  • Tap on the Instagram app in the list.
  •  Select the image you want to use as the replacement.

There’s also an option to change the name of the Instagram app, but it’s best to keep it as it is to avoid any confusion. Also, make sure you hide the original Instagram logo so you don’t end up with two Instagram apps on your home screen.

How to Change the Instagram Logo on an Android Phone or Tablet

For Android device owners, there are two ways to change the Instagram app logo: you can either use a third-party app or a launcher to make changes to the app’s icon.

Using a Third-Party App

You can find a myriad of apps on Google Play that can help you make an Instagram logo change. We’ll use “X Icon Changer” to walk you through the process.

Once you install the app on your phone, follow these steps: 

  • Open the “X Icon Changer” app.
  • Find the “Instagram” icon and tap on it.
  • Choose the image that you want to use instead of Instagram’s current icon from your gallery.
  • Tap “OK.”

Note: Most of these third-party apps earn a little extra cash through ads, so you may have to watch a couple before you get to the end of it.

Using a Launcher

Installing a launcher is another way to alter the “Instagram” icon. We picked the “Smart Launcher” app, which you can find and download from Google Play, but there are plenty of other similar launchers available to Android users.

After you download the launcher:

  • Open the launcher and complete the set-up process in the app.
  • Select the “Edit” from the pop-up menu by tapping and holding the icon.
  • Choose the image you want to use. You can select from your phone’s gallery, from Smart Launcher’s icon gallery, or any other icon packs you have installed.
  • Click “OK.”

Bottom Line

There are plenty of ways to change the Instagram icon on your phone, regardless of whether you’re an Android or iOS user. All you need to do is pick an image that you want to use instead and download a third-party app that can help you make the swap. 

What’s more, you can use the same apps to change most app logos on your phone by following the same steps.

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