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A Guide to How to Add Bitmoji to Google Slides 

Written by, Martina Georgievska

Updated April, 10, 2023

Sharing ideas, emotions, and thoughts with our friends and family via the internet has become much more fun since the introduction of bitmojis in recent years.

They’re fun, expressive, and we see them in every form of online communication, including on Google Slides!

To learn how to add bitmoji to Google Slides across platforms, keep on reading.

How to Add Bitmoji to Google Slides on PC

If you work on a desktop device, you can easily add bitmoji to your presentation in a few steps:

Step 1: Create a bitmoji on your phone

First, download the Bitmoji app on your phone (it’s available for both Android and iOS), make an account, or log in to an existing one, and start having fun customising your bitmoji avatar.

Step 2: Download and install a Chromium-based browser

Next, get a browser that allows you to install Chrome extensions, such as Google Chrome or any Chromium-based browser (Edge, Brave, Opera, etc.).

Step 3: Add the bitmoji extension to your browser

Find and install the bitmoji browser extension through the Chrome Web Store and log into your account. Then, click on “Add to Chrome” and watch it pop up in your browser toolbar.

Step 4: Drag your bitmoji to your presentation

Access your Google Slides presentation and open the toolbar extension. Then, peruse the extensive bitmoji selection before dragging and dropping the ones you like in the presentation.

Note: If you cannot drag and drop, copy your chosen bitmoji sticker via the right-click menu. Then, simply paste it onto your slide.

How to Add Bitmoji to Google Slides on iOS and Android

Adding a bitmoji through your phone is similar to the process above, and the sections below show you how to do it for both iOS and Android.

Adding Bitmojis to Google Slides on iPhone and iPad

After downloading and installing both the Bitmoji app and Google Slides, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Bitmoji app and create your avatar.
  2. Select your preferred sticker and save it into your phone’s memory.
  3. Open your presentation through Google Slides.
  4. Insert your saved bitmoji image into the slide.

Note: After completing the above steps you can continue adjusting the image per your liking.

Adding Bitmojis to Google Slides on Android

The process on Android phones includes the same steps:

  1. Create your bitmoji after logging into the app.
  2. Save your created sticker into the phone’s gallery.
  3. Open the slides you wish to edit.
  4. Import the image from your saved photos folder.

Note: In some cases, you might be able to open the Bitmoji app through Google Slides, instead of saving the photo in your phone’s memory beforehand.

Tips on How to Use Bitmojis in Google Slides

Consider the following tips and tricks when implementing your bitmojis in your presentation:

Resizing Your Bitmojis

Click on the bitmoji image inserted on your slide to activate the blue resizing box around the image. Then tug at any of the eight resizing handles and pull in the desired direction. To keep the current aspect ratio, resize using one of the four corner points.

Changing the Order

To keep your bitmoji image below or above other images or text, simply right-click the image and  there’s a simple way to achieve this. Just right-click on the avatar and navigate to “Order”, where you can choose to bring the image to the front or send it to the back.

Animating Your Bitmojis

You can easily apply transition effects to your bitmoji picture to have it swoosh and swish lively across the slide. To do so, right-click the image and navigate to “Animate”. There, you can select your preferred type of animation.

Removing the Avatar Background

You can save bitmoji images in a .png format with a transparent background, meaning they can easily merge with the other elements in your slide. However, if your image does have a background, you can easily remove it by using free online tools.

Creating a Virtual Bitmoji Classroom

To achieve a fantastic bitmoji virtual classroom look, get images of everything you would like to add to the scene. Simply add them to the presentation via the Google Slides “Insert image”. Naturally, you will need to add items like a wall, floor, carpets, and a blackboard before anything else, including your bitmoji avatar. Finally, you can resize them and reorder them as needed. Additionally, you can share this to a virtual classroom platform you are already using like Google classroom.

Note: Get .png images to avoid wasting time removing backgrounds.

Bottom Line

If you came here to find out how to add bitmoji to Google Slides, just follow our step-by-step guides and editing tips presented above. By doing so, you’ll create an amazing project, presentation, or a bitmoji classroom for students or teachers.

Oh, and remember to have fun while doing that!

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