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How Much Does Lingopie Cost: 2022’s Funnest Learning Method?

Written by, Martina Georgievska

Updated December, 30, 2021

Lingopie is a new and unique language learning platform that leverages the appeal of everyone’s favourite pastime: binging TV shows and movies.

By expertly using the teaching potential of thousands of hours of TV content, Lingopie improves your foreign language comprehension in as few as 3 to 4 episodes.

Get more info about its simple teaching approach and pricing plans below!

How Much Does Lingopie Cost?

Every Lingopie subscriber, whether on a free trial period or paid subscription, can access the platform’s TV shows and movies in all available languages, along with features like flashcards, podcasts, video dictionaries, and more.

You can’t even pay the total Lingopie cost at first since every customer must go through the 7-day free trial period before subscribing to one of these plans:

Single Family & Friends
$5.40 per month after a 7-day free trial $8.25 per month after a 7-day free trial
$65 per year after a 7-day free trial $99 per year after a 7-day free trial
Great for all levels Great for all levels
Access to all tools: instant translation, flashcards, games, and more Access to all tools: instant translation, flashcards, games, and more
Add three extra friends for free
Early access to new TV content

Note: Lingopie’s prices are subject to change without notice, and the platform often offers discounts during major holidays. For the most up-to-date fees, check the official website.

Teachers and schools can also apply for the Lingopie student discount available through their academic pricing plans. In such cases, applicants have to contact a Lingopie representative via email.

Compared to other learning platforms, like Skillshare, with a monthly fee of £13 per month, Lingopie’s prices are very competitive.

How Do I Pay For It?

After the initial trial period, pay the corresponding Lingopie prices via PayPal, debit, or credit cards to continue using the platform’s services. In some cases, your card might have to be verified when you sign up for the free trial.

If you believe you have mastered your target language or want to terminate your subscription for other reasons, you can pause or cancel your account from your profile page. At that point, you can also submit a data deletion request, so your data is wiped entirely.

Why Is Lingopie Unique?

Lingopie currently offers unlimited access to 6 languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, and Hindi, while looking to add more languages, as well as additional premium TV content, in the future.

When signing up, you are also asked to identify your current skill level in your target language: just starting, beginner, immediate, or advanced, and how many minutes per day you would like to dedicate to learning: from 10 to 40 min.

Then, the real fun starts as you get to choose what you’ll watch: beginner-friendly, movies, new releases, short & sweet, cartoons, etc. You can also download the Lingopie app for Android or iOS and learn from the comfort of your couch.

Any Fun Features?

In addition to the various Lingopie languages, the platform also implements varied innovative features that make elearning on this platform a fun and useful experience.

TV Phrasebook

You can search for foreign words through the entire Lingopie database. Simply access the TV Phrasebook tool, type in your word and see it used in practice in any number of video clips in your target language.


The subtitle mashup feature includes a few words per line in the target language. That way, new learners easily understand the entire sentence. 

However, if you are an advanced learner, you can choose to see foreign subtitles only, then click on any unfamiliar word to get an instant translation.

Live Transcripts

This recent tool in Lingopie’s box includes the full transcript of the video content to the side, thus allowing viewers to see what comes next and catch every new word or phrase despite snappy dialogue or colloquial language.


After clicking through some words while binge-watching these shows, you can review them again in the future by using the flashcards feature. You can access it through the “Review & Learn” section of the website, where you can track your learning progress too.


An upcoming addition to Lingopie’s menu are podcasts—informative and engaging teaching material. By listening to podcasts, you can quickly learn new things and develop your intellect in addition to studying a foreign language.

Before We Say Adios!

We would definitely recommend Lingopie to learners eager to improve their language skills. While not as comprehensive as other online learning platforms, Lingopie still found a very comfy and alluring niche for itself: learning a new language by binge-watching fun TV content.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Is Lingopie legit?

Yes. This language learning tool is without a doubt reliable, unique, and effective.

Is there a free version of Lingopie?

No, however, before committing to a paid plan, you can test the platform’s every feature during a 7-day free trial. 

If you wonder how much does Lingopie cost instead, find the answer above.

Where is Lingopie available?

Lingopie’s educational TV content can be streamed to anyone in the world with a stable internet connection and a desktop or mobile device.

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