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How Long is 100 Days in Minecraft?

Written by, Mihajlo Trajcheski

Updated July, 6, 2022

Minecraft’s fans and even those who play it occasionally know that the game has a day/night cycle that doesn’t last very long. 

So, hold long is a day exactly, how long is 100 days in Minecraft, and how can you tell the time in the game?

Read on to find out.

How Long Is a Day in Minecraft?

In the game, time is exactly 72 faster than real time. 

Since there are 1440 minutes in a day (in normal time), an entire day/night cycle in Minecraft lasts 20 minutes in real time (1400÷71 =20).

Daytime lasts exactly 10 minutes and when a player spawns in single-player, the day/night cycle always starts at 00:00. 

Most multiplayer servers also start at the beginning of daytime (00:00) but the day/night cycle doesn’t start over every time a new player joins. 

Nighttime lasts around 7 minutes, and sunset and sunrise always last 1 12 minutes each.

Did you know? An average Minecraft player spends up to 270h a week playing the game!

How Long Are 100 days in Minecraft?

To calculate how long 100 days in Minecraft would last in normal time, multiply 100 (the number of days) by 20 (an entire day/night cycle in the game in real-time minutes), and then divide that number by 1,400 (the minutes in an actual day). 

Here’s how that would look:

100 (days in Minecraft) x 20 (one Minecraft day in minutes in real time) ÷ 1440 (minutes in a single day in real time) = 1.39 days in real time.

That’s 100 Minecraft days to 1.39 real days.

To convert this number to hours, multiply it by the number of hours in a day (24). This equals 33.36.

In other words, 100 Minecraft days equal 33.36 hours in real time.

How To Change the Time of Day in Minecraft

You can only change time in Minecraft if commands are enabled in the game

They’re usually enabled or disabled when a world is created but, if you’re in a single-player world where they are disabled, you can enable them:

  1. Open the game to LAN.
  2. Select ‘Allow Cheats’.

Once that’s done, you can activate commands by pressing the ‘/’ key on the keyboard. 

Note: Commands are only available to PC players.

To set specific times in Minecraft, you can use the /time set command.

For example:

  • /time set 0 = Dawn.
  • /time set 6000 = Midday.
  • /time set 12000 = Dusk.
  • /time set 18000 = Midnight.
  • /time set day = 1000.
  • /time set night =13000.

Players can also stop the time in Minecraft. You can do that by disabling the day/night cycle in the ‘Game Settings’ or using a command /gamerule doDaylightCycle false.

How Do I Tell Time in Minecraft?

You can make a clock with one Redstone Dust and four Gold Ingots in a 3×3 crafting grid and add the clock to your hot bar to track day and night in the game.

Having a clock can help you ensure that you unlock the 100 days of Minecraft (Passing the Time) achievement and is especially useful in helping players avoid night-spawned mobs on the surface. 

However, the clock is useless in the End and in the Ether because they do not feature a day/night cycle.

Bottom Line

A 100 days in Minecraft is equal to around one and a half-day or over 33 hours in normal time. If you want to track your time in-game, you can make a clock, but you can also change and stop time altogether, depending on whether you need it for your game or not.

Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Does the clock work in the Nether and the End?

The clock doesn’t work in the Nether and the End because there is no day/time cycle in these dimensions.

How long is 100 days in Minecraft with sleeping?

A 100 days in Minecraft lasts about 33.36 hours in normal time, regardless of whether the character sleeps or not.

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